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Cense Conversational AI Chatbot


Cense AI provides small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with Conversational AI solutions to drive revenue to enhance buying journey, improve customer service, automate conversations and multiply customer interactions. The platform enables real-time customer communication through text messaging and various messenger applications for millions of online shoppers.

Cense assistant(chatbot) can easily be installed, customized and deployed without any coding, saving businesses a considerable amount of time and money. Cense assistant can be easily configured matching the style(fonts/colors) of the business.

Products with local/traditional names can be easily searched, so that customers don’t spend time going through the catalogs and products that they are not interested in. Products for up-sell & cross-sell can also be displayed to customers.
Business owners can easily configure the way list of products are displayed, be it random or latest or popular.

They can also configure the coupon or discount codes that need to be shown in the chats if at all customers ask for it.
Cense provides a very easy setup process for eCommerce retailers. It syncs with the backend Ecommerce store, pulls all relevant
product information, and trains the assistant within mere hours.

After the setup process is complete, the assistant is be able to perform following functions:

Business Users
– Respond to customer queries
– Assist customers in product search
– Highlight promotions, coupons
– Help with Order Tracking
– Assist customers in seamless returns & refunds
– Integrate with customer support with live chat option

Business Owners
– Send reminders for replenishment of products
– One-click emails & SMS to customers for promotions/coupons
– Report on most and least desired products
– Showcase of products (for up-sell/ cross-sell) based on customer purchase

Platform Features:

  • Configure Store Assistant, matching company branding and styling
  • 15+ user stories are trained with the default set-up
  • Unlimited user stories can be defined and trained
  • Tools available to make product search more easier and simple
  • Configure Email & SMS Templates
  • Configure unlimited JSON based APIs(webhooks)
  • Configure Support Team Contact Details
  • Live chat with end users
  • Download and integrate mobile and web SDKs


  • Low response time
  • We always try to respond within hours or within a day.
  • Resolving an issue within 24 hours.


21 Luglio 2022
I was testing it out for 30 days and the bot failed to notify me every time there was an unanswered question. Even after setting up a bunch of test questions and directing them to answers it still failed when an actual client showed up. For instance, I had a question set up if someone typed in 'Help', 'help', 'help me' and like 6 other variations and was directed to a specific response. Worked when I tested it but failed in the real world. This resulted in countless lost business and I have since switched back to my old bot as it at least triggered a notification when someone triggered one of those words. I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 star because it's a nice bot, easy to set up and use if it worked properly.
4 Ottobre 2021
Set-up was easy to follow and received all the help from Cense folks. Very good customer service. Thanks guys !!
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