Convertize A/B Testing


Convertize is an easy way to do A/B testing on your WordPress website. Our Plugin connects your site to Convertize, so you can create different versions of webpages and see which ones perform best.

Using the Convertize plugin you can test:
– Buttons
– Banners
– Colours
– Text

You can even install live notifications on a webpage, to create a more persuasive experience.

Using the Plugin is simple and requires no coding. It is the safest, fastest and simplest A/B testing Plugin available on WordPress.


What is A/B testing?

A/B testing compares two versions of the same webpage (A and B). Your traffic is divided between A and B, and their conversion rate is measured. An A/B testing tool like Convertize manages both pages, helps you edit page B, and keeps a record of your visitors’ behaviour.

Is installation complicated?

We aim to make A/B testing as easy as sending a text or writing an email.

To start A/B testing your website, first add the Convertize plugin. Then, register for a Convertize account at Once you have registered, you will receive the code needed to activate your Convertize plugin.

With the Plugin activated, you are able to edit pages, run tests and install notifications.

How do I make changes to my page?

Editing a page is easy. Just sign in to Convertize and select the page you wish to edit. You can drag, drop and write directly onto your page. Alternatively, you can choose from a selection of pre-prepared edits.

How do I track responses to my changes?

Convertize will track every visitor to your site, sending some to page A and some to page B. The number directed to each version will change depending on which performs best. That way, you never waste any of your traffic.

What if I make a mistake?

Don’t worry! Convertize includes an in-built checklist to make sure your test works. It has a number of additional safety features. Because the system responds immediately to your visitors’ behaviour, the best-performing page receives the majority of your traffic. Even if your test scenario is less popular than the original page, you won’t lose out on conversions.

Contributors and developers

Convertize was created as open source software. It has been available to use for over four years. The Convertize development team are responsible for ensuring it continues to improve.


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