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Cookie Notice ti permette di informare elegantemente gli utenti che il tuo sito usa i cookies e lo fa in conformità alla legge EU sulla regolamentazione dei cookies.

Per maggiori informazioni controlla la pagina del plugin al seguente indirizzo dFactory or plugin support forum.

Caratteristiche incluse:

  • Personalizza il messaggio dei cookie
  • Reindirizza gli utenti a una specifica pagina per maggiori informazioni sui cookie
  • Imposta il termine di scadenza del cookie
  • Collegamento alla pagina “maggiori informazioni”
  • Opzione per accettare i cookie scorrendo la pagina
  • Option to set on scroll offset
  • Opzione per rifiutare i cookies funzionali
  • Selezione la posizione del box con il messaggio sui cookies
  • Anima il box del messaggio dopo che il cookie è stato accettato
  • Selezione il bottone dello stile. Puoi scegliere fra Nessuno, WordPress o Bootstrap
  • Imposta il testo e il colore della barra di sfondo
  • compatibile con WPML e Polylang
  • il file .pot per le traduzioni è incluso


Se vuoi scrivere un codice per una funzionalità dipendente per migliorare la qualità del cookie notice usa la funzione qua sotto:

if ( function_exists('cn_cookies_accepted') && cn_cookies_accepted() ) {
    // Your third-party non functional code here


Sentiti libero di contribuire alla scrittura del codice in dFactory GitHub Repository.


  1. cookie-notice screenshot 1



  1. Installa Cookie Notice o attraverso la directory del plugin rintracciabile all’indirizzo, o caricando i file nel tuo server
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menù ‘Plugin’ in WordPress
  3. Vai alle impostazioni di Cookie Notice e imposta le tue opzioni


Nessuna domanda ulteriore


US users will see this notice, too! Stupid.

We have a site in English language, geared mostly for US market and we are EU based. We have to comply with the EU cookie law (if we want to participate in Adsense and so on). By this law, you are only required to show the notice to EU users – users coming from EU member countries’ IPs. Yet this notice is simply thrown in the face of everyone. This law is a prime example of a bureaucracy that doesn’t serve its purpose. It’s enough we Europeans are tired of clicking OK/Accept on sites all the time, now we have to force others to do it, too? Silly. US users have nothing to do with this and I don’t want to bother them with it. Any way to select only EU member states residents to see this notice? No. Let’s bomb the whole world with it like it isn’t silly enough for the rest us already.

Easy and Simple to Use & Clean Backend

Installed Cookie Notice by dFactory with no issue, went to settings, made a few changes and then…there the notice was.

Links are provided with sample notices which were really handy. I used these and then came back and modified the notices for the web site which did entail more time for customization. But all was well.

WordPress’ new Customization CSS was also handy in making custom colors, borders and the like.

Very nice to have a clean plugin without a lot of advertising put into the site too. Thank you for sharing!

Contributori & Sviluppatori

“Cookie Notice di dFactory” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


“Cookie Notice di dFactory” sono stati tradotti in 5 lingue: Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Slovak, English (UK). Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi.

Traduci “Cookie Notice di dFactory” nella tua lingua.

Interessato allo sviluppo?

Sfoglia il codice oppure iscriviti al log di sviluppo tramite RSS.



  • Tweak: Move frontend cookie js functions before the document ready call, thanks to fgreinus
  • Tweak: Adjust functional javascript code handling
  • Fix: Chhromium infinity expiration date not valid
  • Fix: Remove deprecated screen_icon() function


  • Tweak: Add aria landmark role=”banner”
  • Tweak: Extend cn_cookie_notice_args with button class

  • Fix: Repository upload issue with 1.2.36


  • Fix: String translation support for WMPL 3.2+
  • Fix: Global var possible conflict with other plugins
  • Tweak: Add $options array to “cn_cookie_notice_output” filter, thanks to chesio.
  • Tweak: Removed local translation files in favor of WP repository translations.


  • Aggiustamento : Usa html_entity_decode su un non-functional code block
  • Tweak: get_pages() function placement optimization
  • Tweak: Filterable manage cookie notice capability


  • Fix: Empty href in links HTML validation issue


  • New: Greek translation thanks to Elias Stefanidis


  • Fix: Accept cookie button hidden on acceptance instead of the cookie message container


  • New: Non functional Javascript code field
  • Fix: Minified Javascript caching issue


  • Fix: jQuery error after accepting cookies


  • Tweak: Add class to body element when displayed
  • Tweak: Italian translation update


  • New: Option to set on scroll offset


  • Tweak: Correctly remove scroll event, limit possible conflicts
  • Tweak: Italian translation update


  • Fix: Accept cookies on scroll option working unchecked.
  • Fix: call_user_func() warning on lower version of WP



  • New: Option to refuse to accept cookies
  • New: setCookieNotice custom jQuery event
  • Tweak: Italian translation updated, thanks to Luca Speranza



  • Tweak: Swedish translation updated, thx to Ove Kaufeldt



  • New: Option to select scripts placement, header or footer


  • New: Danish translation, thanks to Lui Wallentin Gottler

  • Fix: Quick fix for 1.2.18 print_r in code


  • New: More info link target option
  • Tweak: Additional HTML ids, for more flexible customization



  • Tweak: Dutch translation missing due to a typo


  • New: Danish translation, thanks to Hans C. Jorgensen
  • Fix: Notice bar not visible if no animation selected


  • New: Hungarian translation, thanks to Surbma



  • New: Slovenian translation, thanks to Thomas Cuk



  • New: Italian translation, thanks to Luca
  • Tweak: Confirmed WP 4.0 compatibility

  • Tweak: Enable HTML in cookie message text
  • New: Option to donate this plugin 🙂



  • New: French translation, thanks to Laura Orsal
  • New: Deleting plugin settings on deactivation as an option


  • New: German translation, thanks to Alex Ernst


  • New: Spanish translation, thanks to Fernando Blasco


  • New: Added filter hooks to customize where and how display the cookie notice


  • New: Portuguese translation, thanks to Luis Maia


  • Fix: Read more linking to default site language in WPML & Polylang


  • Tweak: UI improvements for WP 3.8


  • Fix: Cookie not saving in IE
  • Fix: Notice hidden under Admin bar bug
  • Tweak: Improved WPML & Polylang compatibility


  • New: Rewritten cookie setting method to pure JS
  • Fix: Compatibility with WP Super Cache and other caching plugins


  • New: Dutch translation, thanks to Heleen van den Bos


  • Tweak: Changed setting cookie mode from AJAX to JS driven


Initial release