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This is a beta plugin that might one day be part of the WordPress core. Please don’t use this on production websites unless you’re happy with the stability as some things may still be experimental.

Using technology at night time can have a negative effect on your eyesight. Dark Mode will darken the colors of your admin dashboard making it easier for you to work at night.

For information on the progress of this plugin, please refer to the Trac ticket or you can get involved on the GitHub repository.


As some plugins make use of custom stylesheets, you can use the doing_dark_mode action hook to include a custom stylesheet that supports Dark Mode for your own plugin interfaces when it’s enabled. Alternatively you can use the dark_mode_css filter hook to change the Dark Mode stylesheet for your own version if you’d prefer.


Whilst Dark Mode has been translated into a few different languages already, we need your help! If you have just five minutes to spare, please consider translating Dark Mode into your language today.


  • The dashboard with Dark Mode turned off.
  • The dashboard with Dark Mode turned on.
  • Dark Mode with an admin color scheme in use.
  • The Dark Mode settings on a user's profile page.


  1. Upload the plugin package to the plugins directory.
  2. Login to the dashboard and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to your profile and enable Dark Mode.


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the plugin package to the plugins directory.
  2. Login to the dashboard and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to your profile and enable Dark Mode.
What does this plugin do?

By default, WordPress has a very bright color scheme which means working at night time can be difficult. Dark Mode allows you to change the overall design to a much darker and subtle design making it more visually pleasing when working late.

When does Dark Mode start working?

You can set Dark Mode to come on automatically between two set times, or have it enabled all the time. Go to your profile page and edit your settings accordingly.

Can I contribute to this plugin?

Yes, you can follow the Trac ticket for updates and get involved on GitHub with suggestions, feedback and code contributions.



I normally have the Chrome extension “Dark Reader” enabled on all websites (the light burns us, precious). While I can turn it on and off for various sites, I haven’t found a way to specify on/off within a given domain. I DON’T want it on for my actual site, since it messes with colors on images (the site is for art so that’s a pretty big deal). But since it’s the same domain as admin I keep having to turn it on and off as I’m in the admin area, then at my site.

So THIS plugin is a VERY BIG DEAL. Thank you so much!

Not Bad

Experience with this plugin is quite handy. Having tad issues which can be modified. Thanks

Hope to see it on core soon!

Amazing! I am a lover of dark themes and eye savers

As suggestion for default theme I recommend to change color of admin bar and menu to WordPress primary color (#0073aa)

Just test it:

#adminmenu, #wpadminbar {
    background-color: #0073aa;
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