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Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]

Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]


Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]

Enable/Disable comments on any WordPress content (Pages, Posts, or Media) to stop spammers. WP-CLI, XML-RPC & REST-API support to stop spam comments.

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Take Global Control Over Your WordPress Site

Override all comments-related settings throughout your website & manage your comments just the way you want.

Disable Comments On Posts, Pages & Media

Choose which posts, pages or media should allow comments from site visitors & configure Disable Comments accordingly

Disallow Comments On Multi-Site Network

Have multiple websites? Get rid of irrelevant comments on the entire network using Disable Comments Plugin


  • All “Comments” links are hidden from the Admin Menu and Admin Bar.
  • All comment-related sections (“Recent Comments”, “Discussion” etc.) are hidden from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • All comment-related widgets are disabled (so your theme cannot use them).
  • The “Discussion” settings page is hidden.
  • All comment RSS/Atom feeds are disabled (and requests for these will be redirected to the parent post).
  • The X-Pingback HTTP header is removed from all pages.
  • I pingback in uscita sono disabilitati.
  • Stop spam comments entirely from the site with one click.
  • [New] Delete comments by type.
  • [New] Disable comments via XML-RPC & REST-API
  • [New] Fully Multi-site Network supported.
  • [New] Manage multiple website network-specific subsites or entire network comments in advance.
  • [New] Exclude Disable Comments Settings based on user roles.

Please delete any existing comments on your site before applying this setting, otherwise (depending on your theme) those comments may still be displayed to visitors. You can use the Delete Comments tool to delete any existing comments on your site.


Easily configure your comment-related settings with an amazing and attractive app-like user interface.

Use WP-CLI control for comment-related settings to disable comments on posts, pages, attachments or everywhere on your website.

Use the quick setup wizard after activating the plugin to instantly configure comment-related settings for your WordPress website.

Instantly disable comments on your documentation pages or WordPress knowledge base with a single click.

Permanently delete certain comment types from your WordPress website including WooCommerce product reviews as well as generic comments.

Block any comments made on your WordPress website via XML-RPC specification and REST API.

Important note: Use this plugin if you don’t want comments at all on your site (or on certain post types). Don’t use it if you want to selectively disable comments on individual posts – WordPress lets you do that anyway. If you don’t know how to disable comments on individual posts, there are instructions in the FAQ.

If you come across any bugs or have suggestions, please use the plugin support forum. I can’t fix it if I don’t know it’s broken! Please check the FAQ for common issues.

Vuoi contribuire allo sviluppo del plugin? Ecco il repository su Github.

È anche disponibile una versione consigliata del plugin.

Configurazione avanzata

Some of the plugin’s behavior can be modified by site administrators and plugin/theme developers through code:

  • Definisci la variabile DISABLE_COMMENTS_REMOVE_COMMENTS_TEMPLATE e impostane il valore a false per fare in modo che il plugin non sostituisca il template dei commenti del tema con uno vuoto.

  • Definisci la variabile DISABLE_COMMENTS_ALLOW_DISCUSSION_SETTINGS e impostane il valore a true per fare in modo che il plugin non nasconda la pagina delle impostazioni della Discussione.

Questi valori possono essere impostati sia nel file wp-config.php della tua installazione WordPress o nel file functions.php del tuo tema.




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  • Setting Screen for Disable Comments
  • Delete Comments under Tools menu.
  • Multisite Network support


Modern Way:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “Disable Comments”.
  3. Install, then Activate it.
  4. Puoi accedere alle impostazioni del plugin tramite il menu “Impostazioni” nell’area di amministrazione di WordPress (questo percorso è valido sia per le installazioni singole che per quelle network multi site).

Old Way:

  1. Carica la cartella del plugin nella directory /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ di WordPress
  3. Puoi accedere alle impostazioni del plugin tramite il menu “Impostazioni” nell’area di amministrazione di WordPress (questo percorso è valido sia per le installazioni singole che per quelle network multi site).


Dopo aver disabilitato i commenti per ogni articolo, sembra non accadere nulla e continuo a vedere il modulo per commentare sotto agli articoli.

Questo comportamento è dovuto al fatto che il tuo tema non controlla correttamente lo stato dei commenti del post.

You may like to point your theme’s author to this explanation of what they are doing wrong, and how to fix it.

Come posso fare per rimuovere la dicitura “I commenti sono chiusi” sotto agli articoli peri quali i commenti sono stati disabilitati?

Solitamente il plugin fa del suo meglio per nascondere questo messaggio (insieme ad ogni altro inerente i commenti).

Se ancora vedi la scritta, allora significa che il tema utilizzato sta avendo la precedenza e pertanto dovrai intervenire manualmente modificandone alcuni file in modo da rimuovere il messaggio. Solitamente ci sono due modi per fare questo: il primo è quello di eliminare o commentare le linee di codice relative nel file wp-content/your-theme/comments.php, oppure utilizzare del codice CSS all’nterno di wp-content/your-theme/style.css per nascondere il blocco di testo. In ogni caso, l’importante è che tu sappia cosa stai facendo!

Voglio disabilitare i commenti solo per alcuni articoli. Cosa devo fare?

Apri la pagina di modifica dell’articolo per il quale vuoi disabilitare i commenti. Scrolla verso il basso fino a raggiungere il box “Discussione” dove troverai le opzioni relative ai commenti. Se non vedi il box, fai clic in alto alla pagina su “impostazioni schermata” e controlla che il checkbox “Discussione” sia selezionato.

Puoi anche effettuare una modifica di massa dello stato dei commenti di più articoli dalla schermata degli articoli.

Voglio eliminare tutti i commenti dal mio database. Come posso fare?

Vai alla pagina delle impostazioni del plugin Disable Comments e utilizza lo strumento Cancella Commenti per rimuovere tutti i commenti, o seguendo specifici post type dal tuo database.


19 Giugno 2023
Does its job nicely, support is excellent, I reported an issue which was fixed very quickly. I do have to say I would have liked the plugin to stay more minimal, as was the case before v2.0. It looks a bit heavy for what it’s doing right now.
22 Febbraio 2023 7 risposte
Plugin Setting page automatically Translating local language but we cannot understanding, plugin authors must given manual option for translating local language I’m from Sri lanka, your Plugin page showing in Sinhala language many peoples don’t know Sinhala language in Sri Lanka, I don’t know, my teams don’t Know Sinhala Language, there in no any option translate to English How we can use your plugin, i’m going to uninstall plugin Thank You
30 Gennaio 2023
I set up a multisite to manage links on several domains using BetterLinks, and I wondered how to disable comments over all sites. A search found this plugin, and it works perfectly and is well-designed by the same team who develops BetterLinks. This makes me thrilled to be a WPDeveloper customer!
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


“Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]” è stato tradotto in 39 lingue. Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi.

Traduci “Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]” nella tua lingua.

Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il codice segui il repository SVN, segui il log delle modifiche tramite RSS.

Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

The format is based on Keep a Changelog
and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.
This will be maintained from August 19, 2020 – @asif2bd

[2.4.6] – 2024-03-25

  • Added: WordPress 6.5 Compatibility

[2.4.5] – 2023-08-30

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

[2.4.4] – 2023-06-19

  • Fixed: PHP 8.2 deprecated issue fixed while using WP-CLI.
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvements.

[2.4.3] – 2023-01-12

  • Added: PHP 8.2 Compatibility

[2.4.2] – 2022-09-18

  • Improved sanitization.

[2.4.1] – 2022-08-10

  • Improvement: Localized missing strings in plugin.
  • Improvement: Included the fonts in plugin distribution.

[2.4.0] – 2022-07-27

  • New Feature: Exclude Disable Comments settings based on user roles.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvement.

[2.3.6] – 2022-06-05

  • Fixed: JavaScript error in Gutenberg editor.

[2.3.5] – 2022-04-27

  • Added: More WP-CLI commands.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvement.

[2.3.4] – 2022-03-28

  • Fixed: PHP Warning in Multisite Network.

[2.3.3] – 2022-01-25

  • Added: WordPress 5.9 compatibility added.

[2.3.2] – 2021-12-20

  • Added: Configure Disable Avatar settings from the main network of Multisite Network.
  • Fixed: Disable Comments via REST API toggle mismatch issue.

[2.3.1] – 2021-12-14

  • Added: You can enable or disable Avatar from Disable Comments settings.

[2.3.0] – 2021-12-14

  • New Feature: Delete Spam Comments.
  • Updated deprecated jQuery library.
  • Improvement: Disable Gravatar request.
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvement.

[2.2.4] – 2021-11-09

  • Added: Ajax pagination in Subsite area (Multisite network).
  • Added: Ajax search in Subsite area (Multisite network).
  • Added: “Disable Comments” navigation added inside Comments menu.
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvement.

[2.2.3] – 2021-10-25

  • Few minor bug fixes and improvement.

[2.2.2] – 2021-10-05

  • Added: “Select All” checkbox for subsites selection in a multisite network.
  • Few minor bug fixes and improvement.

[2.2.1] – 2021-09-26

  • Fixed: 100+ subsites limit issue in multisite network

[2.2.0] – 2021-09-22

  • New Feature: Configure Disable Comments on Subsites from Main Network in Multisite Network.
  • Improvement: UX Improvement.
  • Few minor bug fix and improvement.

[2.1.2] – 2021-06-20

  • Improvement: Fix for Attempt to read property “post_type” on null

[2.1.1] – 2021-04-06

  • Improvement: Compatible with WordPress 5.7
  • Few minor bug fix and improvement

[2.1.0] – 2021-02-08

  • New Feature: Site wise settings in Multisite Network
  • Added: Some strings localization
  • Fixed: Delete Comments in Multisite
  • Few minor bug fix and improvement

[2.0.2] – 2020-12-01

  • Removed: Quick Setup Wizard
  • Improved: Redirection settings page after activation.
  • Fixed: Text-Domain Issue.

[2.0.1] – 2020-11-28

  • Bug Fix: Settings page URL issue fixed from plugins page.
  • Improvement: Quick Setup Wizard instructions.

[2.0.0] – 2020-11-28

  • Improved UI for Settings page
  • New feature: Manage Disable Comments settings with WP-CLI
  • New feature: Quick Setup Wizard
  • New feature: Disable Comments via REST-API
  • New feature: Disable Comments via XML-RPC

[1.11.0] – 2020-08-22

  • Introducing Delete Comment by Type – Contribution by garretthyder
  • PHP 7.4 Tested
  • WordPress 5.5 Compatible Tested

[1.10.3] – 2020-07-29

  • Minor fix – changelog backported.


  • Disable “recent comments” Gutenberg block.


  • Fix compatibility with WordPress 5.0 and above.
  • Remove deprecated “persistent mode” feature.




  • Small enhancements to hiding comment-related functionality in the admin.


  • Dropped logic to try and hide the comments link from the Meta widget. Administrators should manually add styling to hide this link, or replace the Meta widget with an alternative.
  • Removed the disable_comments_allow_persistent_mode filter. Define DISABLE_COMMENTS_ALLOW_PERSISTENT_MODE instead.


  • Added a tool for deleting comments in bulk.


  • Fix Javascript errors when the Meta widget is enabled.
  • Hide comments link from the Welcome panel.


  • Hide existing comments if there are any.
  • Filter the comments link in the Meta widget if it is enabled.


  • Remove the comments feed link from the head in WP 4.4 and higher.


  • Delay loading of translation text domain until all plugins are loaded. This allows plugins to modify translations.


  • Hide the troublesome “persistent mode” option for all sites where it is not in use. This option will be removed in a future release.


  • Compatibility updates and code refactoring for WordPress 4.3
  • Adding a few new translations


  • Change the behaviour for comment feed requests. This removes a potential security issue.


  • Move persistent mode filter into a define.
  • Add an advanced option to show the theme’s comment template even when comments are disabled.


  • Allow network administrators to disable comments on custom post types across the whole network.


  • Fix PHP warning when active_sitewide_plugins option doesn’t contain expected data type.


  • Attempt to hide the comments template (“Comments are closed”) whenever comments are disabled.


  • Fix CSRF vulnerability in the admin. Thanks to dxw for responsible disclosure.


  • Compatibility fix for WordPress 3.8


  • Disable comment-reply script for themes that don’t check comment status properly.
  • Add French translation


  • Fix issue with settings persistence in single-site installations.


  • Prevent theme comments template from being displayed when comments are disabled everywhere.
  • Prevent direct access to comment admin pages when comments are disabled everywhere.


  • Make persistent mode option filter available all the time.
  • Fix redirection for feed requests
  • Fix admin bar filtering in WP 3.6


  • Short life in the wild.


  • Added gettext support and German translation.
  • Added links to GitHub development repo.
  • Allow network administrators to prevent the use of persistent mode.


  • Remove X-Pingback header when comments are completely disabled.
  • Disable comment feeds when comment are completely disabled.
  • Simplified settings page.


  • Now supports Network Activation – disable comments on your entire multi-site network.
  • Simplified settings page.


  • Add “persistent mode” to deal with themes that don’t use filterable comment status checking.


  • Allow temporary disabling of comments site-wide by ensuring that original comment statuses are not overwritten when a post is edited.


  • Added the option to disable the Recent Comments template widget.
  • Bugfix: don’t show admin messages to users who don’t can’t do anything about them.


  • Bugfix: Other admin menu items could inadvertently be hidden when ‘Remove the “Comments” link from the Admin Menu’ was selected.


  • Bugfix: A typo on the settings page meant that the submit button went missing on some browsers. Thanks to Wojtek for reporting this.


  • Bugfix: Custom post types which don’t support comments shouldn’t appear on the settings page
  • Add warning notice to Discussion settings when comments are disabled


  • Bugfix: Some dashboard items were incorrectly hidden in multisite


  • Compatibility fix for WordPress 3.3


  • Added the ability to remove links to comment admin pages from the Dashboard, Admin Bar and Admin Menu


  • Usability improvements to help first-time users configure the plugin.


  • Bugfix: Make sure pingbacks are also prevented when comments are disabled.