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Dynamic Blocks for WordPress, WooCommerce & Gutenberg is the comprehensive solution that allows you to expand sales, increase revenue, and capture visitors’ attention, encouraging them to make more substantial purchases and spend more.

With Dynamic Blocks, customization is at the heart of your online sales experience, excelling in upsell, cross-sell, and addon sell strategies.

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Explore the Potential of Dynamic Blocks:


  • Bid farewell to generic recommendations.
  • DynamicBlocks customizes product suggestions, automating Upsells, Cross-sells, and Addon-sells for a personalized shopping experience.


  • Customize the look of your site with eye-catching banners, badges, informative text and payment icons.
  • Dynamic HTML Blocks effortlessly add dynamism to your pages.


  • Elevate the average cart value by presenting irresistible product combinations and exclusive discounts, including frequently bought together items.
  • Dynamic Product Bundles propel your sales strategy to the next level.


  • Strengthen your sales strategy by suggesting complementary accessories such as associated products.
  • Dynamic Product Accessories increase conversion rates and the average order value.


  • Seamlessly combine DynamicBlocks with Gutenberg, enriching user experience with personalized Dynamic Product Recommendation Blocks.


Don’t miss the opportunity to radically transform your e-commerce. Tangible results are just a click away.
Discover DynamicBlocks: Elevate Your E-Commerce Experience!



1. Stimulate Complementary Purchases: Upsell, Cross-Sell & Add-On Sell Mastery

  • Promote and encourage the purchase of complementary products, offering an effective solution for upselling, addon selling, cross-selling, and suggesting frequently bought together items.

  • Leverage dynamic blocks to suggest products that seamlessly integrate into each customer’s buying journey, creating a personalized experience.

  • Optimize your sales strategies by offering automatic suggestions that enhance the user experience and increase your store’s revenue.

2. Exponential Sales Growth:

  • Capture the attention of visitors and implement advanced tactics to stimulate higher spending, ensuring that each visit results in a significant purchase, thanks to real-time personalized recommendations.

  • Encourage multiple purchases and increase the average order value through automatic suggestions.

3. Dynamic Content & Dynamic Products, Customization on Every Page:

  • Easily include product Recommendations, dynamic banners, informative texts, badges, and personalized special information based on visitor preferences and specific pages.

  • Precisely schedule the display of timed alerts or announcements, ensuring that visitors receive relevant information when it matters most.

  • Take advantage of the versatility of Dynamic Blocks for tailored content on every page, dynamically adapting communication to visitor preferences.

4. Real-Time Customization:

  • Unlike traditional WooCommerce static blocks, Dynamic Blocks dynamically adapt to the individual preferences of each visitor and your online store.

  • Offer real-time personalized product recommendations, creating deeper engagement and encouraging visitors to explore and make significant purchases with much more accurate suggestions.

  • Increase visitor interest with dynamic blocks that adapt to their preferences.

5. Precise and Easy Block Placement:

6. Unique Customization Through Advanced Display Conditions:

  • We offer unparalleled precision and flexibility: take advantage of our Advanced Query Builder >> to create intricate display rules for Dynamic Blocks.

  • Customize activation based on various parameters, including User Roles, Product Roles, Stock Roles, Cart Roles, Checkout Roles, Store Rules, Integrations with External Plugins like YITH Brand Addon, and many more.

  • All of this is made possible through the inclusion of over 15 Data Sets and a wide range of over 150 logical conditions, ensuring a level of customization never seen before. Learn more About Datasets & Logical Conditions >>



Upgrade to Dynamic Blocks PRO and unlock advanced features, priority support, and exclusive benefits for a seamless experience.

Rest assured, Dynamic Blocks PRO comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. Your satisfaction is our priority! Upgrade to Dynamic Blocks PRO with confidence.


Whether your goal is to amplify sales, boost the average order value, or provide tailored, personalized experiences, Dynamic Blocks has you fully covered like no other plugin ever.



Now, let’s delve into real-world scenarios to illustrate how Dynamic Blocks can be customized for exceptional user experiences.

Explore different use cases that showcase the flexibility and potential that this dynamic tool brings to your WordPress and WooCommerce site.

➜ Announce Limited-Time Offers:

Set up automation events to display an eye-catching banner with exclusive discounts as soon as a visitor arrives on your site during a special promotion. This automation allows you to decide the banner’s content, its strategic placement, and the exact moment of its appearance. Custom automations like this ensure that your site visitors receive targeted and time-sensitive offers that capture their attention and increase conversions.

➜ Time-Sensitive Alerts:

Use an automation to display time-sensitive alerts or announcements, ensuring that visitors see relevant information when it matters most.

➜ Enhance Engagement with Products:

Imagine configuring an automation that displays a dynamic block with personalized product recommendations the moment a user views a product page, adds an item to the cart, or during the checkout process on your e-commerce site. With this automation, you have the ability to precisely control which products are suggested, where the recommendation block appears on the page, and exactly when it is displayed. This level of customization fosters a highly engaging shopping experience for your visitors.

➜ Upselling Complementary Products:

Activate an automation to show a dynamic block offering complementary products as soon as a customer adds an item to the cart. This automationgives you the ability to determine which related products to suggest, where the block with these proposals appears in the cart, and the precise moment it is shown. Custom automations like this enhance sales in your e-commerce by encouraging customers to explore additional products that complement their purchases, thus increasing the average order value.

➜ Recommendation of Products in Bundles and Complementary Accessories:

Set up an automation to suggest curated product bundles and accompanying accessories when a customer explores your store. Define the products included in these thoughtfully assembled packages, specify their display location, and determine the precise moment for the recommendation to appear. Tailor automations like this to maximize cross-selling opportunities, presenting customers with convenient and appealing assortments of products complemented by accompanying accessories.



  • Dynamic Products Recommendations Blocks: Encourage users to make more substantial purchases and spend more by customizing product recommendations, automating upsells, cross-sells, and addon-sells for a personalized shopping experience.
  • Dynamic Products Bundles Blocks (PRO): Elevate the average cart value by presenting irresistible product combinations and exclusive discounts, including frequently bought together items. Encourage multiple purchases and increase the average order value through automatic suggestions.
  • Dynamic Products Addons & Accessories Blocks (PRO): Strengthen your sales strategy by suggesting complementary accessories such as associated products. Dynamic Product Accessories increase conversion rates and the average order value.
  • Supercharge Sales and Captivate your Audience: Stimulate Complementary Purchases. Upsell, Cross-Sell & Add-On Sell Mastery
  • Dynamic Elements: Customize the look of your site with Eye-catching Banners, Badges, Informative text and Payment icons. Dynamic HTML Blocks effortlessly add dynamism to your pages.
  • Real-Time Customization: Break away from static limitations. Dynamic Blocks tailor content to individual preferences, elevating visitor interest and engagement in your online store.
  • Easy Blocks Placement: Effortlessly position Dynamic Blocks on theme pages using hooks, no coding needed. Works flawlessly on WooCommerce and WordPress, with various hooks for customization.
  • Position Dynamic Blocks on any page: WordPress Pages, WooCommerce Pages, Gutenberg Pages.
  • Integration with Gutenberg: Integrate Dynamic Blocks with Gutenberg for a richer, more personalized User Journey with Dynamic Product.
  • Powerful Query Builder: Intelligently manage product visibility with our Advanced Query Builder, selecting showcased items and defining precise appearances based on tailored conditions. Streamline control, enrich user experience with 15+ Datasets, and 150+ Logical Conditions for unparalleled customization.
  • Capture your visitors' attention by displaying multiple Dynamic Blocks in any position, at the exact moment, on the fly without writing a single line of code.
  • Dynamic Blocks Plugin: Show Dynamic Blocks to your users at the right time.


Questo plugin fornisce 1 blocco.

  • Dynamic Products Display Woocommerce Dynamic Products Recommendations for Gutenberg


Before you start the installation process, we recommend watching our Installation Guide Video. This step-by-step video guide provides detailed instructions on how to install Dynamic Blocks effortlessly.

To install the Free version of Dynamic Blocks, you can do the following:

Installazione tramite ricerca del plugin

  1. Vai alla bacheca di WordPress.
  2. Vai alla sezione Plugin e seleziona Aggiungi nuovo.
  3. Nella barra di ricerca, scrivi Dynamic Blocks for WordPress, WooCommerce & Gutenberg e premi Invio.
  4. Trova il plugin Dynamic Blocks nei risultati della ricerca.
  5. Fai clic su Installa e poi su Attiva per attivare il plugin.
  6. Congratulazioni! Dynamic Blocks è ora installato e in funzione!

Installazione manuale tramite il Carica plugin

Se preferisci installare il plugin Dynamic Blocks manualmente, carica i file seguendo i passaggi qui sotto:

  1. Vai alla bacheca di WordPress.
  2. Vai alla sezione Plugin e seleziona Aggiungi nuovo.
  3. Nella pagina successiva, fai clic sul pulsante Carica plugin.
  4. Fai clic sul pulsante Scegli file e naviga fino alla posizione in cui hai scaricato il file dynamicblocks.zip sul tuo computer.
  5. Seleziona il file e fai clic sul pulsante Installa ora per avviare il processo di installazione.
  6. Una volta completata l’installazione, trova Dynamic Blocks nell’elenco dei plugin installati e fai clic su Attiva.


  1. Carica la cartella dynamicblocks nella directory /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Attiva il plugin Dynamic Blocks tramite il menu ‘Plugin’ in WordPress.

Adesso sei pronto per utilizzare le potenti funzionalità di Dynamic Blocks sul tuo sito WordPress.


Cos’è Dynamic Blocks ?

I blocchi dinamici sono elementi di contenuto personalizzabili che possono essere visualizzati sul tuo sito WordPress & WooCommerce in base a regole e condizioni specifiche.
Consentono di creare esperienze personalizzate per gli utenti e ottimizzare le conversioni.

How does it benefit my WooCommerce store ?

DynamicBlocks is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your WooCommerce store’s performance.
It allows you to customize and optimize your product recommendations, implement dynamic HTML blocks, create dynamic product bundles, suggest complementary accessories, and seamlessly integrate with Gutenberg.
The benefits include increased sales, better user engagement, and unparalleled growth opportunities.

How does DynamicBlocks personalize product recommendations for WooCommerce ?

DynamicBlocks goes beyond generic recommendations by automating upselling, cross-selling, and addon-selling.
It tailors product suggestions to each customer’s purchasing journey, providing a personalized shopping experience that boosts sales and customer satisfaction.

Can DynamicBlocks be integrated with Gutenberg for a more enriched user experience?

Absolutely! DynamicBlocks seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, enriching user experiences with customized dynamic product recommendation blocks.
This integration enhances the overall appeal and functionality of your WordPress site.

Can I control where Dynamic Blocks are displayed on my website ?

Absolutely! With DynamicBlocks, you have complete control over the placement of your dynamic blocks.
You can effortlessly assign them to single or multiple pages, providing you with the flexibility to target specific sections of your website.

What conditions can be customized for displaying DynamicBlocks ?

DynamicBlocks provides unparalleled precision and flexibility in customization.
With our advanced Query Builder, you can create custom rules and conditions based on various factors, such as user roles, products conditions, purchase behavior, and more.
With over 15 data sets and more than 150 logical conditions, DynamicBlocks offers unprecedented levels of personalization.
This allows you to show Dynamic Blocks precisely when it matters most to your users.

How quickly can I expect tangible results with DynamicBlocks ?

DynamicBlocks emphasizes rapid and tangible results.
The personalized product recommendations, dynamic content, and strategic triggers are designed to quickly capture your audience’s attention and drive increased sales.

Can I use DynamicBlocks with any WordPress theme, or are there specific requirements ?

DynamicBlocks is designed to be compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes.
Its versatility allows for easy integration into various themes without compromising functionality.
However, for optimal performance, it’s recommended to use DynamicBlocks with well-coded and regularly updated themes.

Are there any restrictions on the number of dynamic blocks I can create and display on my pages ?

There are no strict limitations on the number of dynamic blocks you can create with DynamicBlocks.
The plugin is designed to handle a reasonable number of blocks without compromising performance.
However, it’s advisable to be mindful of page loading times and user experience, especially if you have a large number of dynamic blocks on a single page.

Is DynamicBlocks easy to use for beginners ?

DynamicBlocks is designed to be beginner-friendly, providing an intuitive interface that caters to users of all skill levels.
Whether you’re an experienced developer or new to WordPress, our plugin ensures a straightforward setup process.
Additionally, comprehensive documentation is available to guide you through the customization options, making it easy for beginners to enhance their website with dynamic and personalized content.

È necessaria conoscenza di programmazione per utilizzare Dynamic Blocks ?

No, Dynamic Blocks non richiede capacità di programmazione, a differenza di altri plugin.
La nostra interfaccia utente semplificata e l’intuitivo query builder ti consentiranno di creare e gestire blocchi dinamici senza scrivere nemmeno una riga di codice.
È una soluzione per potenziare senza fatica le funzionalità e l’interazione del tuo sito web.

Offrite supporto se ho bisogno di aiuto?

Yes, our dedicated support team is ready to assist.
The support team is available through various channels, including email, live chat, and a community forum.
Users can expect timely and helpful responses to ensure a smooth experience with DynamicBlocks.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

[1.1.5] – 2024/01/09


  • Added Responsive Grid Layout for DynamicBlocks Types
  • Added variables for missing translations for block types
  • Added Discount Controls in the Block Type Sidebar
  • Added Documentation, Support Link & Upgrade to Pro in Plugin Menu


  • Escaped Output Vars for DynamicBlocks Types
  • Added check to display or not short description in related products blocks
  • Cleaned css files


  • Separate css files for backend and frontend classes
  • Load Thumbnail images in DynamicBlocks Types
  • Renamed Plugin Menu
  • Changed Classes for Gutenberg Block Backend & Frontend Preview
  • Changed Admin Block Style Fields
  • Improved Responsive Layout for backend


  • Removed Obsolete Filters in Admin Blocks View
  • Removed Obsolete Css Classes
  • Removed conflicting css class
  • Removed Unused Logical Conditions

[1.1.4] – 2023/11/06


  • Aggiunta nuova integrazione per i blocchi Gutenberg
  • Creato nuovo blocco Gutenberg ”prodotti dinamici”
  • Aggiunto nuovo dataset “browser e dispositivo” per i blocchi globali
  • Aggiunto nuovo dataset “data e ora” per i blocchi globali
  • Aggiunto il nuovo dataset “dimensione schermo” per i blocchi globali
  • Aggiunto il nuovo dataset “sorgente URL” per i blocchi globali


  • Corretto il problema del query limit & ordinamento nei blocchi accessori e bundle
  • Corretto il problema con l’opzione “riproduzione automatica” del prodotto correlato
  • Corretto il problema del blocco Gutenberg
  • Corretto il problema di caricamento del blocco nel frontend


  • Rinominato il dataset [iscritto] in [ruolo utente]
  • Modificato il design del backend

[1.1.3] – 2023/05/03


  • Aggiunta nuova condizione logica denominata “set prodotto” per il dataset “prodotti”

[1.1.2] – 2023/04/04


  • Modificati i controlli per tutte le regole di visualizzazione


  • Corretto il sistema di licenza del plugin

[1.1.1] – 2023/01/30


  • Modificato file readme
  • Changelog modificato
  • Aggiunto controllo per verificare se il plugin è installato in locale

[1.1.0] – 2023/01/17


  • Modificata l’architettura principale del plugin gratuito
  • Modificata l’architettura principale per il plugin PRO
  • Modificato il percorso del plugin della versione PRO
  • Modificato il controllo per estendere la versione gratuita di Dynamic Blocks con blocchi aggiuntivi
  • Modificati i file che includono blocchi aggiuntivi
  • Le modifiche includono file di dataset & regole extra
  • Dataset modificato per la versione PRO


  • Aggiunta funzione per estendere i dataset sulla versione gratuita di Dynamic Blocks
  • Aggiunta scheda “quando visualizzare” per condizioni logiche e regole
  • Aggiunta scheda “come visualizzare” per condizioni logiche e regole
  • Aggiunto nuovo dataset denominato “prodotti” per le regole presenti nella scheda “cosa visualizzare”
  • Aggiunto nuovo dataset denominato “prodotti” per le regole presenti nella scheda “quando visualizzare”
  • Aggiunto nuovo dataset denominato “vendita” per le regole presenti nella scheda “quando visualizzare”


  • Corretto il blocco accessori -> aggiorna la quantità a zero durante il caricamento della finestra
  • Corretto il blocco accessori -> nascondi il pulsante aggiungi al carrello se la quantità è zero


  • Rimosso il pulsante aggiungi al carrello e l’etichetta sul blocco accessori
  • Rimosso il pulsante aggiungi al carrello e le etichette nel blocco bundle
  • Rimossa la condizioni denominata “prodotto meta” nel dataset “prodotto”
  • Rimossi i files CSS/JS non più utilizzati nella versione PRO

[1.0.9] – 2023/01/15


  • Modificata l’opzione per aggiungere posizioni multiple nella casella del “dove visualizzare”

[1.0.8] – 2022/12/22


  • Modificato il tipo di blocco correlato aggiunto un link all’immagine

[1.0.7] – 2022/12/21


  • Aggiunta opzione per consentire la visualizzazione della scheda “come visualizzare”

[1.0.6] – 2022/12/19


  • Modificato lo stile CSS del backend
  • Modificati i controlli per aggiungere i tipi di blocchi dalla bacheca

[1.0.5] – 2022/12/18


  • Corretto: errore index non definita nella pagina bacheca

[1.0.4] – 2022/12/17


  • Aggiunti controlli nel plugin gratuito

[1.0.3] – 2022/12/11


  • Rimosso il blocco “prodotti visualizzati di recente”
  • Rimossa condizione per il blocco accessori & blocco bundle


  • Modificato lo stile CSS del backend

[1.0.2] – 2022/12/10


  • Modificate le condizioni dataset

[1.0.1] – 2022/12/07


  • Corretto: errore metodo ajax non trovato

[1.0.0] – 2022/10/10

Versione iniziale