Flamingo è un plugin di archiviazione messaggi originariamente creato per Contact Form 7, che non memorizza i messaggi inviati.

Dopo l’attivazione del plugin, troverai Flamingo nella schermata del pannello di amministrazione di WordPress. Tutti i messaggi inviati attraverso i moduli di contatto saranno archiviati e consultabili. Con Flamingo, non dovrai più preoccuparti di perdere messaggi importanti a causa di problemi del server mail o di configurazioni errate.

Per informazioni più dettagliate siete pregati di fare riferimento alla pagina di documentazione di Contact Form 7.

Informazioni sulla privacy

Questo plugin archivia i dati inviati tramite moduli di contatto, che possono includere informazioni personali di chi li ha inviati, nel database sul server che ospita il sito.


  1. Carica l’intera cartella flamingo nella directory /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ in WordPress.


7 Gennaio 2020
Hello All, Yesterday I have installed the flamingo plugin from wordpress.org website. please don't use this plugin for any site this one is fully hacked version and this hack directly attack your serve so, please don't install
1 Dicembre 2019
It's a decent plugin, provided for free by the same author of CF7. Nonetheless, it has very limited functionalities and needs to be improved very much: data exporting is way too basic, admin panel columns are not customizable in a straightforward way, documentation is minimal.
13 Settembre 2019
A good plugin by the same author as CF7 for storing the submissions sent via CF7. Useful for maintaining an independent record of messages sent and checking that the spam filter is working correctly. HOWEVER, our major problem is that if a message is incorrectly marked as spam (and thereby not sent by CF7), although Flamingo allows you to see this message and mark it as 'not spam', there is no way to re-send this message to the intended recipients - which is kind of the point of checking the spam filter!
9 Agosto 2019
Flamingo is a decent plugin for message storage with CF7 - it does exactly what it advertises. But we all know how pervasive spam can be - and where Flamingo unfortunately falls short of the mark is in handling bulk spam messages. If that were improved this would be a 5-star review. You can look through old reviews here and see that the first request for a "delete all spam" button was almost five years ago, but this essential feature is still not built in. A little more support from the developer would turn this from a semi-good plugin to a great one. It's evidently common for users to have long-running sites that have accumulated tens of thousands of spam messages, and the only options to remove them are either manually shifting 20 messages at a time to trash (which does have a delete all button - so the feature is almost implemented already) or directly accessing the site database to bulk delete from there. The latter isn't something you want to rely upon in a production environment.
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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Security enhancement, CSV: Prefixes a field when its value begins with =, +, -, or @. See https://contactform7.com/2020/01/15/heads-up-about-spreadsheet-vulnerabilities/ for details.
  • New filter hook: flamingo_csv_field_prefix


  • UI improvements in displaying JSON reCAPTCHA logs in the Inbound Message editor page.
  • Moves to trash automatically after every 30 days of the creation of spam messages.


  • Displays spam logs in the Inbound Message editor page.
  • Displays reCAPTCHA logs in the Inbound Message editor page.