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Boost your sales, get more email subscribers and show your audience dynamic, personalized content with FORTVISION’s marketing automation and web personalization platform. FORTVISION is the smartest way to improve engagement and conversion rates in one place. Catch users’
attention with personalized automations and win more sales through customized on-site dynamic elements, email, SMS, WhatsApp, ads, and landing pages.

FORTVISION is a one-stop-shop to improve all your sales and marketing conversions using internal & external data sources, including external CRM software. With our plugin, data is collected, analyzed and
segmentized based on user geolocation, traffic source, online behavior, purchasing history, and more. Using omnichannel marketing automation and web personalization, FORTVISION offers cart abandonment solutions, conversion optimization, and smart analytics.


Web Personalization: Generate leads and drive conversions with FORTVISION’s web personalization software.
Personalizing your visitors’ browsing or shopping experience will go a long way in impacting your bottom lines positively. With FORTVISION, you can personalize any element or content. Add or replace elements according to the visitor’s profile or interaction with the site. Recommend products and content to your visitors based on their browsing preferences.

Data: With FORTVISION, all your data is connected, managed in one place and allows you to create automations accordingly.
Our data platform feeds off internal and external data sources, allowing you to leverage it to drive more accurate insights and smarter decisions. Turn data into segmentation, assign users into predefined audiences based on the user’s interaction with the site and target the right audience at the right time. Then start engaging your users by showing personalized content based on their segment.

Marketing Automation: Engage your audience, promote sales, and
improve customer retention using email, SMS and WhatsApp marketing campaigns. When you set up automation campaigns, FORTVISION works for you, even after hours. Create onboarding welcome email automation flows, cart abandonment reminder SMS automations, individual “Happy Birthday” WhatsApp automations, and much more.

Landing Pages: Lead traffic from your ads to landing pages designed and tailored to your needs. Start from scratch or choose from our
designer-made templates – fully customizable using the drag and drop editor. Set different designs and assign each to different visitors’ segments. Drive the right traffic to your website – lead generation, eCommerce, product launches and more.

Creation Studio: Increase sales, show relevant product recommen‫-‬
dations, and reduce churn with interactive elements on your website. Engage your visitors by adding interactive content on site – Tinder-like swipers, Instagram-like stories, polls, chatbots, popups, and much more. You can either create one from scratch using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, or just pick any of our templates and customize it to your heart’s content.

Mobile-Friendly: Content is responsive and mobile friendly, which means that users will experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones and tablets alike.


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  1. From the WP admin panel, click “plug-ins” and then press “add new.”
  2. In the browser input, please put “FORTVISION Platform”
  3. Select the “FORTVISION Platform” plug-in and click “install”
  4. Then activate the plug-in.
  5. Go to “Settings > FORTVISION Platform” and enter the publisher ID.


Are coding skills needed to use the FORTVISION WooCommerce plugin?

Not at all! FORTVISION’s WooCommerce plugin is easy to download and starts working seamlessly with your WooCommerce site right away. You can take advantage of our marketing automation, CRM, analytics and
reporting, and much more without the need to code.

Does FORTVISION support eCommerce stores?

The FORTVISION WooCommerce plugin is great for many types of
businesses including e-commerce. We have many solutions that will take your eCommerce shop to the next level – cart abandonment software, dynamic element replacement to show different content to different user segments, product recommendations according to the user’s preferences, and more.

What types of triggers are available to automate based on?

‫-‬ After defined time spent on the website
‫-‬ After scrolling to a section
‫-‬ After X pages visited
‫-‬ After X clicks
‫-‬ Cart triggers
‫-‬ Checkout triggers
‫-‬ URL targeting (page level on-site targeting)
‫-‬ Device targeting
‫-‬ Geolocation (by country)
‫-‬ IP block lists
‫-‬ New vs returning visitors (based on cookies)
‫-‬ Traffic source tracking / referral source (Facebook, Google, Google Adwords Youtube, Reddit, Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, and any site you want)

What types of creatives can I build with FORTVISION?

Here are some examples of the types of creatives you can create with FORTVISION:
‫-‬ Chatbots
‫-‬ Help Centers
‫-‬ Popups
‫-‬ Polls
‫-‬ Instagram-like Stories
‫-‬ Teasers
‫-‬ Tinder-like Swipers
‫-‬ Quizzes
‫-‬ Sliders
‫-‬ Lead Forms
‫-‬ CTAs, including call buttons
‫-‬ Countdown
‫-‬ Dynamic Product Recommendations
‫-‬ And combinations of these

What elements can be personalized with FORTVISION?

FORTVISION allows you to personalize and dynamically replace any
element on the website, including titles, texts, images, videos, menu items, and design. Our dynamic element replacement is flexible enough to accommodate any HTML.

How much control do I have over how the interactive content looks?

100 percent control. With our premium plan, you can customize every single element (you have control over every single layer in your design).

How can I contact you with more questions?

Hit us up any way that is most convenient for you! We’re around on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or you can email us directly at


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Contributi e sviluppo

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A new way of sync historical date. Updated UI. Creating a user from Fortvision system.


  • Updated routes for registration
  • Optimized sync function
  • Optimized source code


  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Updated sync function


  • Sync on item updated


  • Sync function


  • Updated admin area design


  • Added categories, attributes, tags, stock params


  • Added user register event
  • Updated checkout event


  • Updated request routes


  • Moved all event function to backend
  • Loging
  • Combine Woocommerce and no Woocommerce plugins


  • Fixed save options problem


  • Fixed cache problem issue


  • Track order status changes


  • Fixed problem with LiteSpeed Cache


  • Updated event triggers
  • Removed old code
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Removed jQuery
  • Added event listener
  • Updated core part
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Moved all events to actions
  • Updated JS event file
  • Refactored base part of code
  • Added “addUserToSubscription” event
  • Added additional settings params


  • Update readme file.


  • Update readme file.


  • Update readme file.


  • Update readme file.


  • Update readme file.


  • Update readme file.


  • Update plugin and functions.


  • Update plugin and functions.


  • Update plugin name.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Updated FORTVISION Platform Integration.


  • Released second update of FORTVISION Platform plugin


  • Released first update of FORTVISION Platform plugin


  • Released FORTVISION Platform plugin