Freesoul Deactivate Plugins


It allows you to disable plugins on specific pages and archives for speed optimization, debugging and problem-solving even if many plugins are active.

It works for every page, blog posts, custom posts that are publicly queryable and archives.

You will like this plugin if you have some plugins that are slowing down your website and you don’t need them on all pages.

Usually, the number of the needed plugin on a specific page is lower than the number of globally active plugins.

In this case, selectively disabling plugins will drastically increase the performance of your website.

If you would like to see how a specific page would be enabling or disabling a particular plugin, you can use the preview mode.

In the following video, the plugin Revolution Slider is causing a fatal error, and the web page is not displayed at all. Looking at how the page would be disabling a specific plugin, you will quickly find the guilty.

You can do all this in preview mode, without showing to the rest of the world what you are doing.

Troverai il link alle impostazioni sotto il menu dei plugin.

In the Settings Page, you have global control of the plugins deactivation for each post type, page, post, and archive.

Moreover, you will find a section on every single page and post.

If you want to disable plugins for the mobile version only on specific pages, you should also install Specific Content for Mobile. Then if you create a page mobile version, you will see it in the Single plugins deactivation page settings.

For globally disabling plugins on mobile, you don’t need any other plugins.

In any case, if you disable plugins only for the mobile version, be sure you have a server cache plugin that distinguishes between mobile and desktop devices, as, e.g. W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache.

Solo le strutture permalink “Giorno e nome”, “Mese e nome”, “Nome post” e quelli personalizzati che terminano con %postname% sono supportati per quanto riguarda la disattivazione permanente dei plugin (sono anche migliori dal punto di vista SEO).

Con altre strutture di permalink, con la versione attuale, potrà funzionare solo in modalità anteprima.

The same as above if you are using plugins to change the permalinks, as, e.g., Permalink Manager Lite.

Remember that if you have a Multisite Installation, in every single site you will be able to manage only the not Network globally active plug-ins and you have to activate this plugin on every single site, not globally on the Network.

This plugin has no donation buttons and probably will never have it. However, for giving back you can plant a tree:

I love the idea that working on this plugin I’m helping planting trees. More plugins we disable in the WordPress world, more trees we will have in the world.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Pagina impostazioni generali (la trovi sotto il menu dei plugins)
  • Impostazioni per ogni pagina e articolo


  1. Fail l’upload della cartella freesoul-deactivate-pluginsin /wp-content/plugins/ o installalo con il solito pulsante di WordPress per aggiungere i plugin
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ di WordPress.
  3. Dopo l’attivazione, se avvenuta con successo, verrai reindirizzato alla pagina delle opzioni generali.
  4. Fatto! Buon lavoro!


31 Luglio 2019
Great plugin. Super fast and attentive support from its author. Thanks, Jose!
29 Giugno 2019
Hello my congratulations to the plugin and the creator for doing it and putting it free. I would like a donation link to encourage the creator to make more changes to this beautiful plugin. I would also ask you to change the visual aspect of the plugins now they are vertical and the best would be horizontal. Since it is very annoying to read the names of the plugins vertically. It's just a small suggestion and I hope you take it well. The plugin code is impeccable! Thank you!
28 Maggio 2019
This was just what I needed. I was trying to get an instagram gallery working on a page, but the WP Easy Gallery plugin was giving a JavaScript error, which prevented the instagram feed from loading. I just deactivated WP Easy Gallery from the gallery page, and now it works. It's a nice, fast solution. Thank you for the plugin.
17 Maggio 2019
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had about given up when I found a reference to this plugin in a GitHub comment section. This does exactly what I needed, exactly how I needed it done. And it was easy enough for me to figure out! 🙂
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fixed: Search results page malfunction


  • Fixed: plugins disabled on mobile


  • Added: plugins global deactivation on mobile devices


  • Added: plugins deactivation on mobile for specific pages if “Specific Content For Mobile” plugin is installed


  • Fix: plugins deactivation for custom post types and posts
  • Added: plugins name orientation control in case of few plugins


  • Added: posts meta data cleaning after plugin removal
  • Fix: archive false detection if post or page having same slug of archive


  • Updated: removed unused function eos_dp_redirect_main_lang
  • Updated: javascript console in case of disabled plugins preview for speed optimization tests
  • Checked: tested until WordPress 5.3.alpha version


  • Fix: Row highlighting on Post Types options


  • Add: Removed limit of changes for speed optimization tests
  • Add: Post types settings overriding active as default


  • Fix: active plugins false detection if single files are written in the wp-content/plugins folder
  • Fix: Number of posts per page stability on Singles options pagination
  • Add: Removed limit of changes for single posts and archives previews


  • Fix: hidden language flag in case WPML is active


  • Fix: Archive settings saving process
  • Add: Compatibility with WPML Multilingual CMS and Polylang


  • Fix: Post types and archive settings stabilty


  • Added: performance meter on plugins activation/deactivation single page preview
  • Fix: default single posts settings on Firefox and IE


  • Added: post types refreshing button
  • Added: warning when not supported permalinks structure is used
  • Fix: bug if a not queryable post type with the same slug exists
  • Added: Terms Archives Control Panel


  • Fix: bug if a trashed page with the same slug exists
  • Added: HTML comments including the disabled plugins if ?eos_dp_debug=true is added to the url


  • Fix: solved bug on the front-end


  • Fix: malfunction on post types and archives options


  • Improved: performance on back-end in case of many active plugins
  • Added: list order field in Single Posts Control Panel
  • Added: default single post options selector in post type control panel
  • Added: posts pagination and post search field
  • Added: Post Types Control Panel
  • Added: Archives Control Panel


  • Modified: Global Settings Page, added sidebar and moved Saving button to the bottom in a fixed position
  • Added: Possibility to deactivate plugins also for archives
  • Added: Action hooks for incoming premium version


  • Added: Page preview for testing purposes


  • Added: Style changes in the Plugin Settings Page
  • Added: Replaced ‘edit_posts’ with ‘activate_plugins’ as capability to activate/deactivate plugins


  • Added: Taxonomies and terms filter in the settings page
  • Added: Settings link to the plugin action links


  • Fix: Solved loading admin stylesheet on new posts and pages editing screen


  • Fix: PHP notices in customize preview
  • Fix: PHP notices in debug log file


  • Fix: solved mulfunction with custom post types
  • Fix: solved mulfunction with child pages
  • Added: mu-plugin update when it is required by the new version


  • Fix: solved header already sent message on activation


  • Fix: solved style issue on Firefox
  • Fix: solved metaboxes options saving issue


  • Improved translations in Italian and German
  • Improved plugin general options
  • Improved single page and post metaboxes settings


  • Added redirection to the options page after plugin activation
  • Improved plugin general options


  • Added support for all custom posts that are publicly queryable
  • Added plugin general options page and admin submenu under plugins menu
  • Loading translation files in base of user locale and not any more in base of site locale
  • Removing of Freesoul Deactivate Plugins from the deactivation options in post metaboxes


  • Translated in Italian


  • Translated in German


  • Initial Release