Gravity PDF


Gravity PDF è la soluzione per generare documenti PDF digitali usando Gravity Forms e WordPress.

The plugin ships with four highly-customisable PDF templates perfectly suited for displaying your user’s data. Within seconds you can personalise the documents with your company logo, change the font, size, colour and the paper size. If the templates don’t suit, have one tailor made just for you or roll your own.

La gestione documenti digitali con WordPress e Gravity Forms è diventata un gioco da ragazzi!


  • Non ci sono API di terze parti necessarie quando generi i tuoi PDF. Questo significa nessuna possibilità di violazione dei dati da terze parti, nessun canone o tariffa mensile. Tu hai il controllo sul software e sui documenti che esso genera.
  • Supportiamo tutte le lingue, incluse le lingue basate su simboli complessi come cinese e giapponese, comprese le lingue scritte da destra a sinistra (RTL) come l’arabo e l’ebraico.
  • Automatically email your PDF when a user completes a form. Have it emailed to people in your organisation, the user, or both. You can also conditionally generate and email the PDF.
  • Using Gravity Forms developer-licensed payment add-ons – like PayPal, or Stripe – you can restrict access to the PDF until after a payment is captured.
  • Protecting your user’s sensitive information is at the heart of Gravity PDF. The plugin’s security settings give you granular control over who has access to the PDFs generated.
  • Our JavaScript-powered font manager allows you to install and use your favourite fonts. Now you can keep in line with your corporate style guide, or create beautiful PDF typography.
  • The documentation has everything from basic install instructions to advanced developer how-to guides. Our friendly team is also on hand to provide FREE general support.
  • PHP, HTML and CSS come easy? You’ll find creating your own PDF templates a breeze. If not, we offer PDF design services tailored just for you. We can even auto-fill existing PDFs!

Premium Extensions and Templates

Unlock more features for Gravity PDF with one of our premium extensions. If one of the free PDF templates aren’t working for you, try a premium template instead.


Gravity PDF can be run on most shared web hosting without any issues. It requires PHP 5.4+ (PHP 7.0+ recommended) and at least 64MB of WP Memory (128MB+ recommended). You’ll also need to be running WordPress 4.2+ and have Gravity Forms 1.9+ (affiliate link).

Se non sei sicuro che Gravity PDF faccia al caso tuo (e non hai ancora una licenza Gravity Forms) puoi provare il software nel nostro sito demo.

Documentazione & Supporto

Abbiamo una estesa documentazione sull’uso di Gravity PDF, ed il nostro team di supporto fornisce supporto di base GRATUITO attraverso il nostro sito web (controlliamo anche il forum ma aprendo un ticket attraverso riceverai risposta più velocemente).

Integrazione PDF personalizzati

We offer comprehensive PDF integration services and do all the PDF development and integration into Gravity Forms for you. You tell us what you want and our friendly and experienced developers will design, develop and install custom PDF templates tailor specifically for you. We can even auto-fill your existing PDF documents. Find out more at


All development for Gravity PDF is handled via GitHub. Opening new issues and submitting pull requests are welcome.

La nostra tabella di marcia è disponibile su Trello. Ci piacerebbe se tu votassi e commentassi le tue idee preferite.

You can also keep up to date with Gravity PDF by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

Also, if you enjoy using the software we’d love it if you could give us a review!

Nota: Quando Gravity Forms non è installato ed attivi Gravity PDF mostriamo una notifica che include un link di affiliazione al loro sito web.


  • Our on-boarding experience will have you up and running in 5 minutes flat.
  • Set up the global PDF settings then head straight to configuring your first PDF.
  • Control the default paper size, PDF template and font/size/colour.
  • Advanced security options give you granular control of PDF access.
  • Tools like the font manager and custom PDF installer are readily accessible.
  • Our JavaScript-powered font manager will make using custom fonts a breeze.
  • A snapshot of your form’s PDF setup.
  • Quando aggiungi un nuovo PDF tutte le impostazioni importanti sono nella scheda “General”.
  • Sovrascrivi le impostazioni predefinite dell'aspetto per ogni PDF.
  • Ogni template ha le sue impostazioni del PDF per un maggiore controllo dell'aspetto del tuo documento.
  • Il supporto per Header e Footer è integrato.
  • Advanced format and security settings can be applied to individual PDFs.
  • I PDF sono accessibili dalla pagina di lista delle registrazioni di Gravity Forms.
  • They also appear on the individual entry pages for easy access.
  • Zadani is a minimalist business-style template that will generate a well-spaced document great for printing.
  • Rubix uses stylish containers to create an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Focus Gravity providing a classic layout which epitomises Gravity Forms Print Preview. It’s the familiar layout you’ve come to love.
  • Blank Slate provides a print-friendly template focusing solely on the user-submitted data.


Very useful

I can’t imagine how I would manage without this really useful add-on. It produces really nice pdf versions of form data with a range of template options. Definitely recommend!

Can’t Believe This is Free

This is truly a stunning piece of software. The amount of work to make this happen has to be in the 1000’s of hours. It just works. I didn’t read any documentation either and I had it up and running with two forms in about 20 minutes.

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Contributori & Sviluppatori

“Gravity PDF” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Interessato allo sviluppo?

Sfoglia il codice, accedi al repository SVN, oppure iscriviti al log di sviluppo tramite RSS.



  • Feature: Add native support for Gravity Forms Chained Select
  • Feature: Include Gravity Forms add-on conditional logic in PDF Conditional Logic selector
  • Feature: When the “Show Page Names” PDF setting is enabled, the pagebreak CSS class can now be used on Named Pagebreak fields (except the very first one)
  • Feature: PDF Rich Text fields now utilise the full width of the editor
  • Dev Feature: Add $form_data API endpoint
  • Dev Feature: Add the $form and $this variables to the gfpdf_field_value filter
  • Dev Feature: Add gfpdf_form_data_key_order filter to allow the re-ordering of the $form_data array
  • Dev Feature: Add filter gfpdf_container_disable_faux_columns to allow faux columns to be toggled off (useful when using a lot of conditional logic with CSS Ready Classes)
  • Housekeeping: Update Monolog to latest version
  • Housekeeping: Instead of generic error, display You do not have permission to view this PDF when user failed PDF security checks
  • Housekeeping: Tweak the Help page to provide more relevant information.
  • Housekeeping: Reduce the Gravity PDF log file bloat, and add more specific log messages.
  • Housekeeping: Recursively clean-up the PDF temporary directory
  • Housekeeping: Limit the registration of PDF settings on Gravity PDF pages, and the admin options.php page
  • Bug: Prevent multiple calls running when a new template is installed/deleted and then selected
  • Bug: Pre-process any mergetags for the Checkbox, HTML, Post Content, Radio, Section, Textarea and Terms of Service Gravity Form fields
  • Bug: Fix individual quantity field $form_data
  • Bug: Ensure individual product fields (Product, Discount, Shipping, Subtotal, Tax and Total) display an empty value in the $form_data array, when necissary
  • Bug: Fix PDF Template Manager display issues for WordPress 4.8+
  • Bug: Adjust Logged out timeout default to 20 minutes to match documentation
  • Bug: Fix PHP notice when pre-procesing the template settings
  • Bug: Fix Survey $form_data[‘survey’][‘score’] key
  • Bug: Fix the Gravity Perks E-Commerce Subtotal value in the $form_data array
  • Bug: Prevent TinyMCE error when selecting a new template and other plugins define a custom TinyMCE plugin
  • Bug: Adjust PDF Template Upload limit from 5MB to 10MB
  • Bug: Fix Product field background color issue
  • Bug: Right-align prices in the product table
  • Bug: Fix PHP fatal error when PDF cannot be correctly saved to disk


  • Bug: Reverse pricing issue bug fix in 4.3.1 (under some circumstances it cause the incorrect Unit Price to be displayed in product table)
  • Bug: Fix Unit Price currency issue in the product table when using the Gravity Forms Multi Currency plugin
  • Bug: Fix empty line-items in the Product table when using the Gravity Wiz E-Commerce add-on with conditional logic


  • Bug: Restrict Gravity PDF JavaScript to the correct PDF pages (GH#693)
  • Bug: Fix PHP5.2 activation error (GH#697)
  • Bug: Fix RTL issue with Chosen Select library (GH#698)
  • Bug: Fix PDF Product table pricing issue by using the pre-calculated price field for the unit price (GH#699)


  • Feature: Add support for Gravity Perks E-Commerce Add-on (GH#671)
  • Dev Feature: Add GPDFAPI::get_pdf_fonts() method
  • Dev Feature: Add ‘gfpdf_pdf_generator_pre_processing’ filter
  • Dev Feature: Add ‘gfpdf_entry_pre_form_data’ filter
  • Dev Feature: Add Helper_Trait_Logger class to make it easier to inject our logger into new classes (GH#677)
  • Dev Enhancement: Include the current object as a 5th parameter to ‘gfpdf_pdf_field_content’ filter
  • Dev Enhancement: Include update message / additonal link helper functions for registered Gravity PDF add-ons (GH#673)
  • Dev Enhancement: Update Easy Digital Download Licensing class to version 1.6.14
  • Future Feature: After plugin updates, copy shipped Mpdf fonts to PDF Working Directory (preparation for removal of all fonts in future release) (GH#676)
  • Bug: Strip URL parameters from home_url(), if any, when building PDF URL (GH#674)
  • Bug: Load the correct PDF Template Configuration file when using ‘template’ helper param (GH#675)


  • Bug: Fix empty Master Sassword regression introduced in 4.2 (GH#664)
  • Bug: Fix Javascript errors when plugin translation files used (GH#667)
  • Bug: Fix PDF Conditional Logic saving problem when using ‘Less than’ (GH#668)
  • Bug: Fix PHP Notices when using custom font (GH#669)
  • Bug: Merge Mpdf upstream patches (includes Chrome Viewer Yellow hover fix)


  • Bug: Fix fatal DateTimeZone error for older versions of PHP (GH#654)


  • Feature: Merge tags and shortcodes are displayed in the PDF for any administrative fields (GH#633)
  • Feature: New field class ‘pagebreak’ forces a pagebreak in the PDF (GH#634)
  • Feature: Instead of the field not showing at all, Gravity Perks Terms of Conditions field now shows the text “Not accepted”
    when user hasn’t agreed to terms (GH#636)

  • Dev Feature: Add premium add-on and licensing infrastructure (GH#619)

  • Dev Feature: [gravitypdf] shortcode debug messages can be toggled on and off for users with the ‘gravityforms_view_entries’ capability (GH#627)
  • Dev Feature: Add filter ‘gfpdf_field_label’ to modify the PDF field labels (GH#621)
  • Dev Feature: Add filter ‘gfpdf_pdf_field_content’ to modify the field markup before content is wrapped in the PDF markup (GH#620)
  • Dev Feature: Add filters ‘gfpdf_get_pdf_display_list’, ‘gfpdf_get_pdf_url’, ‘gfpdf_get_active_pdfs’, ‘gfpdf_override_pdf_bypass’,
    ‘gfpdf_maybe_attach_to_notification’, ‘gfpdf_maybe_always_save_pdf’, ‘gfpdf_form_data’ and ‘gfpdf_preprocess_template_arguments’ for
    greater control over the core PDF functionality. (GH#622)
  • Dev Feature: Fix master password being overridden on PDF save after v3 to v4 migration (GH#624)
  • Dev Feature: Allow master password field to be shown in the UI with the ‘gfpdf_enable_master_password_field’ fitler (GH#624)
  • Dev Feature: Swapped ‘error’ log to ‘warning’ log when template config file not found (GH#613)
  • Dev Feature: Upgrade all NPM modules to latest versions. PDF Template Manager now renders faster (GH#631)
  • Dev Feature: Remove hard dependancy on the Helper_Interface_Config interface for the template configuration file (GH#632)
  • Dev Feature: Added ‘gfpdf_field_middleware’ filter to control when a field should be displayed in the core PDF templates (GH#635)
  • Dev Feature: Greater access to the Field_Product class internals (GH#642)

  • Bug: Correctly exit the script when the PDF is downloaded / sent to the browser (GH#610)

  • Bug: Don’t auto-redirect to welcome / update screen on plugin install or upgrade which resolves a cached redirect issue (GH#612)
  • Bug: Register two PDF endpoints to support both pretty and almost pretty permalinks at the same time (GH#614)
  • Bug: Fix [gravitypdf] shortcode display error in GravityView when wrapped in another shortcode (GH#628)
  • Bug: Add support for Gravity Forms 2.3 Merge Tags (GH#643)
  • Bug: Fix background image relative paths (GH#645)
  • Bug: Fix GravityView display issue when view is used on the front page (GH#639)
  • Bug: Don’t show selected product options in the product field when not grouping products together in PDF (GH#646)
  • Bug: Fix edge case that caused PDF settings to be overridden when the form is updated (GH#648)


  • Bug: Add check to see if headers are already sent before trying to redirect to the welcome / update page (GH#601)
  • Bug: Fixed issue accessing the Advanced Template Manager in Safari browser (GH#603)
  • Bug: Ensure the Advanced Template Manager notice and error messages have the correct styles in the Form PDF Settings pages (GH#604)
  • Bug: Fix PDF generation problem using the legacy v3 URL structure (GH#605)


  • Feature: Advanced PDF Template Manager. Upload, View, Select and Delete PDF templates with ease (GH#486)
  • Feature: Add PDF Mergetags which output PDF URLs and compliment the [gravitypdf] shortcode which output HTML links (GH#404)
  • Feature: Add four-column CSS Ready Class support to core PDFs. Note: if you have run “Setup Custom Templates” you will need to re-run it to take advantage of this feature (GH#461)
  • Feature: Added support for the WP External Links plugin (GH#386)
  • Feature: Added filter to show radio, checkbox, select, multiselect and product field values in core PDF templates (GH#600)
  • Enhancement: Gravity PDF Review Notice now only shows up on Gravity Forms pages (#528)
  • Enhancement: Convert all strings to American format so they can be correctly translated using Glotpress (GH#525)
  • Enhancement: Added Australian, New Zealand and UK language packs (GH#525)
  • Enhancement: Add support for Gravity Forms 2.2 Logging Module (GH#596)
  • Dev Feature: Added ‘Author URI’ and ‘Tags’ headers to PDF template files which get displayed in the Advanced Template Manager (GH#558)
  • Dev Feature: Include $this as eighth parameter in ‘gfpdf_field_html_value’ filter (GH#549)
  • Dev Feature: Add ‘gfpdf_field_section_break_html’ filter to returned Section Field HTML for the PDF (GH#548)
  • Dev Feature: Add actions before and after the core template HTML is generated; ‘gfpdf_pre_html_fields’ and ‘gfpdf_post_html_fields’ respectively (GH#546)
  • Dev Feature: Template PHP Configuration files can impliment setUp and TearDown interfaces which fire when templates are installed or deleted through the Advanced Template Manager (GH#545)
  • Dev Feature: Added Font Create and Delete endpoints to API – GPDFAPI::add_pdf_font() and GPDFAPI::delete_pdf_font() (GH#541)
  • Dev Feature: Allow Rich Text Editor height to be controlled through the ‘size’ property when used in template config (GH#540)
  • Dev Feature: Allow images in radio buttons using the new 'class' => 'image-radio-buttons' property when used in template config (GH#539)
  • Dev Changes: Use Gravity Forms copy of Chosen JS (GH#563)
  • Dev Changes: All production CSS and JS saved to /dest/ directory as part of Advanced Template Manager update
  • Dev Changes: Standardised all AJAX Authentication so Nonce and Capability checks are easily checked (GH#538)
  • Dev Changes: Rename all instances of “depreciated” with “deprecated” in our files and classes (GH#535)
  • Dev Changes: Contact our localised JS data to camelCase (GH#532)
  • Dev Changes: Utilised PHP5.4 array syntax in code (GH#521)
  • Bug: Reset Gravity Forms Merge Tag JS when PDF template changes (GH#551)
  • Bug: Fix incorrect variable reference to $include_list_styles which uses ‘gfpdf_include_list_styles’ to change the behaviour (GH#547)
  • Bug: Fix PHP notice in PDF when no products selected in form (GH#523)
  • Bug: Fix issue with Gravity PDF update screen showing and not showing at incorrect times (GH#514)
  • Bug: Fix false positive when checking if the PDF tmp directory is readable (GH#519)
  • Bug: Fix error when using GLOB_BRACE flag in glob() function (GH#562)
  • Bug: Remove OTF fonts from being uploaded due to poor support in Mpdf (GH#569)
  • Bug: Additional PHP7.1 fixes merged from upstream Mpdf package
  • Bug: Allow TTF file mime type to be correctly detected in WordPress 4.7.3 (GH#571)
  • Bug: Ensure PDF Delete dialog shows up after being previously ‘cancelled’ (GH#588)
  • Bug: Ensure duplicate mergetags aren’t included after PDF template change (GH#589)
  • Bug: Fix PHP Notice if there’s no active capabilities for a role (GH#590)


  • Correctly register our PDF link with the WP Rewrite API when “Almost Pretty” permalinks are active (GH#502)
  • Correctly process mergetags in password field for Tier 2 PDF templates (GH#503)
  • Allow mergetags to be saved in HTML attributes in our Header / Footer settings – DEV NOTE: all Rich Text Editor settings fields should be output with wp_kses_post( $html ) (GH#492)
  • Process mergetags before Header / Footer settings get passed to wp_kses_post() on output (GH#512)
  • Renamed check_wordpress() method to is_compatible_wordpress_version() to prevent false positive using ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (GH#500)
  • Explicitly set a forward slash after the home_url() when building PDF links (GH#511)
  • Resolve incorrect page numbering in Mpdf’s Table of Contents
  • Change Helper_Misc->get_contrast() to choose white in more cases (GH#506)


  • Add support for “Almost Pretty” permalinks for web servers that don’t support Mod Rewrite (IIS) (GH#488)
  • Add PHP 7.1 support – resolves two string-to-array issues (GH#495)
  • Add


p> and
tags to Rich Text Paragraph field in PDF – using wpautop() (GH#490)
* Disable product table when enabling the ‘individual_products’ option in core templates (GH#493)


  • Prevent Finder (Mac) and Ghostscript viewing / processing password-protected PDFs without a password (GH#467)
  • Fix Font Manager display issues for users running a version of WP lower than 4.5 (GH#470)
  • Ensure new lines in Header / Footer automatically convert to


p> or
tags using wpautop() (GH#472)
* Fix issue in $form_data where Radio / Checkbox fields wouldn’t display site-owner entered HTML (GH#415)
* Fixed conflict with Enhanced Media Library plugin (GH#433)
* Fixed issue with encoded characters in saved PDF filename (GH#475)
* Fixed issue where PDF settings would always set to “active” when saved (GH#477)
* Fixed depreciation notice for multisites using WordPress 4.6 (GH#479)
* Apply esc_html() and esc_url() to PDF name and URL in admin area (GH#484)


  • Fix incorrect product calculations when using decimal comma format eg. 1.000,50 (GH#442)
  • Rename $config variable to $html_config in core templates (GH#451)
  • Don’t chain CSS in our default setters or set fixed font size in templates (GH#446)
  • Fix display issues for certain characters with DejaVu Sans font family in PDFs (GH#456)
  • Ensure QueryPath produces valid UTF-8 data after processing (GH#452)
  • Re-running the Custom Template Setup will override working directory templates with same name (GH#457)
  • Fixed legacy Name field PHP warnings (GH#448)
  • Replace translations with their escaped function counterparts (GH#463)
  • Duplicating PDFs will now be inactive by default (GH#458)
  • Tweaked the “Show Page Names” field description (GH#449)


  • Fixes issue displaying address fields in v4 PDFs (GH#429)
  • Fixes internal logging issues and added Gravity Forms 1.1 support (GF#428)
  • Fixes notice when form pagination information is not available (GH#437)
  • Fixes notice when using GPDFAPI::product_table() on form that had no products (GH#438)
  • Fixes caching issue with GravityView Enable Notifications plugin that caused PDF attachment not to be updated (GH#436)


  • Fixes PHP notice when viewing PDF and Category field is empty (GH#419)
  • Fixes PHP notice when viewing PDF and custom font directory is empty (GH#416)
  • Fixes Font Manager / Help Search features due to Underscore.js conflict when PHP’s deprecated ASP Tags enabled (GH#417)
  • Allows radio and checkbox values to show HTML in PDFs (GH#415)
  • Fixes PDF letter spacing issue with upper and lower case characters (GH#418)
  • Fixes character display problems using core Arial font in PDFs (GH#420)
  • Fixes documentation search error on PDF Help tab (GH#424)
  • Add additional check when cleaning up TMP directory (GH#427)


  • Minimum PHP version changed from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4. ENSURE YOUR WEB SERVER IS COMPATIBLE BEFORE UPDATING (Forms -> Settings -> PDF -> System Status)
  • Minimum WordPress version changed from 3.9 to 4.2. ENSURE YOU ARE RUNNING THE MINIMUM VERISON OF WP BEFORE UPDATING (Forms -> Settings -> PDF -> System Status)
  • Minimum Gravity Forms version changed from 1.8 to 1.9. ENSURE YOU ARE RUNNING THE MINIMUM VERISON OF GRAVITY FORMS BEFORE UPDATING (Forms -> Settings -> PDF -> System Status)
  • Mantenuta la retrocompatibilità con la v3 per l’80% degli utenti. Guarda la nostra guida alla migrazione per informazioni aggiuntive (
  • Created full user interface for managing plugin settings. All settings are now stored in the database
  • Overhaul PDF designs that ship with software. Now comes with 4 completely free templates (two are all-new and two are enhanced v3 favourites)
  • Added CSS Ready class support in PDFs. Two and three column classes now work in PDF
  • Gli utenti possono applicare condizioni logiche ai PDF attraverso la nuova UI
  • Gestisci font, dimensione e colore attraverso la nuova UI
  • Gestisci la dimensione della carta del PDF generato attraverso la nuova UI
  • Gestisci le impostazioni di sicurezza avanzate attraverso la nuova UI
  • Gestisci le opzioni dei template PDF personalizzabili attraverso la nuova UI
  • Control PDF header / footers via UI
  • Control PDF background via UI
  • Change PDF format (PDF/A-1b or PDF/X-1a) via UI
  • Password Protect PDF via UI and change end-user privilages
  • Added [gravitypdf] shortcode to allow users to display PDF links on confirmation pages, notifications, or anywhere else
  • Allow user to change the action of the PDF link view in admin area (view or download)
  • Added timeout parameter when unauthenticated user who submitted the form (matched by IP) attempts to access PDF. Defaults to 20 minutes
  • Added ability to make a PDF “public”. This disabled all security precautions on PDF. Use with caution.
  • Deprecated configuration.php and created a migration feature which users can run if that file is detected. Removes /output/ directory during migration (where v3 stored PDFs saved to disk).
  • Duplicating Gravity Form will also duplicate Gravity PDF settings assigned to that form. Importing / Exporting forms will also include PDF settings
  • Better installation and upgrade experience for users with automated redirect to landing page after install / major update (can be disabled in settings)
  • Created a font manager so users have a user interface to install and use their favourite fonts. Support for TTF and certain OTF font files
  • Allow users to enable Right to Left language support from UI
  • Created uninstaller which removes all trace of plugin from website
  • Help tab allows users to live search our documentation
  • Remove need to initialise the plugin when first installed
  • Remove need to initialise fonts when uploaded to our /fonts/ directory
  • Cleanup PDFs from disk when finished with them (also cleans up any stay files every 24 hours)
  • Detect if our /tmp/ directory is accessible by browser and suggest ways to fix
  • Allow all directories in /PDF_EXTENDED_TEMPLATES/ directory to be moved / renamed via filters (including the base directory)
  • Create GPDFAPI class to allow devs to easily build ontop of plugin
  • Cleaned up PDF template markup so developers can focus soley on their template code without any extra overhead. See our documentation for more details (
  • Enhanced PDF templates by allowing an image and configuration class
  • Added large number of new actions and filters and provided documentation and examples for them on our website
  • Allow developers to add or remove individual security layers via filters
  • Updated mPDF from 5.7 to 6.1
  • Added support for Gravity Forms Logging plugin
  • Added better product data to $form_data[‘field’]
  • Added PHPDocs to all classes / methods / functions
  • Fix PDF_EXTENDED_TEMPLATES location in legacy Multisite networks (WP3.5 or lower)
  • Automatically make $field array available to PDF templates (array of current form fields accessible by field ID)
  • Automatically make $settings array available to PDF templates (the current PDF configuration settigns)
  • Automatically make $config array available to PDF templates (the initialised template config class – if any)
  • Automatically make $form, $entry and $form_data available to PDF templates
  • Automatically make $gfpdf object available to PDF templates (the main Gravity PDF object containing all our helper classes)

See CHANGELOG.txt for v3 changelog history.