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Import WooCommerce is an addon for ultimate csv importer plugin. It enables Product import feature along with 5 major add-ons support. It also supports inline and featured images along with products.

Note: Install WP Ultimate CSV Importer & Exporter before install/activate this addon


  • Import WooCommerce product feed.
  • Featured image from an external URL.
  • Gallery images import
  • Auto mapping feature to map CSV headers with required fields
  • Detect duplicates with content and post title.
  • Real time import log with both web view and Admin view option.
  • Product imports like simple, grouped, variable, external type products
  • Product Add-ons Import
  • Chained Products Import
  • Product Retailers Import
  • Returns and Warranty Request Import
  • Pre Order Import
  • Custom Attributes import

Import WooCommerce products

It can import Product data from CSV file to your online eCommerce store. If the WP fields and field names in CSV file is same then it will be auto mapped.

WooCommerce CSV Import Tutorial


Step-1: Upload

  • Upload the CSV have product feed to get imported.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to proceed import.

Step-2: Mapping Section

  • The WP fields and CSV headers are shown side by side as drop downs. Map the required fields to the corresponding CSV header.

Step-3: Import configurations

  • To avoid duplicate content, you can skip the records with similar content, title or both.
  • Specify the number of server requests based on the server configurations.
  • Click on ‘Import now’ to proceed import.
  • Now the log for the current import created with both Admin view and Web view.

Supported 3rd party plugins

  • Products with categories, attributes, tags, and Images Import.
  • Product Bundles Plugin.

Reason to go for Ultimate CSV Importer PRO

The PRO plugin that allows you to import, update, schedule and export products. The plugin supports Chained products, Pre-orders, Retailer, products Returns and Warranty. It also supports many third party plugin which makes it a all in one package.

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Helpful links

Try the demo WP Ultimate CSV Importer PRO plugin to import all WooCommerce products along with add-ons.

For technical support and feature request, visit Smackcoders support or mail us.

Read the blog to know about our latest WordPress add-on updates.


  • CSV Upload section.
  • Mapping section products feed.
  • Import configuration section
  • Log section with Admin and Web view.


  1. First, install CSV Importer & Exporter
  2. Extract the in wordpress/wp-content/plugins using FTP or through plugin install in wp-admin.
  3. Activate the plugin in the WordPress plugin list.


  1. Is there any limitation on file size?
    The size of the file is based on the Upload size of your server configuration. The upload_max_filesize should be at least 2M. You can verify your system values in settings -> security and performance.

  2. Can we include an external URL for image import?
    Featured image can be imported from an external URL but inline image can be populated only through short code.

  3. How to include images within the content?
    Inline images in content can be included with short codes. Images in short code need to be uploaded with zip folder containing images with exact names mentioned in short code.

  4. Why the import button doesn’t get enabled?
    The import button will be enabled only after uploading the CSV file to be imported. If not enabled, verify whether the file is in UTF-8 format.


17 Febbraio 2018
Me funcionó perfecto para la actualización de precios de manera masiva, solamente exporté SKU y Precio desde los productos de Woocommerce, los cambié en hoja de calculo numbers y luego lo volví a importar con los precios ajustados, y perfecto incluidas variaciones de producto.
3 Settembre 2016
Seems like a nice program with a good interface. Tech support answered ticket very quickly. Developer has produced no documentation so I had to guess how it works. After several hit and miss attempts, managed to import a few products. Tried reproducing the exact same steps with more data and it didn't work. Tried various options, didn't work. Program didn't read the column headers correctly, often missing letters and adding new line feeds. Results were loaded and imported, but no products created.
3 Settembre 2016
Looks like a good plugin when you first start but it's a bit of a pain to use and there's no FAQs... One bugbear is you can't save your mapping easily, so you have to manually fill a lot of boxes every time you make a fresh import. It is also really hard to figure out how to do variable products.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Checked: WordPress 6.2.1 compatibility
  • Fixed: Woocommerce bundle product sort order issue


  • Checked: WordPress 6.0 compatibility


  • Checked: WordPress 5.9 compatibility


  • Added: Import support for latest WooCommerce product bundle plugin-v6.12.4
  • Fixed: Dropbox link image issue


  • Added: support for drop box image import (products).
  • Checked: WordPress 5.8.1 compatibility.


  • Added: Separate widget for product attributes


  • Added: Import support for Polylang for WooCommerce.
  • Added: WordPress 5.8 compatibility


  • Added: WordPress 5.7.2 compatibility
  • Fixed: Regular price issue.


  • Added: WordPress 5.7 compatibility
  • Fixed: visibility import supports both id and value.


  • Added: WordPress 5.6 compatibility
  • Added: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Added: Extended import support for Product Bundle Fields.


  • Added: Support for Variation Swatcher for WooCommerce Plugin.
  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 5.5.1


  • Added: Support for WC Product Bundle Meta Fields Import.


  • Added: Product_gallery_image import supports with existing media image-URL, image name and ID.


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2


  • Fixed: Minor issues and warnings


  • Added: new API call to find plugin installed or not
  • Added: notice/alert for plugin not installed.


  • Improved: user interface and performance.
  • Added: Latest WooCommerce version 3.6.5 support


  • Tested : WordPress compatibility 5.2.2


  • Added : Drag & drop Mode
  • UI changes


  • Added: Real time import log with both web view and Admin view option.
  • Added: product import (simple, grouped, variable, external) and their field
  • Added: Gallery image import(using pipe line)
  • Added: Duplicate handling
  • Added: Product Add-ons Import
  • Added: Chained Products Import
  • Added: Product Retailers Import
  • Added: Returns and Warranty Request Import
  • Added: Pre Order Import
  • Added: Attribute support option
  • Added: Allow authors/editors to import option


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.5.3
  • Added: Comma separation support in Product Attribute name, Product & Post category.
  • Fixed: Post Format issue.


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.5
  • Fixed: Automapping issue in Core Custom Fields and SEO fields.
  • Fixed: Downloadable files import issues.


  • Added: Import the custom taxonomies.
  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 4.4.2.
  • Fixed: Security Issues.


  • Added: Support for All in one SEO.
  • Added: WordPress Custom Field registration on the import flow.
  • Modified: Mapping section UI.
  • Fixed: Unwanted warnings.


  • Initial release version. Tested and found to work well without any issues.