Il plugin di WordPress KaTex ti permette di utilizzare il più veloce motore di composizione matematica TeX nel tuo sito WordPress. Puoi includere TeX all’interno di uno shortcode [katex]...[/katex] o in un blocco Gutenberg. In entrambi i modi la formula matematica sarà visualizzata magnificamente nel tuo sito web. Utilizzando i blocchi Gutenberg, le equazioni saranno visualizzate immediatamente all’interno del tuo editor!

Le equazioni nei blocchi o utilizzando lo shortcode [katex display=true]...[/katex] verranno visualizzati nella pagina in modalità visualizzazione con i simboli più grandi centrati nella propria linea.

Per compatibilità con altri plugin LaTex, questo plugin opzionalmente supporta gli shortcode [latex]...[/latex].

Puoi scegliere di offrire KaTeX tu stesso o attraverso terze parti con jsDelivr CDN.

Sito web del plugin


  • Vedi l'anteprima del tuo TeX all'interno dell'editor.
  • TeX è visualizzato all'interno dei browser dei tuoi visitatori.


Questo plugin fornisce 1 blocco.

  • KaTeX


  1. Carica la cartella katex nella tua directory /wp-content/plugins/ o scarica automaticamente ed installa il plugin tramite il gestore di plugin di WordPress;
  2. Attiva il plugin in WordPress; e
  3. Usa lo shortcode [latex] o i blocchi Gutenberg KaTeX nei tuoi articoli e pagine.


Posso migrare dal plugin X di LaTex a questo plugin ?

Dovresti essere in grado di sostituire ogni altro plugin LaTex usando gli shortcode [latex] senza dover modificare gli articoli esistenti. Altri plugin potrebbero gestire la modalità di visualizzazione in modo diverso da [latex display=true]...[/latex], in tale caso i vecchi articoli dovranno purtroppo essere modificati.


26 Settembre 2021
Veny nice plugin. Able to use very easily and without any issues. A cakewalk if you know latex syntax. Rendering is very fast too. There is lot of accounting related math content on my site (eduxir.com) which requires to use math equations. Was able to achieve very easily. One request to the author is that the font and related files are downloaded even on the pages that do not use katex. We need to modify the plugin to disable this option. If a configuration option that could be provided which would retain the configuration even after updating the file, would be of great help.
29 Agosto 2021
I am writing a lot of equations these days and I am in love with this plugin.
1 Novembre 2020
The rendering for displaying equations is very good. Better than other plugins. The support is responsive and provides clear and working solutions.
28 Aprile 2020
I switched from WP-KaTeX to KaTeX a few days ago. I was pleased with WP-KaTeX, except it's not updated regularly (not tested with current WP version, for example), but I was reluctant to rely on only one LaTeX (perhaps unsupported anymore) plugin. I have a lot of maths on my website (www.mathprepa.fr) and was concerned about potential issues when I switched from WP-KaTeX to KaTeX. But everything went with zero effort. Perfectly! I appreciate that the maths are rendered in mathmal format.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“KaTeX” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • More robustly render shortcodes (even more robustly than 2.2.2).


  • More robustly render shortcodes.
  • Fix undefined variable notice.


  • Trigger rendering of KaTeX in more cases when the DOM is mutated (in 2.2.0, accidentally only a limited set of cases was checked).


  • Trigger rendering of KaTeX when the DOM is mutated by inserting a .katex-eq node. This allows rendering KaTeX markup that is not present when the page is loaded.
  • Upgrade KaTeX resources to v0.13.13.


  • Always load JavaScript and CSS assets by default. An option is introduced to switch to the old behavior of loading only when KaTeX is used on the page.
  • Make it easier for other code to manually trigger rendering of KaTeX.
  • Upgrade KaTeX resources to v0.13.0.


  • Remove <br> tags added by WordPress to shortcode output.


  • Prevent WordPress from texturizing KaTeX (prior to this change, WordPress would sometimes change e.g. apostrophes to quotation marks).
  • Fix issue where custom class names on the KaTeX block sometimes broke editor rendering.
  • Add some keywords to allow searching for the KaTeX block in the editor’s block list.
  • Update KaTeX resources to v0.12.0.


  • Fix block editor variable scoping.


  • Upgrade KaTeX resources to v0.11.1.


  • Support adding CSS classes to KaTeX Gutenberg Blocks to help with styling. Backwards compatibility note: KaTeX Gutenberg Blocks are now rendered wrapped in a div element on which classes wp-block-katex-display-block and katex-eq are set. You can add more classes to this div through WordPress’s post editor. Previously, KaTeX Gutenberg Blocks were rendered wrapped in an unclassed span. KaTeX shortcodes are still wrapped inside a span with only the class katex-eq set. If you depend on old behavior for styling, you might need to update your styling rules.


  • Fix 1.0.4 release issue: KaTeX resources were not committed correctly.


  • Upgrade KaTeX resources to v0.10.2.


  • Fix warnings related to plugin options that occurred on PHP 5.
  • Clean up the plugin’s options on plugin deletion.


  • Upgrade KaTeX resources to v0.10.1.


  • Fix issue where KaTeX resources would not be loaded on the admin pages.


  • Initial release.