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Keyspider Site Search Plugin for WordPress


The Keyspider Site Search WordPress plugin is a refined, customizable, and more relevant search engine that replaces the default WordPress search. Get all the tools you’ll need to modify and optimize your search experience. This plugin offers a backend for Keyspider search using the Search API.


No coding: Create a new page with search capabilities after installing the Keyspider Search plugin. Works with your theme’s existing style guide.

Cloud-based: All of your documents are securely stored, backed up, and searchable in the cloud.

Automatic/Manual update: Automatically WordPress content would be updated in the search engine based on your crawler update settings. The manual recrawl option allows you to instantly crawl new, edit, deleted pages. It will immediately reflect in the updated results when a relevant search is made.

Multiple Data Source: Whether your content is in the form of a webpage, XML, or PDF the crawler will index and display them on the search result page.

Mapping: The specific rules in mapping allows you to customize the appearance of the search result page data to fit your preference.

Typeahead search: Autocomplete suggestions based on titles, taxonomies, plugins data, and custom meta-data as you enter.

Result Re-ranking: Customize the search output of specific queries using a simple drag and drop interface. The feature will enable you to determine the ranking criteria and improve the visibility of relevant content.

Synonyms: Create associations between search terms by matching different variations and vernaculars surrounding your website keywords. The feature allows you to understand the user intent and provide results synonymous with their query.

User Role: Define the extent of access to specific members within the team.

Read the Keyspider site search WordPress guide for more details.


We use jsdelivr Open Source CDN( load Keyspider javascript library.


  • Keyspider search dashboard view.
  • To ensure that searchers always find the appropriate thing, promote or remove documents from your search results.
  • Demo the search results before integrate in your application.
  • Provide accurate search results by adding synonyms.1. Keyspider dashboard view


  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. After logging in to Keyspider Search, get your API Key from the dashboard. [more details]
  3. Install the Keyspider Search WordPress plugin from the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. Go to the Keyspider setting screen and enter your Keyspider API Key.
  6. Create a search page using the “Keyspider Search Page” template or create a search page using [keyspidersearch] shortcode
  7. That’s it. Good to search now!


If your queries aren’t answered here, look for assistance in the Keyspider Search Documentation

How can I create a Keyspider Search account?

Sign up at for a free trial

How to use the Keyspider Search plugin?

Please read the documentation( to know how to use the Keyspider Search plugin on your site.

Can I add a search page in the WordPress menu?

Yes, You can add search in the menu as simply like your page.

Will the custom search work with my theme?

Yes, Keyspider Search, has been tested and is compatible with a variety of pro and free themes.


7 Marzo 2023
Keyspider was an easy plugin to install and the search results were much more relevant than the default WordPress search. I also really appreciated the level of customization options that were available. Their supporting team is awesome!
16 Dicembre 2022
The Keyspider plugin is a great way to improve the search functionality on my WordPress site. It's very customizable and allows me to fine-tune the search results to be more relevant to my site's content. I was looking for a plugin that could improve the search functionality on my WordPress site and Keyspider did not disappoint. It is easy to customize and the results are much more relevant than the default WordPress search. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a better search solution for their WordPress site.
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