Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce


Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce is one of the best, simplest event management plugins available in the WordPress directory. It’s also the best event manager plugin for WordPress, because it uses WooCommerce to take payments. This provides freedom to use popular payment getaways via WooCommerce. Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce supports all WordPress versions and can be used to create any type of event.

Free Version Plugin Features:

➡ Support All Payment Method available in WooCommerce.
➡ Cross Browser Support – (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Etc.)
➡ Responsive and SEO Friendly.
➡ Multilingual Translation Support
➡ Available Short Code for Customizing Events & For Showing Event In Any Web Page.
➡ Event Name & Event Description
➡ Manage Event Ticket Type, Quantity, Prices, Category & Organizer.
➡ Event Extra Service with Price & Quantity Management.
➡ Show Event Venue Using Google Map.
➡ Option of Adding Event Start Date, End Date and Multi Date & Time.
➡ One Click Event Rest Option.
➡ View Registered Attendee from WooCommerce Order Details.
➡ Multiple Event Templates (You can select a different template for each event)
➡ Works with Any Standards Compliant WordPress Theme.
➡ WooCommerce Support, You can Sell product and Event Separately. There is no mixing with Event with the WooCommerce Products.
View Live PRO Version Demo For Business Event

Pro Version Plugin Features

➡ Download PDF tickets for event attendee.
➡ Custom Registration Form for Event Attendees.
➡ Automatic Email Conformation Message and Pdf Tickets Mailing Features
➡ Export Attendee List as CSV Format.
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Other Available Addons

➡ QR Code Addon- PDF Event Tickets with Printed QR Code (For attendee check-in).
➡ Backend Order Addon- Book Event from Dashboard/Backend
➡ Coupon Code Addon- Event Coupon Code Adding Features
➡ Event Duplicator Addon- This Addon will Allow You to Duplicate any Events for Re-using.
➡ Event Calendar Pro Addon- Nice Event Calendar Images Support. Showcase Your Events into Awesome Calendar.
➡ User Registration Form Position Addon– choose where you want to display attendee registration form- 1. Event Details Page Or 2. Checkout Page.
➡ Waitlist Addon -If Event Ticket Quantity Is Finished, This Addon Will Automatically Activate and Subscriber Can Join the Waitlist. Admin Can Send Email to The User for Next Free Slot.
➡ Related Events Addon – You can select related event and display to event details page.

View Live PRO Version Demo For Business Event
👉 Plugin Documentation

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Shortcode inclusi con Woocommerce Events Manager

[event-list cat='' org='' column='2' style='grid' cat-filter='no' org-filter='no' show='' pagination='no' sort='ASC']

This Shortcode allows you to show event lists for a specific category by using the category ID. For example:

[event-list cat='ID']

If you want to display a list of events for a specific organization, you can use this attribute by including the organizer’s ID. For example:

[event-list org='ID']

Grid style:
To Show the Events in Grid Style. example 👉Grid Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='grid']

List style:
To Show the Events in List Style. example 👉List Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='list']

Minimal style:
To Show the Events in Minimal Style view. example 👉Minimal Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='minimal' show=10 pagination='yes']

Native style:
To Show the Event in Native Style. example 👉Native Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='native' show='8' pagination='yes']

Vertical Timeline style:
To Show the Event in Vertical Timeline Style. example 👉Vertical Timeline Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='timeline' timeline-mode='vertical']

Horizontal Timeline style:
To Show the Event in Horizontal Timeline Style. example 👉Horizontal Timeline Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='timeline' timeline-mode='horizontal']

Title Only style:
To Show the Event Only Title Style. example 👉Title Style Demo👈:

[event-list style='title']

Event Carousal:
To Show the Event Carousal. example 👉Event Carousal Demo👈:

[event-list style='grid' pagination='carousal' carousal-dots='yes' carousal-nav='yes' column=3]

By default, events are shown without any filter options. If you want to change it to with category filter, use this example:

[event-list cat-filter='yes']

This code will allow you to show events with an organizer filter option instead of without one. For example:

[event-list org-filter='yes']

By default, all events are shown without any limit. If you want to change it and set a limit, input the limit number. For example:

[event-list show='10']

If you want to show pagination with the event list, you can set the value to “yes.” For example:

[event-list pagination='yes']

Filter By City:
Filter Event by City. example 👉Filter By City Demo👈:

[event-list style='grid' city='Dhaka' column=3 show=8]

Filter By Country:
Filter Event by Country.example 👉Filter By Country Demo👈:

[event-list style='grid' country='India' column=3 show=8]

You can sort your event list by event start date and time in ascending or descending order. By default, the list is displayed in ascending order, but you can change the sorting format by using this attribute. For example:

[event-list sort='ASC/DESC']

Shortcode calendario evento


Event Add To Cart Section ShortCode:

The Event Cart Section shortcode allows you to display a list of tickets and extra services anywhere on your website. This is a great way to make sure your visitors can easily find the information they need when planning an event.

To use the Event Cart Section shortcode, simply copy and paste the following code into the desired location on your website:. example 👉See PRO Version Demo👈:

[event-add-cart-section event=EventID]

Event City List ShortCode:

You can display the City List by using the shortcode below anywhere on your website. This will come in handy for events that are taking place in different cities. example 👉City List Demo👈:


Event Speaker List ShortCode:

Our shortcode allows you to easily display a list of speakers for any event on any post or page. Simply use the below shortcode to display the list. example 👉View Demo👈:

[event-speaker-list event=EventID]

Supporto disponibile per altri addon molto carini

👉Recurring Event Addon👈
The Repeating Event feature in the Event Manager addon makes it easy to sell tickets for recurring events, like daily or weekly tours, appointments, or salon bookings. You can also use it to sell tickets for one-time events with time selection options. This addon is perfect for selling tickets for any kind of event, including city tours, museum visits, and zoo visits.

👉Event QR Code Addon👈
The QR code addon prints QR codes on PDF tickets that can be used for ticket validation using mobile apps. Check-in and check-out records are saved to a database as history, so organizers can easily find details of participant information after filtering or CSV export.

👉Event Calendar Addon 👈
The Event Calendar addon will improve the display of the event calendar feature by adding images and providing more detailed information. This will make it easier to see what events are coming up and get a better sense of what each event entails.

👉Advanced Coupon Code Addon 👈
Advanced Coupon code addon helps admins create coupons based on per event ticket type, buying qty, which can help boost sales of event tickets.

👉Event Waitlist Addon 👈
Our waitlist addon will help you add a waitlist form to your event page when tickets sell out. Customers can register for the waitlist, and admins will get email notifications when seats become available.

👉Event Book an Event From Dashboard 👈
This book event dashboard addon will add a feature to purchase tickets from the WordPress admin panel. This is for admin use only. When an admin needs to book a ticket for a customer, they can sell the ticket from the admin side. This can also be used to sell tickets on the spot or at an event location.

👉Event User Registration Form Position 👈
This addon gives administrators the ability to choose whether the event Attendee/user form will be displayed on the event details page or on the checkout page. By default, this form is displayed on the event details page.

👉Event Duplicator Addon 👈
This is must needed addon if someone like to duplicate any event.

👉Related Event Addon👈

👉Event Membership Pricing Addon👈
This addon allows you to set different member prices for Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce Plugin’s tickets. Pricing will work depending on the member type that is logged in. Currently, it is supported with WordPress Default Userrole and WooCommerce Membership Plugin.

👉Event Max-Min Quantity Limiting Addon👈
This addon for Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce allows admins to create events with limited quantities. This can be ideal for selling tickets to popular events where you want to ensure that everyone who wants to attend can get a ticket.
👉Event Global Qty Addon👈
With this addon, Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce Plugin’s Ticket QTY can manage a Common QTY or Global QTY. Default QTY works with Ticket type’s QTY but with this addon you can easily manage a common quantity.

👉Event Review And Rating Addon👈
This is the Event Rating and Review Addon. With this addon, admin can enable review and rating section for each event. Admin can also setup who can setup review for each event.

👉Event Seat Plan Addon👈
This plugin allows you to sell tickets with different seat plans. You can map out the seats in a flexible way and set different prices for each seat plan.

👉Frontend Event Submit Addon👈
This is a plugin that allows event managers and ticket sellers to submit events from their WooCommerce accounts. Organizers can also see a balance of tickets sold, as well as a list of attendees. This list can be downloaded by the organizer.


We have full confidence in our plugin and its ability to work well with any theme. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please email us at support@mage-people.com and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing our plugin!

How to Install & Create Event 10 minutes using Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce Plugin

Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce Pro Addons Setup And Full Functionality Explained

How to Configure Event Manager Attendee Registration Form

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Event Theme

Privacy Policy

Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data.



Estrai il file zip e trascina il contenuto nella directory wp-content/plugins/ della tua installazione WordPress e dopo attiva il plugin dalla pagina dei plugin.


Q.Woocommerce Events Manager è gratuito?

A. Sì! Woocommerce Events Manager è gratuito.

You can check the demo of this plugin from here:
View Live PRO Version Demo For Business

Q.Nessuna documentazione?

A. Yes! Here is the Online Documentation.

Q.Ho installato correttamente ma c’è l’errore 404, cosa posso fare?

A. Hai bisogno di risalvare le impostazioni del permalink per risolvere il 404. Se ancora non funziona significa che il permalink non funziona, potresti avere un problema di httaccess o di autorizzazione del server.

Q.Come funziona?

A. Woocommerce Events Manager uno dei più semplici plugin di eventi per WordPress che si basa su Woocommerce. Funziona come un evento singolo e la sua funzionalità di pagamento funziona con Woocommerce così non ci sono preoccupazioni sui pagamenti. Puoi usare ogni tipo di pagamento che supporta Woocommerce. La parte interessante è il post type evento che è completamente diverso e non ha connessioni con i prodotti di Woocommerce, così puoi vendere qualsiasi cosa dai prodotti di Woocommerce.

Q.Come posso ottenere la lista dei partecipanti?

A. Dopo una prenotazione completata i dati dell’utente saranno salvati nella lista dei partecipanti dell’evento, puoi trovare la lista da eventi -> lista partecipanti o andare alla lista degli eventi e fare clic sulla lista dei partecipanti sul lato destro dell’evento per ottenere la lista dei partecipanti di quel particolare evento.

Q.Come posso mostrare la lista degli eventi?

A. Puoi visualizzare la lista eventi su ogni pagina usando lo shortcode. Usa lo shortcode per visualizzare la lista di tutti gli eventi [event-list]. Se vuoi visualizzare eventi di una particolare categoria usa [event-list cat=ID] dove ID sarà l’ID della categoria che troverai nella sezione categorie della Bacheca.

Q.Perché il mio shortcode non viene più mostrato?

Controlla di aver aggiunto lo shortcode nella modalità testo. Se aggiungi lo shortcode nell’Incorpora oggetto potebbe non funzionare

Q.Dove posso vedere la lista dei partecipanti?

A. La lista dei partecipanti è inclusa nella nostra versione pro

Q.Quali funzionalità sono incluse nella versione pro che non sono nella versione gratuita?

A. Event Pro Version ha due versioni principali.
➡ Costruttore del modulo partecipanti e lista dei partecipanti da esportare in CSV
➡ Biglietti in PDF e allegati email

Q.Mi servono più funzionalità, cosa posso fare?

A. puoi creare una richiesta di supporto qui con i dettagli della funzionalità di cui hai bisogno, uno dei nostri membri del supporto ti risponderà in poco tempo. Richiesta di supporto

Q.Come posso ottenere il miglior supporto dell’azienda del plugin

A. puoi creare una richiesta di supporto qui con i dettagli del problema possibilmente con uno screenshot del problema, uno dei nostri membri del supporto ti risponderà in poco tempo. Richiesta di supporto


18 Marzo 2023
This plugin looks fine (don't they all), but it's so limiting in functionality without continuing to pay-up that I just can't buy in. The basic version is very... basic. The $99 pro version includes features that immediately make it obvious that the free version is pointless. Pro features include: Attendee Management Attendee Custom Form PDF Ticketing Custom Emailing Attendee Edit Feature Attendee CSV Export Report Overview Custom Style Settings Translation Settings Not everybody will need all these "pro" features, but c'mon. I'm a "pro" if I can manage my attendees.... okay, they need to make money - I'm 100% willing to pay for this. I was about to put the credit card in when I noticed the $530 worth of Add-on features that I won't be getting with Pro: Coupon Code Addon - $30 Waitlist Addon - $40 Calendar Addon - $30 Book an Event From Dashboard - $40 User Registration Form Position - $30 Duplicator Addon - $20 Related Events Addon - $30 Recurring Event Addon - $50 QR code Addon - $40 Global Quantity Addon - $50 Review and Rating Addon - $30 Seat plan Addon - $50 Membership Price Addon - $50 Event Max-Min Quantity Limiting Addon - $40 Sorry... a lot of these are features I would need, but I'm not game for the nickle and dime approach to finding a solution. I'm also suspicious of many of the recent 5 star-reviews as they scream "paid for!" to me. They just don't come across as any bit authentic or real. I imagine the plugin works, but it won't be working for me.
27 Novembre 2022
The best customer service I have ever experienced with plugin support. They got back to me ASAP and fixed the issue I was having. I highly recommend!!!
7 Novembre 2022
This is the best event booking plugin for woocommerce I've ever used. It works with all payment methods and makes setting up events a breeze. It also has several features that you don't find in other event booking plugins for woocommerce. I had a few questions when I was setting it up and their support team was happy to help me. I'm sure I'll be using it for a long time to come.
26 Settembre 2022
I've played around with many event management and tickets booking plugins. This is far better than any other out there. The price is very reasonable too. The features are just amazing and everything works flawlessly. My favourite feature is the QR code tickets which can be scanned at the gate for entry with any mobile phone . Support is supper quick, always available and ready to help. I would like to thank the team for this great plugin. Keep it up.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Event Manager and Tickets Selling Plugin for WooCommerce” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Update Release:
  • Bug Fixed
    30 May 2023*


  • Update Release:
  • Email Text Formating issue fixed
  • Extra Service Calcualtion issue fixed for decimal value
  • Code Optimized
  • Bug Fixed
    16 May 2023*


  • Update Release:
    Editor HTML tag issue fixed.
    PHP warning issue fixed.
    03 May 2023*


  • Update Release:
    URL issue fixed in FAQ editor.
    29 March 2023*


  • Update Release:
    Email & PDF Text Format issue fixed
    23 March 2023*


  • Update Release:
    Event List Page Broken Issue Fixed
    Fatal error warning issue fixed.
    21 March 2023*


  • Update Release:
    Link Enabled in FAQ Editor
    Label Escpaing issue fixed
    Double Booking issue fixed
    20 March 2023*


  • Update Release:
    Fixed the Date showing above the ticket type table issue.
    14 March 2023*


  • Update Release:
    Email Sending Disable Option
    TimeZone not showing issue fixed
    Afterpay Payment Gateway Issue fixed
    WooCommerce Subscrption Issue fixed
    Code Optimized
    New Filter & Action Hook added
    Bug fixed
    24 Nov 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Email Content Missing issue fixed
    Code Optimized
    New Filter & Action Hook added
    Bug fixed
    01 Nov 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Email Text Blank Space issue fixed
    Gurenberg Editor error issue fixed
    Bug fixed
    05 Oct 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Event Based Date Time Format has been added.
    Bug fixed
    08 Sep 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Rich Schmea Error issue fixed
    Multiple Event Add to cart issue fixed
    Bug fixed
    04 Aug 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Quick Setup Page Added
    Bug fixed
    04 Aug 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Ticket Allocation issue fixed for special char.
    Bug fixed
    27 Jun 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Bug fixed
    09 Jun 2022*


  • Update Release:
    Event Setting Not saving issue fixed
    Email Body Text Formating issue fixed
    Royel Theme styling issue fixed
    Mobile Responsive issue fixed
    Security issue fixed
    Style Issue fixed
    Bug Fixed
    11 Nov 2021*


  • Update Release:
    Elementor Support & Widget
    Multilingual Support (WPML & Polylang)
    Style Issue fixed
    Google Map Issue fixed
    New List Style added (Spring, Winter)
    New Theme Added (Vanila)
    PHP 8 Supported
    New Features & Settings added
    Bug Fixed
    Hook Added
    20 Sep 2021*


  • Update Release:
    Code Optimized & Improved
    Expire Event List Not showing issue fixed
    Wrong Download Button Removed from order list
    Wrong Timezone name show into Date issue fixed
    Virtual Event Theme Added
    Speaker List Added with Speaker Template
    Speaker List Shortcode Added
    Event Cart Section Shortcode Added
    Custom CSS Code section added into Event Settings
    Event Settings Page Design Improved
    Event Location & Date Show/Hide from Order Details and Email Body option added into the event settings
    Multi Date Expand/Collapse option added into Event Details Page.

28 April 2020*


  • Update Release:
    Some Bug Fixed
    Code Improved
    Added some new Action & Filter Hooks
    Added New style in event list shortcode, New styles are Minimal Style [event-list style=’minimal’], Native Style [event-list style=’native’], Timeline Style [event-list style=’timeline’] & Title only [event-list style=’title’]
    Added New Shortcode [event-city-list] For display the City list of Event
    Now Tou can easily filter event by city [event-list city=’Dhaka’] or country [event-list country=’India’] on event list shortcode
    Added Event Carousal in Event list shortcode.[event-list pagination=’carousal’ carousal-dots=’yes’ carousal-nav=’yes’]
    Multidate List in Event List shortcode, you can turn off/on from event settings page
    Fixed Grid style broken issue
    Date Timezone Wrong name Display issue fixed
    Calendar No Event Display Issue Fixed
    11 April 2020*


  • Update Release:
    Design Issue Fixed
    Extra Service Intentory System Added,
    Cart Display Information Improved,
    Tax Issue solved,
    Google Map Display Issue fixed,
    Cart Message Display issue fixed in Event Details Page,
    Event Date Wrong Icon issue fixed,
    Event Date removed start & end text from first date.
    29 Jan 2020*


  • Update Release: Design Issue Fixed, Event Image is Cart not Showing issue fixed, Event List Last item broken issue fixed. 23 Jan 2020*


  • Update Release: Removed Organizer address php warning issue in dashboard, Fix woocomerce product showing warning issue in the thankyou page, 07 Aug 2019*


Update Release: Booking counting duplicating issue fixed in free event, Add new feature Reset Booking count option. 19 June 2019


Update Release:
Added custom excerpt option into event, Fix zero amount add to cart issue, Showing Not Ticket available message when all tickets sold out, Price Label settings has been added into Event Settings. 02 Dec 2018


Update Release,F.A.Q Feature added into every events. 07 July 2018


Update Release, A Huge update released, added so many features. – 02 July 2018


Update Release, Event Extra option feature added. So now you can add as many option with a event with price – 27 February 2018


Quantity Manage Added – 14 February 2018


Initial Release Date – 02 February 2018