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Members is a roles and capabilities based WordPress membership plugin. It gives your users the ultimate member experience by giving you powerful tools to add roles and capabilities and assign them to your users.

Members allows you to set permissions to restrict content on your site by providing a simple user interface (UI) for WordPress’ powerful roles and capabilities system, which has traditionally only been available to developers who know how to code this by hand.

Caratteristiche del plugin

  • Editor dei ruoli: ti permette di modificare, creare e eliminare ruoli così come capacità per questi ruoli.
  • Multiple User Roles: Give one, two, or even more roles to any user.
  • Explicitly Deny Capabilities: Deny specific capabilities to specific user roles.
  • Clone Roles: Build a new role by cloning an existing role.
  • Content Permissions / Restricted Content: Protect content to determine which users (by role) have access to post content.
  • Shortcode: Shortcode per controllare chi ha accesso al contenuto.
  • Widgets: A login form widget and users widget to show in your theme’s sidebars.
  • Private Site: You can make your site and its feed completely private if you want.
  • Plugin Integration: Members is highly recommended by other WordPress developers. Many existing plugins integrate their custom roles and capabilities directly into it.

Seamless MemberPress Integration

If you’re looking to build a business out of your membership site by creating paid memberships there’s no better way than to use MemberPress. Members and MemberPress work together to provide the ultimate member experience and will help you start and profit from your amazing WordPress membership sites!

Tutti gli add-on ora sono inclusi

Members ora include TUTTI i suoi add-on gratuitamente! Ecco alcune delle stupende funzionalità che aggiungono a Members:

  • Block Permissions: Allows site owners to hide or show blocks based on user logged-in status, user role, or capability.
  • Privacy Caps: Creates additional capabilities for control over WordPress’ privacy and personal data features (GDPR).
  • Admin Access: Allows site administrators to control which users have access to the WordPress admin via role.
  • Core Create Caps: Adds the create_posts and create_pages caps to posts/pages to separate them from their edit_* counterparts, providing more flexible editing capabilities.
  • Categories and Tag Caps: The Category and Tag Caps add-on creates custom capabilities for the core category and post tag taxonomies. This allows site owners to have precise control over who can manage, edit, delete, or assign categories/tags.
  • Role Levels: Exposes the old user levels system, which fixes the WordPress author drop-down bug when users don’t have a role with one of the assigned levels.
  • Gerarchia dei ruoli: crea un sistema gerarchico di ruoli.
  • ACF Integration: Creates custom capabilities for the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin for managing with the Members plugin.
  • Integrazione con EDD: integra le capacità del plugin Easy Digital Downloads nel gestore dei ruoli del plugin Members.
  • Integrazione con GiveWP: integra le capacità dei plugin GiveWP e GiveWP Recurring Donations nel gestore dei ruoli del plugin Members.
  • Meta Box Integration: Integrates the Meta Box plugin capabilities into the Members plugin’s role manager.
  • Integrazione con WooCommerce: integra le capacità del plugin WooCommerce nel gestore dei ruoli del plugin Members.

Per maggiori informazioni visita la homepage del plugin Members.

Ti piace questo plugin?

The Members plugin is a massive project with 1,000s of lines of code to maintain. A major update can take weeks or months of work. We don’t make any money directly from this plugin while other, similar plugins charge substantial fees to even download them or get updates. Please consider helping the cause by:

Supporto professionale

Se hai bisogno di assistenza professionale da noi per il nostro plugin, puoi visitare la nostra pagina per il supporto.

Sviluppo del plugin

Se sei un autore di temi, di plugin o anche solo un programmatore per hobby, puoi seguire lo sviluppo di questo plugin sul suo repository GitHub.


  • Schermata di gestione dei ruoli
  • Schermata di modifica del ruolo
  • Content permissions meta box (edit post/page screen)
  • Schermata delle impostazioni del plugin
  • Select multiple roles per user (edit user screen)


  1. Carica members nella /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu Plugin in WordPress.
  3. Go to “Settings > Members” to select which settings you’d like to use.

Istruzioni più dettagliate si trovano nel file readme.html del plugin.


Perché è stato creato questo plugin?

Non ero soddisfatto dei plugin disponibili per utenti, ruoli e autorizzazioni. Sì, alcuni sono buoni, ma nessuno si adattava perfettamente a quello che avevo in mente. Alcuni offrivano solo alcune funzionalità. Alcuni funzionavano completamente al di fuori delle API di WordPress. Altre non avevano licenza GPL.

Così ho costruito qualcosa che mi diverto ad usare.

Come lo uso?

Most things should be fairly straightforward, but we’ve included an in-depth guide in the plugin download. It’s a file called in the plugin folder.

Puoi anche visualizzare il file leggimi online.

Requisiti minimi PHP.

Members ora richiede PHP 5.6+

Non posso accedere al “gestore dei ruoli”.

When the plugin is first activated, it runs a script that sets specific capabilities to the “Administrator” role on your site that grants you access to this feature. So, you must be logged in with the administrator account to access the role manager.

If, for some reason, you do have the administrator role and the role manager is still inaccessible to you, deactivate the plugin. Then, reactivate it.

On multisite, why can’t administrators manage roles?

If you have a multisite installation, only Super Admins can create, edit, and delete roles by default. This is a security measure to make sure that you absolutely trust sub-site admins to make these types of changes to roles. If you’re certain you want to allow this, add the Create Roles (create_roles), Edit Roles (edit_roles), and/or Delete Roles (delete_roles) capabilities to the role on each sub-site where you want to allow this.

Nota: Questo cambiamento è stato fatto nella versione 2.0.2 e non ha effetto sulle installazioni esistenti di Members su sottositi esistenti.

Aiuto! Mi sono chiuso fuori dal mio sito!

Please read the documentation for the plugin before actually using it, especially a plugin that controls permissions for your site. We cannot stress this enough. This is a powerful plugin that allows you to make direct changes to roles and capabilities in the database.

You’ll need to stop by our support forums to see if we can get your site fixed if you managed to lock yourself out. I know that this can be a bit can be a bit scary, but it’s not that tough to fix with a little custom code.


17 Maggio 2024
I have liked tis plugin. It is easy to use, quick to set up and works great!
15 Maggio 2024
It is really useful!! The best part for me, is that now I am able to share the sales operation to my clients and not let them to mess with the web page.
5 Maggio 2024
It works. What more do you need to know than that.
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