Optimize More!


A ‘Do It Yourself’ WordPress Page Speed Optimization Pack.

Optimize the delivery of each CSS & JS per each post types: Load CSS Asynchronously, Delay CSS & JS until User Interaction, Remove Unused CSS & JS Files, Preload Important CSS & JS and more.

You can choose each CSS & JS individually and what type of execution is required for each post types.

This plugin inspired by the mighty Flying Scripts from Gijo Varghese. Using HTML Dom Parser to manipulate your page’s HTML, so we can simply use the keyword of the assets to target them. No need to bother looking for the right CSS and JSS handlers enqueued by our plugins.

Optimizing web pages is really just about controlling how assets are delivered. This plugin gives you the ability to choose different assets to delay / preload / async load / remove on these post/page types: Homepages, Page Except Homepage, and Single Post (and Shop page, Product Category page, and Single Product pages if you use WooCommerce).


  • Load CSS Asynchronously – selectively load CSS file(s) asynchronously on selected post/page types.
  • Delay CSS and JS until User Interaction – selectively delay CSS/JS load until user interaction on selected post/page types.
  • Preload Critical CSS, JS, and Font Files – selectively preload critical CSS/JS/Font file(s) on selected post/page types.
  • Remove Unused CSS and JS Files – selectively remove unused CSS/JS file(s) on selected post/page types.

Use case:

  • Have CSS files that are only be used in the below the fold area? Delay them.
  • Have JS files that are not required in initial page rendering? Delay them.
  • Have CSS files that are used in the above the fold area? Preload them.
  • Have JS files such as jQuery that are needed to be load since the beginning? Preload them.
  • Need to remove “Eliminate Render Blocking Resources” warnings on Google Page Speed Insights? Async or preload them.
  • Want to target all of specific plugin assets? Put the plugin keyword or /folder-name/ to the input fields.
  • Want to target only one specific plugin assets? Put the asset file name (eg: style.min.css) to the input fields (include the folder path if your page has multiple assets with the same file name).

I built this plugin to optimize my Clients’ site. And I can get a very good scores even before activating my caching plugin.

A simple tutorial of how to use this plugin: How to use Optmize More Plugin.

Big thanks to Gijo, without his codes in Flying Scripts, I can never able to build this plugin. Thanks Gijo! ๐Ÿ™‚

Optimize your site further. Load faster on GTmetrix, Get better scores on Google Page Speed Insight.

Note: By default, the delay JavaScripts and CSS features are configured to user interaction based. But you can change that using filter. See FAQ.

Optimize More!

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Recommended Plugin

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This plugin only adds 1 extra row to your database. And it will self delete upon uninstalation.


  • Async Load CSS (Loading CSS files Asynchronously)
  • Delay CSS and JS (Delaying CSS and JS files until User Interactions)
  • Preload CSS, JS, and Fonts (Preloading critical CSS, JS, and Font files)
  • Remove CSS and JS (Remove Unused CSS and JS files)


From within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Optimize More or Arya Dhiratara
  3. Activate Optimize More from your Plugins page
  4. Find Optimize More in your sidebar menu to configure settings


  1. Download the plugin using the download link in this WordPress plugins repository
  2. Upload optimize-more folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate Optimize More plugin from your Plugins page
  4. Find Optimize More in your sidebar menu to configure settings


How to target the CSS/JS file(s)?

Use keywords: this can be the CSS ID, filename, or even the folder name if you want to target all CSS from some specific plugin.

Can I change the delay configuration?

By default, the delay JavaScripts and CSS are configured to user interaction based. But you can change that using filter:

For delay CSS e.g.:
add_filter( 'om_delay_css_time', function($om_delay_css_time) {
return '3*1000';
} );

For delay JavaScripts e.g.:
add_filter( 'om_delay_js_time', function($om_delay_js_time) {
return '3*1000';
} );

or if you want to change it for specific page only:

For delay CSS, e.g.:
add_filter( 'om_delay_css_time', function($om_delay_css_time) {
if (is_front_page()) {
return '3*1000';
else {
return $om_delay_css_time;
} );

For delay JavaScripts e.g.:
add_filter( 'om_delay_js_time', function($om_delay_js_time) {
if (is_front_page()) {
return '3*1000';
else {
return $om_delay_js_time;
} );


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  • bump version to 1.0.3 to push 1.0.2 updates


  • Prevent custom pages targeting from executing anything on WooCommerce Cart, Checkout, and other WooCommerce Endpoint pages


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