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Perfect Pullquotes


Add beautifully styled left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquotes. Includes a custom ‘Pullquote’ menu button for the TinyMCE Editor as well as a custom shortcode. View the always-current info post on

The plugin enables a WordPress shortcode that allows you to add a pullquote within your content. The shortcode can be added manually or by selecting text in the text editor and then selecting an option (left, right, or full) from the Pullquote dropdown button.

The default shortcode tag is shown here

[perfectpullquote align="left" bordertop="" class="" cite="" link="" color=""]This is the pullquote text.[/perfectpullquote]


The shortcode includes six options, (align, color, and class) as outlined below:


REQUIRED: Determines whether pullquote is left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width (95% width of container). Accepts “left”, “right”, or “full”

[perfectpullquote align="left"]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]


Optional: Move the border location above the pullquote. On mobile, falls back to the align corresponding location.

[perfectpullquote align="left" bordertop="true"]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]

cite=”Jane Doe”

Optional: Cite your quotes back to their author/source

[perfectpullquote align ="right" cite="Jane Doe"]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]


Optional: Turn the cited author’s name into a link that opens in a new window. Must be a valid URL beginning with http or https

[perfectpullquote align ="right" cite="Jane Doe" link=""]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]


Optional: Change the default border-color attribute by entering a valid HEX color, including the pound ( # ) sign.

[perfectpullquote align="left" color="#16989D"]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]


Optional: Add class(es) to pullquote container.

[perfectpullquote align ="right" class="firstClass secondClass"]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]


Optional: Change the font size of the pullquote’s text, in pixels.

[perfectpullquote align ="right" size="32"]This is the text.[/perfectpullquote]


  • This screenshot shows the 'Pullquote' button that will be added to the Visual Editor once installed. The button can be used to insert a left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquote, accordingly. The actual positioning of the button in your installation may vary.
  • An example of a left-aligned and right-aligned pullquote. Your pullquotes will vary depending on your font settings, color choices, etc.


Download the plugin from WordPress or GitHub. To change the default color of the pullquote’s border before installing, edit lines 71, 79, and 87 of the perfect-pullquotes.css file by changing the HEX value of the border-color attribute. Alternatively, once the plugin is installed, you may utilize the “color” option included within the shortcode.

  1. Upload the compressed plugin file via your WordPress Dashboard: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin, or to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory within your WordPress installation on your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Once installed, the plugin will add a Pullquote dropdown button to the Visual Editor (as seen below) within your WordPress installation as well as enable the [perfectpullquote] shortcode.


Are all of the shortcode option attributes required?

No. Only the align option attribute is required. All other attributes may be deleted if unsued. For example:

[perfectpullquote align="left"]Text[/perfectpullquote]

How can I change the color of the pullquote’s border?

To change the default color of the pullquote’s border, before uploading the plugin, edit lines 67, 75, and 83 of the perfect-pullquotes.css file by changing the HEX value of the border-color attribute. Alternatively, once the plugin is installed, you may utilize the “color” option included within the shortcode.

How can I add additional classes to the pullquote’s container?

Simply utilize the “class” option on the shortcode tag.

[perfectpullquote align="left" class="firstClass secondClass"]Text[/perfectpullquote]

How can I change the font size of the text?

Simply utilize the “size” option on the shortcode tag by entering the one or two-digit size, in pixels.

[perfectpullquote align="left" size="32"]Text[/perfectpullquote]

How can I add a cite to the quote?

Simply utilize the “cite” option on the shortcode tag.

[perfectpullquote align="left" cite="Author Name"]Text[/perfectpullquote]

Can I link to the cited author’s website, online works, etc.?

Simply utilize the “cite” and “link” options on the shortcode tag. Both options must be present in order to generate a working link.

[perfectpullquote align="left" cite="Author Name" link=""]Text[/perfectpullquote]

I updated the plugin, but now my pullquotes look weird. Help?

After updating the plugin, you may see “ugly” pullquotes until you clear the cache in your browser and load the new CSS files from the plugin. Server cache time may vary. If the pullquotes continue to look “broken,” simply clear your web brower’s cache and refresh the page.


13 Settembre 2020
I tried a couple of quote plugins, and this one is the best for me. Nice options, and good display too. Recommended.
4 Maggio 2019
This plugin is great at many things, but to me, it has a fundamental flaw. When I select text to add as a pull quote, that text gets removed from the paragraph it is in, and now only exists as a pull quote. Of course I could add the text to the paragraph again, but that would make the text appear double - creating problems for people using screen readers. So, sadly, this plugin is not usable for me.
19 Marzo 2019 1 risposta
Very good and it works despite having not been updated in 8 months. I would suggest you make this truly responsive by using @media for different screen widths (desktop, mobile, tablet portrait, tablet landscape) fuwwe
12 Maggio 2018 1 risposta
I like the styling with this plugin, and it was easy to use. Unfortunately, it doesn't play nice with the Extra theme from Elegant Themes. The plugin shortcode seems to prevent the theme from adding its paragraph tags and classes to paragraphs that include a pullquote, and that in turn throws off the paragraph's formatting. I tried putting the pullquote in a paragraph by itself, but that just results in extra white space between two paragraphs.
5 Maggio 2018
Perfect! Works flawlessly. Thank you for the great plugin.
16 Aprile 2018
I love this plug-in. It's simple to use, easy to understand and helps create a professional looking blog with pull-quotes. Highly recommend.
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“Perfect Pullquotes” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fixes bug where pullquote border appears on opposite side from settings. Thanks to (@axinet)[] for the catch!


  • Adds bordertop attribute that allows moving the pullquote border to the top (above the quote text) when bordertop="true" is set on the shortcode. Defaults to bordertop="false".


  • Adds a CSS reset for blockquote p:before and blockquote p:after psuedo elements to prevent theme overrides.


  • Resolves an error with generated Structured Data validation. (Thanks to @sarahsmithers for the head’s up!)


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Changes shortcode FROM [pullquote] TO [perfectpullquote]. Shortcodes in all existing posts will need to be updated to [perfectpullquote]. See for more information
  • Bug fixes


  • MAJOR UPDATE: Changes shortcode FROM [pullquote] TO [perfectpullquote]. Shortcodes in all existing posts will need to be updated to [perfectpullquote]. See for more information


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.5.1


  • Fixes issue with “size” attribute.


  • Minor update for WordPress 4.3.1.


  • Adds support for optional “size” attribute whereby user can designate font-size in pixels.
  • Changes border to left side when screen width is less than 768px, regardless of alignment.


  • Changed .pullquote class to .perfect-pullquote to alleviate conflicting CSS issues per user requests.


  • Small CSS fix.


  • Fixes issue where empty cite="" attribute causes an empty footer element.
  • Properly spaces pullquote without corrupting surrounding paragraph <p> tags.
  • Replaces 2 separate pullquote buttons in editor with one menu button dropdown allowing the selection of adding a left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquote.


  • Added tags and tags


  • CSS fix for full-width quote.


  • Adds support for full-width width:95% quotes. Utilize by specifying align=”full” on shortcode. Update to docs and plugin URL.


  • Adds support for full-width width:95% quotes. Utilize by specifying align=”full” on shortcode.


  • Fixes “Plugin does not have a valid header” error.


  • Added support for optionally citing the quote’s author within a <footer/><cite/> block, as well as adding a link to the author.


  • Minor update for performance improvements.


  • Initial release.