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If you have a lot of plugins installed, it can be difficult to manage them all. Now you can organize the plugins admin page by grouping your plugins by purpose. Each group will be displayed as a plugin status tabs in the plugins admin page, so you can easily filter which plugins you are viewing by group.

A free plugin by David Cramer.

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  • New groups menu above the plugin status, enables navigating status within groups.
  • New styles give a different feel to the groups navigation.
  • Dropdown navigation instead of a menu to cut space.
  • Admin menu mode to make access to groups from anywhere.
  • Completely redesigned admin.
  • Bulk edit / create groups to speed up creation.


Install the plugin through the WordPress Plugins Installer or upload the decompressed folder to the plugins directory of your content directory
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Does it support Multi-site?

Yes it does! It has full support from network admin being able to set groups for individual sites, to Giving sites, full access to manage themselves.


4 Settembre 2021
A must-have if you have a ton of plugins and need to group them. Thanks!
26 Giugno 2020
WordPress 5.4.2 on multiste instalation. The plugin doesn't save the changes. Then, it never show any group.
1 Febbraio 2019
This plugin has been a life saver. Many years ago there was a similar plugin that was abandoned. Hilariously, while this plugin has many uses, I find it MOST valuable when I am trying to find out why my site is broken, and determining which other plugin has broken my site. (Add all running plugins to “Should be active group”, Disable them 4-5 at a time till stuff fixes/breaks, remove the shite plugin, enable all of the plugins from the “Should be active group” Real life saver.
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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented translations from being added.


  • Fixed an issue that if a plugin is removed, the group will cause the admin UI to crash.
  • Added “Add to group” when installing a plugin from the add plugin screen.
  • Cleaned up the code a bit.


  • Fixed an issue where activating a plugin in a group, you get redirected to all plugins.
  • Added Bulk actions to allow adding new groups, adding to groups, and removing from groups.
  • Added in sorting to the admin UI to allow ordering groups to you’re liking.


  • Fixed an error where the plugin couldn’t read the plugin data (I hope).
  • Added, Multisite support. Multisite admins can now network active, manage each sites groups individually, or give full access to site to create their own groups.


  • Fixed an error where on upgrade and have no presets, UI broke 🙁


  • Completely rewritten from scratch for modern browsers and modern WordPress.


  • WordPress 5.6 compatibility.


  • Fixed warnings on activation.
  • Fixed bulk action creation when no groups exist.


Added to Bulk Actions! You can now create and add plugins to groups via the Bulk Actions Dropdown.


Made editing of Group names more obvious.
Added Export and Import to easily share configs between sites
Added Presets for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms.
Added Filter plugin-groups-get-presets to allow other plugins to register thier own preset groups
Added Keyword Grouping. This allows you to add keywords to a group and will automatically add plugins that match


Added a notice to confirming saved changes.


prefixed group slugs to prevent overiding built in status types.


Fixed issue on 4.2 with plugins having an update


Initial Version