Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

Plugin Tags


Add tags & filters to the Plugins list to quickly & easily see what they do. 🏷

Few examples of use:
Utilities: Admin, SEO, Cache, Pagebuilder…
Project version: v1.0, v1.1…
Notes / reminders: Unstable, Waiting for hotfix…

🔨 How to use

Want to change a tag text? ✒
– Click on the text and write directly!

Want to change a tag color? 🌈
– Hover the tag and click on the 🖌 icon

Want to filter your plugins based on their tags? 🔍
– Hover the tag and click on the 📌 icon
(it’s going to reload the page with the filter added above plugins, click on it again to remove it).

⭐ Features

Colors 🎨
(Based on user preferences to avoid “rainbow-effect”)

Filters / Views 📌
(To filter plugins which have a similar tag)

Fast / Lightweight 🚀
(When you change a tag text / color, it’s instantly saved using ajax technology)


  • Display "no tag" as default tag state.
  • When hovering the tag, you can change the color by clicking the 🖌.
  • Change tag text by clicking on it and write, clicking on 📌 add a filter view.
  • Filter view link is added above plugins (ex: "To delete").


  1. Upload the plugin-tags folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Does this plugin have hooks (filters) ?

Yes, there is one filter: ptags/option which contains all the data saved by the plugin in an array which is stored in a single option.

You can use the code below to preset your favorite configuration (used “Hello Dolly” plugin as example):

// Change plugin tags config
add_filter( 'ptags/option', 'my_ptags_option' );
function my_ptags_option( $option ) {

    // Get current plugins & tags data
    $plugins = isset( $option['plugins'] ) ? $option['plugins'] : array();
    $tags    = isset( $option['tags'] ) ? $option['tags'] : array();

    // Edit plugins data
    $plugins = wp_parse_args(

            // Plugin slug
            'hello-dolly' => array(
                'tag'   => __( 'To delete' ), // Tag text displayed next to the plugin version
                'color' => 1, // User preference schematic colors, from 1 to 4+

            // ... add more by duplicating lines above


    // Edit tags data
    $tags = wp_parse_args(

            // Filter text (should be same tag text as above)
            'To delete' => array(
                'view' => 1, // Boolean setting to display filter above plugins list

            // ... add more by duplicating lines above


    // We merge it with current data
    $new_option = wp_parse_args( array( 'plugins' => $plugins, 'tags' => $tags ), $option );

    // Return the new option
    return $new_option;

💡 If you have no idea where to put this code, add it at the end of your functions.php which is in your theme folder.

Can i customize the look of tags?

Yes you can and it’s fairly simple because this plugin CSS stylesheet use CSS variables.
Just add the code below in a CSS stylesheet loaded in the admin & customize values as you pleased:

:root {
    --plugin-tag-color: #fff; // Tag text color
    --plugin-tag-pad: 0 7px; // Tag padding
    --plugin-tag-rad: 3px; // Tag border radius
    --plugin-tag-fs: .75rem; // Tag font-size
    --plugin-tag-bg: #bbb; // Tag background color


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Contributi e sviluppo

“Plugin Tags” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


Updated default style to match WP UI


Updated readme


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