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Posts Modified Date


Use Posts Modified Date plugin and Simply show post updated date before content in single post!!!

WordPress using for many purposes. Most of the bloggers want to show last update date in blog post. Example, when you publish an article in your blog, there are often times you might need to make updates. This plugin will help you to display post updated date before content in every single post.

If you want to change the title “Last Updated on:” or want to show this bellow content or need anything modification just contact with us! And don’t forget to give 5 stars ratings!!!

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For example, if your article Posted on June 1, 2016, and you found out five days later that there was an update to the article. You can just edit the article, and it will show “(Last Updated On: June 5, 2016)” before content that article. Still there showing original published date in post info. So you’re going to show both dates published and updated to the readers. And this will help you to notice your readers that blog is always updated.

Just simply install Post Updated Date plugin and it will be automatically display Last Updated Date in your WordPress posts.


  1. Upload the ‘post-updated-date’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Youre done!


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11 Marzo 2018
I've gone many years hoping to find a plugin to display date on our news stories on Post Updated Date allows us to do that! Great plugin!
10 Ottobre 2017
Hi, this plugin is excellent showing when the posts are last updated but it doesn't show on the blog roll when you first see it, only the original date does. I left you the link for the 2nd page where my original posts are. I have a new website so I don't have a lot of posts yet. You will see how on this blog roll the old date is there in front. On this page you will see from the bottom up the dates starting in March. **Ok so in my review the link is not showing, just an FYI for other's reading this. I didn't forget to add it. It must be just for the owner to view. Thanks** It's NOT until you click the title or 'read more' to open the post that you see the updated date which looks nice there. Also, it does NOT show BOTH dates 'together'as stated, but at least the updated date is there. Is there a way you can show the update on the blog roll for each post? It's too bad it shows right under the title and may deter the visitor from reading it. Thanks!
30 Agosto 2017
This is a great idea but because it automatically applies to EVERY post, it simply highlights that a post has NOT been updated. I have thousands of posts. Many, such as how to build a deck, are evergreen and do not require updating. This plugin 'highlights' the fact that the post has not been updated for more than five years, making it look stale even though it is still 100% relevant. The plugin needs to apply ONLY when a post IS updated. DW
14 Ottobre 2018
Updated 10/14/2018 - still a great plugin!: I frequently update posts on my website and want my reader to realize that an article posted a couple of years ago has in fact been recently updated. This plugin does a great job of enhancing the post in exactly that manner! It works with WordPress 4.9.8 and with my theme (Weaver II Pro). Excellent support: the developer Ataul responded immediately to me when I asked for help with the plugin, and when I asked him to update it. To customize the formatting or the text, you can use FTP to download the plugin's PHP file from your website and find the line that begins "$awd_modified_date". It contains the HTML for the "Last Updated On" notice. Change the code as you like and FTP the revised PHP file back into the plugin folder. Someday I hope this plugin is expanded to add the "Last Updated On" tag to post excerpts that appear on Search pages and the Home Page. However, even without those enhancements, this is a unique tool that performs a very useful job!
17 Novembre 2016
The plugin works but does not allow translation. And you cannot choose where to put the text (no shortcode, no function for template).
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