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Potsman is now >> POST SMTP <<

Like many others, I had to replace postman as it stopped working, just found out it has been updated under a new name:

Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log

(I followed the review request link in the new plugin and ended up here and thought I should share these pieces of information!)

XSS Vulnerability and not updated – WAS a great plugin

I had originally given this plugin a 5 star rating.

Then I saw this review:

Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log is prone to a cross-site scripting vulnerability –

I confirmed that this is correct.

And then I also noticed that this plugin has not been updated in 2 years:
Last updated:
2 years ago

For the above reasons I am changing my review rating to 1 star.

Disappointed to see that such a great plugin was not coded securely and is not being updated. I wont use it for these reasons.

My old 5 star review:

First tried to write my own code to config wp mail function to use SMTP. The code is pretty easy, but hard to debug – I could not get it to work.
Then tried some other plugins – no success.
Then tried Postman plugin and I really like its setup process – provides helpful hints, tests connections to the server, has a very good log – with these I was able to get SMTP working in a few minutes.
Outstanding plugin!

O Melhor!

O único que resolveu o meu problema em relação aos e-mails do Woocommerce estarem indo para o Spam dos meus clientes. Após instalar e configurar o plugin, os e-mails imediatamente começaram a ir para a caixa de entrada do cliente! Simples, fácil e muito funcional! PERFEITO!!

Best by far

After years of using several different SMTP plugins, we settled on this one for all the sites we work with. There are three reasons.

1. It supports more services than anything from SMTP, to SendGrid API to AWS SES.
2. It includes outgoing email logging which is _priceless_ in debugging issues
3. It is rock solid

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