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Preloader Awesome – Page Loading Animation with Spinner & Gif

Preloader Awesome – Page Loading Animation with Spinner & Gif



Preloader Awesome is a fantastic Preloader WordPress pluginthat helps you create the loading animation into the page of your WordPress Site while your website page is loading. You can use it as a welcome screen to engage users. Preloader Awesome is easy to use with an extensive choice of loader styles.


If you need a beautiful element to complement your website’s beauty, preloader awesome will be the perfect choice for you. There are many loading animation templates and transitions that this preloader plugin provides. It is also possible for you to customize according to your needs.

With ten default CSS loaders plus 14 transition styles, you can make your loading screen animations under 5 minutes. In addition to the many customization options, this plugin preloader for WordPress will allow you to create unique loading for each of your site’s pages. You can make all of that without coding.

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  • 14 Transition style
  • 10 Built-in Animated CSS Loader
  • Upload Your animated GIF
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Support Default Page
  • Support loader in many pages
  • Support post type loader
  • Progress Bar
  • Progress Status Counter
  • Animation Time
  • Customize Background Color
  • Counter Options
  • Progress bar options
  • Upload Preloader Image/GIF
  • Customize Loader Size
  • Customize Counter Font Size
  • Customize Counter Color
  • Customize Bar Position
  • Customize Bar Color
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Cross-browser tested

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Create a beautiful loading screen in only 1 step

Just Create Preloader for your pages


  • Company Website
  • Program Website
  • Project Website
  • Personal Website
  • E-Book Website
  • Services Website
  • Rental Website
  • Plugin Website
  • Themes Website
  • Software Website
  • Store Website
  • Transportation Website
  • Online store Website
  • Law firm Website
  • Product Website
  • Training Website
  • Fashion products Website
  • Game Website
  • Band Website
  • Event Website
  • Restaurant Website
  • School Website
  • Property Website

Preloader Design Demo

Animated CSS Loader Hiji
CSS loading animation with a circle style that moves up and down like a bouncing ball. It’s interesting to see the circle’s reflection as we wait for the content to appear on the page.

Animated CSS Loader Dua
It has animated loading bar arrangements that seem to move repeatedly, with light and faded animations on bar arrangements.

Animated CSS Loader Tilu
Page loading animation with a box shape that seems to be lit around the other boxes, making each page’s transition for your WordPress website more stunning.

Animated CSS Loader Opat
This CSS animation will remind us of one of the game characters Pacman. The unique animation sees the character eating the circles that are walking towards him. Entertaining when it becomes an animated loading screen when the user waits for content to appear on the page.

Animated CSS Loader Lima
CSS animation with box style, with the rotating arrangement, splitting into four squares and merging back into one big box and moving away.

Animated CSS Loader Genep
CSS animation in a stacked box style, reminiscent of one of the world’s biggest companies’ logos. With an animation of each box moving as if to vibrate one by one.

Animated CSS Loader Tujuh
CSS animation with dual ring spinners that spin in a circle. Aesthetic to display the loading screen on a flat UI website while waiting for the page content to appear.

Animated CSS Loader Dalapan
CSS animation with spinner style, with the right color combination, will look like a spinning moon.

Animated CSS Loader Salapan
CSS animation with ball circus style, with animation as if it were going around a circle.

Animated CSS Loader Sapuluh
CSS animation with two deflected zigzag dots, which seem to move closer and further away.

Preloader Transition Hiji
The page transition animation that appears to hang and then pops up the loader then backs away and displays the content on the page.

Preloader Transition Dua
Transitions that appear from a small circle approaching and covering the screen and the loader then move away and become a small circle as the page’s content is visible.

Preloader Transition Tilu
Page transitions such as folding cover the screen, and a loader appear. It opens with an animation of folding it in the reverse direction while viewing the page’s content.

Preloader Transition Opat
Seamless transition from a rectangular shape to fullscreen color and loader, and opens displaying the page’s content.

Preloader Transition Lima
While the loader is running, page transitions can be incredibly impressed with the fade-in style when displaying the loader and fade out as the page’s content appears.

Preloader Transition Genep
Simple Transitions look sweeping by popping up the loader when the colors are full and thorough backward when the page’s content is ready.

Preloader Transition Tujuh
Another simplistic approach with animation transition, which moves slide up to show the loader, then slides down when the content is ready to appear.

Preloader Transition Dalapan
The screen closed with a diagonal animation then appears the loader and will open in reverse and display the content on the page.

Preloader Transition Salapan
The screen transitions when the loader appears slanted then opens in the same direction as the content on the page appears.

Preloader Transition Sapuluh
loader appears with a looks like a sloping shape from the top right to bottom left, then it will open towards the bottom right to the top left when displaying content on the page.

Preloader Transition Sabelas
A page transition with a beautiful waveform closes when displaying the loader and opens when content appears on the page.

Preloader Transition Duabelas
The page transitions with a diamond shape that closes when the loader appears then moves to open when the page’s content is ready.

Preloader Transition Tilubelas
Animations such as sweeping the screen from left to right bring up the loader, then with the same animation returning displaying the content on the page.

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Is there a time period for using Preloader Awesome?

No, you can use Preloader Awesome onwards.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! Preloader Awesome will Works With Any Theme

What if I update to Preloader Awesome to Pro?

Your existing content will work with Preloader Awesome PRO. So you won’t lose your contents.

How do I translate the plugin?

We recommended Loco Translate for translate.for details on how to use it you can read our online documentation.


25 Febbraio 2022
Sadly, nothing at all happens on my website. The plugin is activated and configured, but there is nothing at all. No animation or whatsoever when the pages load. Plus the plugin promises “ten default CSS loaders plus 14 transition styles” and you end up with 4 default CSS loades and 3 transition styles.
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