Regenerate Thumbnails


Regenerate Thumbnails ti permette di rigenerare le miniature delle tue immagini caricate. Diventa molto utile se hai cambiato le dimensioni delle tue miniature (dal menu Impostazioni –> Media) dopo aver caricato in precedenza le immagini, oppure hai cambiato il tema con una dimensione diversa dell’immagine in evidenza.

Puoi rigenerare le miniature per tutti i caricamenti delle immagini, singoli caricamenti delle immagini, o specifici caricamenti multipli delle immagini.


  • Il plugin in azione durante la rigenerazione delle miniature
  • Puoi ridimensionare le immagini singole passando sopra la loro riga nella libreria dei media
  • Puoi ridimensionare specificando immagini multiple usando i checkbox e il menu a tendina «Azioni di gruppo»


  1. Vai nell’area di amministrazione e seleziona dal menu Plugin –&gt Aggiungi nuovo;
  2. Cerca «Regenerate Thumbnails»;
  3. Fai clic su «Installa adesso»;
  4. Fai clic su «Attiva».


Installation Instructions
  1. Vai nell’area di amministrazione e seleziona dal menu Plugin –&gt Aggiungi nuovo;
  2. Cerca «Regenerate Thumbnails»;
  3. Fai clic su «Installa adesso»;
  4. Fai clic su «Attiva».


If it changes the shape of your images, check your settings and run again

Review edited after problem resolved: It made all my “landscape” shaped images into squares everywhere on the site. Turned out my image settings were wrong and somehow new images weren’t reflecting the settings until I ran this plugin, If this happens to you just change your settings under woocommerce > settings > products OR Settings > Media and run again.

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Version 2.3.1

  • Fix PHP notice. (#20)

Version 2.3.0

Maintenance release. A major rewrite is in the works on GitHub.

  • Add “Regenerate Thumbnails” button to the Edit Media submit metabox. Props Brian Alexander for inspiration.
  • Bump required WordPress version to v3.2 so that we don’t need to bundle jQuery’s progress bar plugin anymore.
  • Context for translators.

Version 2.2.6

  • Compatibilità con PHP 7.

Version 2.2.5

  • Updates relating to plugin language pack support.

Version 2.2.4

  • Better AJAX response error handling in the JavaScript. This should fix a long-standing bug in this plugin. Props Hew Sutton.

Version 2.2.3

  • Make the capability required to use this plugin filterable so themes and other plugins can change it. Props Jackson Whelan.

Version 2.2.2

  • Don’t check the nonce until we’re sure that the action called was for this plugin. Fixes lots of “Are you sure you want to do this?” error messages.

Version 2.2.1

  • Fix the bottom bulk action dropdown. Thanks Stefan for pointing out the issue!

Version 2.2.0

  • Changes to the Bulk Action functionality were made shortly before the release of WordPress 3.1 which broke the way I implemented the specific multiple image regeneration feature. This version adds to the Bulk Action menu using Javascript as that’s the only way to do it currently.

Version 2.1.3

  • Move the error_reporting() call in the AJAX handler to the beginning so that we’re more sure that no PHP errors are outputted. Some hosts disable usage of set_time_limit() and calling it was causing a PHP warning to be outputted.

Version 2.1.2

  • When regenerating all images, newest images are done first rather than the oldest.
  • Fixed a bug with regeneration error reporting in some browsers. Thanks to pete-sch for reporting the error.
  • Supress PHP errors in the AJAX handler to avoid sending an invalid JSON response. Thanks to pete-sch for reporting the error.
  • Better and more detailed error reporting for when wp_generate_attachment_metadata() fails.

Version 2.1.1

  • Clean up the wording a bit to better match the new features and just be easier to understand.
  • Screenshot aggiornati.

Version 2.1.0

Un sacco di nuove funzionalità.

  • Thanks to a lot of jQuery help from Boris Schapira, a failed image regeneration will no longer stop the whole process.
  • The results of each image regeneration is now outputted. You can easily see which images were successfully regenerated and which failed. Was inspired by a concept by Boris.
  • There is now a button on the regeneration page that will allow you to abort resizing images for any reason. Based on code by Boris.
  • You can now regenerate single images from the Media page. The link to do so will show up in the actions list when you hover over the row.
  • You can now bulk regenerate multiple from the Media page. Check the boxes and then select “Regenerate Thumbnails” form the “Bulk Actions” dropdown. WordPress 3.1+ only.
  • The total time that the regeneration process took is now displayed in the final status message.
  • Versione di jQuery UI Progressbar aggiornata.

Version 2.0.3

  • Switch out deprecated function call.

Version 2.0.2

  • Directly query the database to only fetch what the plugin needs (the attachment ID). This will reduce the memory required as it’s not storing the whole row for each attachment.

Version 2.0.1

  • I accidentally left a check_admin_referer() (nonce check) commented out.

Version 2.0.0

  • Recoded from scratch. Now uses an AJAX request per attachment to do the resizing. No more PHP maximum execution time errors or anything like that. Also features a pretty progress bar to let the user know how it’s going.

Version 1.1.0

  • WordPress 2.7 updates — code + UI. Thanks to jdub and Patrick F.

Version 1.0.0

  • Versione iniziale.