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This plugin is a a usage example for scbFramework.

scbFramework is a toolkit that helps developers write plugins faster. It consists of several classes which handle common tasks, such as generating settings pages, creating database tables etc.

See the documentation for more details.

To take a quick look at the code, see the github page:

Links: Wiki | Framework News | Author’s Site


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Contributi e sviluppo

“scbFramework” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

16 Feb 2013 (r58)

  • improve toplevel admin menu item handling
  • fix notice in scbForms::update_meta(). props Josh Ronk
  • reduce usage of extract(). props Rarst

7 Sep 2012 (r57)

  • refactored scbForms: separate class for each input type
  • introduced scb_get_query_flags()
  • load classes immediately if ‘plugins_loaded’ was already called

8 May 2012 (r53)

  • introduced input_from_meta() and input_with_value() methods to scbForms
  • added ‘default’ and ‘wrap_each’ optional parameters to relevant scbForms methods
  • introduced scbAdminPage::page_loaded()
  • added $name parameter to scb_register_table()

23 Jan 2012 (r48)

  • introduced scbForms::validate_POST_data()
  • added ‘wrap’ arg to scbForms::input()
  • introduced scb_register_table(), scb_install_table() and scb_uninstall_table()
  • introduced scb_admin_notice()
  • replaced scbUtil::objects_to_assoc() with scb_list_fold()
  • added ‘screen_icon’ arg to scbAdminPage
  • made scbOptions::update() accept partial updates
  • WP 3.3 compatibility

23 Aug 2011 (r40)

  • introduced scbHooks class
  • introduced scbForm class
  • forms: 'name' => array( 'foo', 'bar', 'baz' ) now means foo[bar][baz]
  • added example plugin, using scbTable, scbOptions, scbAdminPage and scbBoxesPage

19 Jun 2011 (r36)

  • revamped radio button handling
  • added support for nested names
  • use html() and esc_textarea() in scbForms
  • extended example plugin
  • deprecated scbQueryManipulation, scbUtil::array_pluck() and scbUtil::array_extract()

05 Apr 2011 (r34)

  • fixed activation hooks when using scb-load.php
  • added ability to define column widths in scbBoxesPages (props pento)
  • introduced scbUtil::get_current_url()
  • made scbTable play nice with switch_to_blog()

02 Feb 2011 (r31)

  • scbQueryManipulation WP 3.1 compatibility
  • scbCron enhancements
  • introduced debug_cron(), debug_ts() and debug_h()
  • html() knows about self-closing tags

09 Sep 2010 (r24)

  • delayed activation (scbLoad4)
  • replaced scbQuery with scbQueryManipulation
  • removed scbRewrite
  • added attributes param to html()
  • more info

1.6 (r9)

  • load the most recent version available
  • move debugging functions to separate file
  • new methods in scbUtil: array_pluck(), objects_to_assoc(), split_at()
  • auto-uninstall for scbWidget
  • more info


  • new methods for scbOptions: get_defaults(); cleanup(); __isset();
  • new method for scbAdminPage: page_help();
  • new method for scbUtil: add_uninstall_hook();
  • scbAdminPage::submit_button() accepts an array of arguments
  • scbAdminPage can create top level menus
  • scbBoxesPage can assign the same handler to multiple boxes, with different arguments
  • debug() outputs at the end of the page, only for administrators
  • more info


  • new classes: scbUtil & scbRewrite
  • faster loading method
  • scbWidget applies ‘widget_title’ filter
  • more info


  • scbTable respects collation & charset


  • AdminPage: ajax submit
  • Options: added set(); deprecated update_part()
  • Cron: new methods: do_now(), do_once()
  • dropped support for WordPress older than 2.8
  • more info


  • fixed PHP 5.0 compatibility issue


  • added the scbTable class
  • fixed widget input names
  • use plugin_dir_url()
  • more info


  • better scbBoxesPage
  • enhancements for scbAdminPage
  • bugfix in scbOptions
  • more info