Shortcodes Finder


Shortcodes Finder helps you to:
* Find every shortcode (by tag or content type) present in your WordPress posts, pages and custom type contents
* Search unused shortcodes
* Disable active or unused/orphan shortcodes
* Test your shortcodes before use them in your website

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Search specific shortcode or see all the shortcodes working in your website. The plugin gives you a rapid access to contents, test page or shortcode documentation.
  • Fine every shortcode divided by content page. You can search into Posts, Pages and every custom content type used in your website.
  • Get a rapid view to all unused Shortcode. With plugin you will be able to disable them with one click.
  • For each shortcode found by plugin you can test it, defining parameters and showing directly the result.
  • The documentation page helps you to find the shortcode source file, classes and available parameters.
  • From settings page you can disable orphan/unused shortcodes with one click or disable active shortcodes one by one.


Dalla tua bacheca WordPress

  1. Vai a ‘Plugin > Aggiungi nuovo’
  2. Cerca ‘Shortcodes Finder’
  3. Attiva il plugin dalla pagina dei Plugin.


  1. Scarica il file zip di Shortcodes Finder
  2. Scompattalo
  3. Carica la cartella scompattata nella tua directory ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  4. Attiva il plugin dalla pagina dei Plugin.


17 Agosto 2020
I was looking to find the location of a specific Gravity Form. I tried a plugin that just did not work, and wasnt sure i was going to be able to find it. This plugin solved it perfectly in seconds. Simple and easy to use, well done.
8 Agosto 2020
It doesn't take long to decide if a plugin is any good. After a quick tour, I can say that Shortcodes Finder is VERY well done. Very clean, very well organized. An excellent tool!
11 Giugno 2020
This thing gets the job done. Easy peasy. If you have used a lot of shortcodes and now need to get rid of them, this is the way to find them. Thanks for a great plugin.
22 Maggio 2020
Are you using shortcodes on your site? If yes, check out this awesome plugin. You will discover things about shortcodes you never knew like which ones exist on your site and where exactly they are used. If you don't use shortcodes, this plugin will help you learn more about them. You can test them before putting them into your post, see which parameters are used by the shortcode and quickly find the documentation (via a link to matching google search). Nicely done!
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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Redirect to plugin page after activation
  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility


  • Added an option to search shortcodes in draft, future, pending and private contents
  • Replaced old guid links with permalinks
  • WordPress 5.4.2 compatibility


  • Added an option to search for shortcodes parameters into documentation page
  • Speeded up documentation page
  • Link to shortcode uses from documentation page
  • Hidden extra contents during documentation page searches


  • Documentation page: get information about shortcodes (source file, class and parameters) – Thanks to @luxxor
  • Removed unnecessary frontend js/css calls
  • Excluded some false positive unused shortcodes
  • Used Font Awesome icons instead of images
  • WordPress 5.4.1 compatibility
  • Tablepress compatibility
  • New screenshots in plugin documentation


  • Settings page
  • Disable all unused/orphan shortcodes
  • Disable selected active shortcodes
  • WordPress 5.3.2 compatibility
  • Modifiche minori


  • Fix multi accordion for same shortcode in unused shortcodes tab
  • Fix copy to clipboard function


  • Ricerca ajax per siti con molti contenuti
  • Miglioramenti grafici
  • Miglioramento codice


  • Cerca nei contenuti per uno specifico shortcode
  • Modifiche minori


  • Compatibilità con WordPress 5.2
  • Compatibilità con Visual Composer (WP Bakery page builder)
  • Funzione “Copia negli appunti” per gli shortcode testati
  • Lingua Italiana
  • Modifiche minori


  • Compatibilità con WordPress 5.1
  • Risoluzione bug
  • Modifiche minori


  • Trova più occorrenze degli shortcode ricorsivamente


  • Compatibilità con WordPress 5.0
  • Risoluzione bug


  • Miglioramenti di sicurezza


  • Miglioramenti grafici
  • Modifiche minori


  • Aggiunta la pagina degli Shortcode Inutilizzati
  • Contatore di shortcode
  • Risoluzione bug


  • Risoluzione bug


  • Visualizzazione degli shortcode nei contenuti custom
  • Tagliati i contenuti troppo lunghi nell’anteprima degli shortcode


  • Correzione nel passaggio di parametri della pagina di test
  • Textarea invece di input per il contenuto dei test


  • Prima versione del plugin