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Ensuring website accessibility for all, regardless of abilities or disabilities, is crucial for inclusivity and expanding online reach. The WPPro Accessibility Plugin enables business owners to enhance website browsing for everyone, regardless of the challenges they face. Integrated with WordPress, this WordPress accessibility plugin significantly improves site usability and accessibility, ensuring a welcoming and empowering online experience for all users.

With features like customizable font sizes, color schemes, and enhanced navigation options, this plugin boosts an inclusive online environment where everyone can engage with content comfortably and confidently.

Below are the core features of the WPPro Accessibility Plugin for your WordPress website:

1) Font size
With a simple click, adjust text size to accommodate various reading preferences and visual impairments, ensuring content accessibility for all users.

2) Select Font Color
Personalize text color to improve readability and cater to individual user preferences, whether it’s for enhanced visibility or aesthetic appeal.

3) Links Underline
Enhance the visibility of links by adding underlines, facilitating easier navigation for users with visual impairments or those relying on screen readers.

4) Highlight Links
Make interactive elements pop by highlighting links with distinct colors, aiding users in quickly identifying clickable areas and enhancing overall usability.

5) Theme Mode: Light
Offers users the flexibility to switch between light and dark themes, providing optimal readability in different lighting conditions and reducing eye strain.

6) Grayscale Images
Simplify visuals by converting images to grayscale, minimizing distractions for users with cognitive or sensory processing difficulties.

7) Image Magnifier
Enables users to zoom in on images for a closer look at details, empowering them to explore visual content at their preferred level of magnification.

8) Text Magnifier
Enhances readability by allowing users to zoom in on specific parts of text, catering to individuals with visual impairments or those accessing content on smaller screens.

9) Disability Mode
Improve the visibility of essential elements such as headings and hyperlinks by adding distinct borders, providing additional visual cues for users who require them.

10) Cursor Zoom
Enhance cursor visibility and usability by enlarging the mouse cursor, particularly beneficial for users with motor impairments or precision challenges.

11) Highlight Titles
Draw attention to key sections of your website by adding borders around headings, aiding navigation and content comprehension for users.

12) Select Page Titles Color
Customize the colors of page titles to improve readability and align with your website’s design aesthetic, ensuring essential information stands out effectively.

13) Reset All Button
If you want to go back to the original settings, you can easily reset everything with the click of a button.

Each of these features is customizable through the plugin’s admin settings, offering businesses a user-friendly solution to enhance website accessibility without unnecessary complexity.


  • Frontend :: Sidebar accessibility button
  • Frontend :: Sidebar accessibility banner
  • Backend :: Default settings page
  • Backend :: Advance settings page


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “WPPro Accessibility”
  3. Install and Activate WPPro Accessibility from your plugins page
  4. Follow setup steps on WPPro Accessibility Settings page


What is the WPPro Accessibility Plugin and why is it important?

The WPPro Accessibility Plugin enhances website accessibility for all users, regardless of disabilities, by offering customizable features.

What are the key features offered by the WPPro Accessibility Plugin?

Features include font adjustments, link enhancements, theme mode options, magnifiers, disability mode, cursor zoom, and more.

How does the WPPro Accessibility Plugin benefit website owners using WordPress?

It seamlessly integrates into WordPress sites, providing an easy solution to enhance accessibility without complex coding.

Can the WPPro Accessibility Plugin be easily customized and managed?

Yes, all customization options are managed through admin settings, offering easy adjustment and a “Reset All” button for reverting changes.


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