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13 Settembre 2023
I absolutely do not understand why they make purchasing a plugin complicated by forcing you to use PayPal. I corresponded with them and wanted to pay by card, bank transfer. I was told they would find out. After 14 days I had to buy the plugin because the client was already pressuring me. Now I can't delete the PalPal account and the data in it. Stupid payment method, I will talk the client out of using this plugin. I don't want to experience another payment.
12 Luglio 2023
Our sport club has been using plugin "SportPress Pro" and template "Premier" for a long time. I needed to upgrade PHP version, but something was wrong. After contacting the helpdesk, the problem was quickly resolved. I'd be happy to wait for a regular update, but guys from the helpdesk offered to deploy it in "hot patch mode" directly to our website.Many thanks to @RochOliveira. Great help for a person who doesn’t have a deep knowledge of webmaster. Marek Filipovsky, TJ Mnichovice, CZE
21 Giugno 2023
It has all kinds of sports preconfigured, but it lacks motorsports, it could come prepared for motorsports too, with support for multi categories of racing sports, individual racing drivers or teams. However I loved the system, very practical and intuitive. Thanks!
30 Aprile 2023
Had a few issues with Sportspress Gallery images not showing properly due to issues with my current theme. Sportspress tech support advised me of some code to add in wordpress and issues now fixed. Top job!
29 Marzo 2023
I'm very impressed with the support I've received. My ticket was responded to within a few minutes of sending it. My issue was very successfully resolved well above my expectation. Great job! Onye
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