Stencil is the fastest way to create incredible visuals and increase your engagement on social media, blog posts, emails and presentations. Create images faster and easier than you ever imagined.

With Stencil for WordPress, you can design images as you write posts without ever leaving the page!

This 30-second video will show you what you can do with the Stencil plugin for WordPress:

Just some of the major features:

Powerful Image Editor – Designed with simplicity in mind, Stencil is a powerful but lightweight image editor that never gets in your way.

2,200,000+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos – More royalty-free “CC0” images than you’ll know what to do with! Thousands of new photos added every week!

2,000,000+ Icons & Graphics – Beautiful icons right at your fingertips, royalty-free and safe to use however you want (personal or commercial).

100,000+ Quotes – Make inspiring quote images in seconds by searching through our collection of quotes right in Stencil.

850+ Templates – Create beautiful images even faster with our premium templates, ready to be edited.

Upload & Store Logos – Upload & store every variation of your logo or different logos if you’re creating visuals for different brands. Add logos to your images instantly!

2,500+ Google Fonts or upload your own – Find the perfect font for your image by using any of Google’s thousands of web fonts! Or match your brand perfectly by uploading your own fonts directly to Stencil and use them in all your visuals.

41+ Preset Sizes – Perfect pre-loaded optimal sizes for social networks, ads, blog posts and more. Not enough? Create your own!

Instant Image Resizing – Change the size of your image without ever leaving the page or reloading.

Unlimited Uploads – Upload and use your own images in Stencil.

Favorites – Keep all your favorite photos, icons, and templates for easy future access.

Image Filters – Beautify your images with amazing filters.

Social Connections – Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Collections – Create your own custom collections and keep everything in Stencil organized.

More about Stencil:
We designed Stencil to be the fastest way to design beautiful images and graphics for your website, blog, social media channels, podcast covers, eBook covers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube channels.

While other services (like Canva, PicMonkey, Vectr, Crello, BeFunky, Fotor, Snappa) and products (like Photoshop, Sketch, GIMP) are great for certain tasks, Stencil is the fastest way to get your images designed in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a great Canva alternative or PicMonkey alternative, Stencil is the one!

We support unlimited uploads, meaning you can upload your entire collection of photos and graphics straight to Stencil for use. We support all the major image types (including JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, WebP), and you can always download any images you uploaded back down to your computer later on.

More about the Stencil for WordPress plugin:
While Stencil on it’s own is an amazing service, we (like you) spend a lot of time in our WordPress Admin area writing up our newest blogs and announcements.

Something we noticed while doing this is that it was a bit cumbersome switching tabs to Stencil to design our Featured Images for the blog post we were writing, download it, and then re-uploading into WordPress.

So we design this simple to use (and install) plugin so that you can use Stencil right from your WordPress Admin area.

This video will show you what that experience is like:

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Design and edit images using Stencil, right from within your WordPress blog
  • Add your Stencil-designed images to your posts in 2-clicks without ever leaving your blog
  • Add a photo or icon directly to your WordPress site by right-clicking on it and choosing "Add to Media Library"
  • Add a cropped portion of a photo directly to your WordPress site by choosing the "Add to Media Library" option


How does this work?

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can access the full Stencil experience right inside of WordPress. Not sure what Stencil is? It’s the fastest way to create amazing visuals. Check us out:

Do I need a Stencil account to use this plugin?

You can try Stencil out after installing the plugin without creating account, but in order to save or use any of the images you create, you’ll need to create an account with Stencil. You can do this right from within WordPress inside of the Stencil plugin.

Is Stencil free?

We offer a free version of Stencil which allows you to access some of the photos, icons and templates we provide, but to get the most out of Stencil and access all of our premium features, you’ll need (or want) a Pro or Unlimited account. More information on that is available here:

Can I use Stencil to add images to my Media Library

Yes! In fact, that’s exactly why this plugin exists: to let you design amazing images for your post without ever leaving WordPress. The Stencil plugin lives right next to your Media Library where you can design images as your write posts!

I still have questions; where can I get support?

Head over to and we’ll be more than happy to help!


25 Giugno 2019
The service is pretty cool! Very useful for teams, allowing copywriters to manage a larger portion of the process, by allowing them to create the assets for a post themselves, using pre-defined templates. The plugin worked great for me (multisite, quite atypical setup). A very welcome and well working extension to a very intuitive product.
21 Aprile 2019
Thanks for your work! All perfect! Just one think! MORE liberty plz)
26 Febbraio 2019
Wow, wow, wow! I have been using Stencil (since the early days when it was called "Share As Image"). It's incredibly easy to use and powerful, but this WordPress plugin as a huge game changer for me. Now I can import my Stencil images directly and have WordPress optimize them. Great for my work on clients websites and I can let them sign up for their own account at the end. I am hugely impressed that within under a week they have added support for a number of Page Builders and allowed us to rename the image file name to SEO friendly. Stunning work. Thank you!!
21 Febbraio 2019
Let me be the first one to review this plugin - it is a great idea, backed up by one of the best online image editors and a huge image library. The only thing that would make it better would be integrations with the most popular builders: Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Thrive Architect, Elementor, etc
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Bug fix where Utils class was excluded, and issue with extensions


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Revamp of loading-flow to allow for website Content Security Policies that fail to load remote utils class


Initial launch of the Stencil WordPress plugin