Tada: Instant Webpage Loading, Fast Website Browsing


Make browsing your website a more pleasant experience.

Uses the Instant.Page script to make browsing between pages on your website super fast.

The Instant.Page script prefetches pages that are about to be clicked on so that they start loading whilst you are on the current page. By the time you click on the link a lot of the loading process has happened and so the page appears to load much more quickly.

Increased website speed (even just the appearance of increased speed) improves user experience, and conversion rates, and stickiness, and all the good things that make users love you.


  1. Install and Activate the plugin through the plugins page.
  2. Done. Everything else is setup automatically.


How does this work?

Tada checks to see if your users are hovering over a link, and then uses the browsers built in prefetching mechanism to prefetch the html for the link that is about to be clicked.

Why are my pages still slow?

Whilst Tada does speed up the process, it will only reduce the time required to load the page – it won’t elminitate it. This means that heavy pages, and slow web hosts may not appear instantly. In addition, I have found that the WordPress admin interface can be quite slow and so the best experience happens for users who are logged out. I use the Incognito mode in my browser to test this.

What WordPress Themes work with Instant Pages?

Most WordPress themes will work fine with Instant Pages, however there are a few that may not. These are themes that use javascript to link to internal pages. For instance if the theme is built with React or Vue (or similar) then it may not work (but equally – probably isn’t needed). Also if the theme applies transitions to page loads (such as fading in and out) then you may not see an improvement. However these are specialist cases, and most themes will work great.


2 Febbraio 2021
A good solution for blogs and general websites! But in the case of large/mega-menu's the plugin simply preloads too many links which leads to many unneeded requests that slow down the process. A good solution would be to filter specific links with specific classes to clear out the many unneeded requests.
5 Agosto 2019 1 risposta
It's lightweight, involves no setup and produces instant results. My clients are happy, I'm happy. After testing it for a while on two of my personal sites, I bulked installed it on all of my sites. It's now one of my MU plugins for a WordPress site. Amazing work Ben!
16 Luglio 2019 1 risposta
as bad than jetpack, since i deleted this plugin my website run 1 second faster. When this plugin was installed a page opened in 1.8 second and now it's take 0.7 second for open a page
20 Marzo 2019
It's like someone sprayed my site with "Hurry up" sauce! Love it. thanks.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

1.2 – 26th November 2020

  • Update Instant page to the latest version.

1.1.1 – 25th July 2019

  • Add support for async attribute in script enqueue. Currently only works with the Jarvis theme, but may be coming to core (one day).

1.1 – 18th March 2019

  • Minify the script for more speed.

1.0 – 16th March 2019

  • Initial Release