Telegram Bot & Canale


Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software and they have AI features. With this plugin you can do anything: teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

Questo plugin consente di creare un Bot di Telegram con il tuo sito WordPress e inviare contenuti ai tuoi iscritti o a un Canale. ~ Follow our Telegram channel

Funzioni Bot

  • Risposte immediate (su webhook sicuri)
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Keyboards and inline buttons supported
  • Invio immediato di nuovi posts/pages/post_types tramite modello configurabile
  • Support for scheduled posts broadcast
  • Supports chats, groups, supergroups and channels
  • Create unlimited commands with custom replies (compatible with shortcodes and php)
  • Visualizza e gestisci i tuoi iscritti
  • Ottieni e rispondi dinamicamente alla geolocalizzazione degli utenti con l’algoritmo dell’emisenoverso
  • Invia messaggi manuali
  • Create custom applicatons with /$command $var1 $var2 format
  • Add php to /$commands (requires [Insert Php](
  • Zapier integrated! You can create integrations with services you use!

Funzioni Canale

  • Invia i tuoi contenuti sul tuo canale di Telegram

Nota: il tuo bot deve essere amministratore del canale per inviare messaggi

Warning: due to Telegram limitation you need SSL certificate to manage a Telegram Bot. If you don’t have one, just choose in plugin options. This is a free opt-in feature that will send some data to our server.


Zapier rende semplice l’automazione di operazioni tra applicazioni. Per esempio:

  • invia una notizia pubblicata sul tuo sito (basato su RSS)
  • invia il meteo ai tuoi iscritti, ogni giorno
  • informa gli utenti quando carichi una foto su Instagram
  • and much more… With 400+ Zapier Apps supported!



Puoi inserire le tue traduzioni qui:

If you want to be translation editor for your locale, please send your username and language code (eg. it_IT) to


Give a look to our faqs or ask for support. If you like this plugin, please leave a review or feedback so we can improve it!

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Plugin dashboard
  • Subscribers list
  • Commands list
  • Autoresponders
  • Integrazione con Zapier
  • opzioni plugin
  • Dynamic repliles and inline buttons example from IcBrendola_bot
  • Keyboard example from CosenzApp_bot
  • Post broadcasting (all post types)
  • Native Gutenberg support


Questa sezione spiega come installare il plugin e farlo funzionare.

  1. Upload telegram-bot directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Vai alla pagina di impostazioni
  4. Segui i passi e clicca aggiorna!


Documentation is available on

Come creo un bot?

Come permetto agli utenti di iscriversi?

Cosa è Zapier e come posso integrarlo?

Come attivare la modalità sviluppo?

If you are a developer, or just want a more complete “Telegram > Log” enable WP_DEBUG mode.
The plugin debug mode also allows to explore Telegram users and groups as standard posts. This let you to check custom fields for each users and modify them in real time. You’ll notice a new column (= Telegram id for the user) in Subscribers and Groups page.
We don’t suggest to keep WP_DEBUG if not for testing purposes.

Come impostare risposte dinamiche?

The best way to integrate and add functions is to create another plugin.
For example, create a file called telegram-bot-custom.php and upload it to wp-content/plugins, then activate it.
Write the file as follows:

Plugin Name: Telegram Bot & Channel (Custom)
Description: My Custom Telegram Plugin
Author: My name
Version: 1

add_action('telegram_parse','telegramcustom_parse', 10, 2);

function telegramcustom_parse( $telegram_user_id, $text ) {
    $plugin_post_id = telegram_getid( $telegram_user_id );

    if ( !$plugin_post_id ) {

    Here is the dynamic processing and how to reply.
    You can:
    - use if, switch and everything that works in php
    - check if $text is made of multiple words (create an array from $text)
    - customize and code other actions (ex. create WordPress post is $telegram_user_id is your id)

    if ( $text == '/command') {
        telegram_sendmessage( $telegram_user_id, 'Oh, yes you typed /command');



Come impostare tastiere dinamiche?

You can send custom keyboards directly in php. Every keyboard can be set only when you send a message, and is kept in the client side until another keyboard is sent (in another message). You can also change this behaviour by setting the $one_time_keyboard true or false.

telegram_sendmessage( $telegram_user_id, 'Hello from the other side!'); //Message with no keyboard (or with default one if set in plugin options)
telegram_sendmessage( $telegram_user_id, 'Hello from the other side!', telegram_build_reply_markup( '11,12,13;21,22', true )); //Message with custom keyboard

Here is the details of telegram_build_reply_markup (an array is returned):
‘11,12,13;21,22’, //The keyboard template (eg. 2 row, 3 columns for the first one and two columns for the second one
true, // $one_time_keyboard (optional) (default false = kept until a new keyboard is sent) (true = kept until the user send something to the bot)
true // $resize_keyboard (optional) (default true)

You can also alter keyboards for commands defined in the admin area. Start from the previous custom plugin created, and add the following filter:

add_filter( 'telegram_get_reply_markup_filter', 'telegram_get_reply_markup_filter_custom', 1 );

function telegram_get_reply_markup_filter_custom( $id ) {
    if ( $id ) {
        switch ( $id ) {
            case 7: //Your command ID (found in the url while editing the command)
                telegram_log('####', $id, 'custom keyboard'); //Useful for debug
                return array(
                    'keyboard' => array(array('Top Left', 'Top Right'),array('Bottom')),
                    'resize_keyboard' => true, //true or false (suggested: true)
                    'one_time_keyboard' => true //true or false

Come ottenere la posizione degli utenti?

È semplice, con l’algoritmo dell’emisenoverso (area circolare a un punto) o geolocalizzazione standard (4 punti).
Questi codici coprono solamente l’algoritmo dell’emisenoverso, che è semplice e supportato dal plugin. Per utilizzare la geolocalizzazione standard a 4 punti è sufficiente fare qualche calcolo php con strutture basiche if-then.

You can start from the previous custom plugin created, and add the following action:

add_action('telegram_parse_location','telegramcustom_c_parse_location', 10, 3);

function telegramcustom_c_parse_location ( $telegram_user_id, $lat, $long  ) {

  if ( telegram_location_haversine_check ( 45.85, 9.70, $lat, $long, 20 ) ) {
    telegram_sendmessage( $telegram_user_id, 'Inside the radius');


The examples sends a “Inside the radius” message when the user is inside the 20-meters radius centered in 45.85 Lat, 9.70 Long.

You have two developer functions to use:

//Check if point is within a distance (max_distance required)
$boolean = telegram_location_haversine_check ( $latitudeFrom, $longitudeFrom, $latitudeTo, $longitudeTo, $max_distance, $min_distance = 0, $earthRadius = 6371000);

//Calculate the distance
$int = telegram_location_haversine_distance ( $latitudeFrom, $longitudeFrom, $latitudeTo, $longitudeTo, $earthRadius = 6371000);

The first function returns a boolean (true/false) depending on given parameters. Please note that $min_distance and $earthRadius are optional.
The second one returns a int (in meters) of the distance. $earthRadius optional.

Both the functions calculates distances on meters. If you want another type of result, just change the $earthRadius.

How to get user photos?

We’ve written simple functions to let developers build everything.
Photos are saved in /wp-content/uploads/telegram-bot/’.$plugin_post_id.’/’.$file_name where $plugin_post_id is the custom post type id associated with the Telegram subscription (ex. ’24’) and $file_name is time().$extension

Plugin Name: Telegram Bot & Channel (Custom)
Description: My Custom Telegram Plugin
Author: My name
Version: 1

add_action('telegram_parse_photo','telegramcustom_parse_photo', 10, 2);

function telegramcustom_parse_photo ( $telegram_user_id, $photo  ) {

 $plugin_post_id = telegram_getid( $telegram_user_id );

 if ( !$plugin_post_id ) {

  Here is the dynamic processing and how to reply.
  You can:
   - use if, switch and everything that works in php
   - check if $text is made of multiple words (create an array from $text)
   - customize and code other actions (ex. create WordPress post is $telegram_user_id is your id)

   $photo[2]['file_id'] is only one of available sizes. You should make sure that this size exist, or check for another size.
   $photo[1]['file_id'] has lower resolution
 $url = telegram_download_file( $telegram_user_id, $photo[2]['file_id'] ); //Fetch and save photo to your server

 if ( $url ) { //$url is the local url because photo is already saved

  //You can save the entry in your db
  global $wpdb;
  $arr = array( 'telegram_id' => $telegram_user_id, 'plugin_post_id' => $plugin_post_id, 'url' => $url );

   $wpdb->prefix . 'your_table_name_that_must_already_exist', $arr, array( '%s' )

  //Or save it as custom field and use it for a Finite State Machine
  update_post_meta( $plugin_post_id, 'telegram_custom_last_photo_received', $url );

  telegram_sendmessage( $telegram_user_id, 'Photo received. Thank you!');


Another example, that is a “emergency bot” created for the mid-italy earthquake (24 august 2016) is available on GitHub


28 Aprile 2020
Please add more parameter to custom plugin, like telegram post id. Tq
29 Marzo 2020
واقعا فوق‌العاده عالی
10 Novembre 2016
Still many things to do, but there is no more powerful alternative in WP plugin directory.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Telegram Bot & Canale” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il Codice segui il Repository SVN iscriviti al Log delle Modifiche. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed.

Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

3.2.1 20200909

  • Fixed wrong icon for Gutenberg editor in WP 5.5
  • Temporary deactivated “Publish” text alteration in post edit screen (Gutenberg) due to regression

3.2 20200908

  • Added page support
  • Improved send to Telegram UI with message on publish button
  • Fixed bug and compatibility for post_type without custom-fields support declared

3.1.2 20200515

  • Bugfix for particular proxy configurations

3.1.1 20200515

  • Miglioramenti minori

3.1 20200430

  • New welcome screen
  • Redesigned options page
  • Performance improvements

3.0 28.04.2020

  • Added Gutenberg compatibility
  • Performance improvements
  • New backend design
  • Many new features coming soon!

2.3 27.12.2019

  • Anonymous functions to manage post actions are now callable for better third party integration
  • Many Thanks to STEFANO – Oratorio Leno (Brescia) ITALY

2.2.1 15.06.2019

  • Tested with latest WP version

2.2 05.09.2017

  • Tested with WP4.8

2.1.1 4.03.2017

  • Added %CHAT_ID% placeholder for post template (useful for Google Analytics campaign)
  • Fixed bug with publish_post when using %EXCERPT% (thanks @jsbmand)
  • Miglioramenti minori

2.0.7 7.02.2017

  • Fixed bug when parsing content containing “x”

2.0.6 13.01.2017

  • Fix: possibile problems with future_post_publish when hooking “telegram_send_post”
  • Improved perfomance

2.0.4 29.12.2016

  • Fix: markdown parameter was incorrectly added while sending to channel (error 400)

2.0.3 21.12.2016

  • Added filters to publish_post and publish_future_post to allow plugin’s customizations via actions
  • Fixed bug that printed a false error “incorrect parameters due to: HTTP/1.1 200 OK” in log
  • Fixed bug causing errors while sending to groups in some cases

2.0.1 16.12.2016

  • Fixed bug with widget channel link – Thanks @aghorbanmehr
  • Improved widget style
  • Improved main panel
  • Added localhost warning in plugin options (plugin can’t receive messages in offline environments)
  • Improved readme.txt

2.0 14.12.2016

  • Follow our new Telegram channel
  • Tested with WP 4.7
  • This is a major change that requires attention: info
  • New “bypass” platform for non-SSL users: Account registration no-longer required because it’s now done automatically by the plugin (as opt-in service)
  • Added inline buttons support
  • Added targeting system to send messages differently between users/groups/channel
  • Added widget to let users follow your bot/channel
  • Improved speed, filters and actions
  • Bugfixes and UI improvements

1.8.3 5.12.2016

  • Bugfix
  • New PHP filters for subscriber and group views (check source code to find more)

1.8.1 16.11.2016

  • Regression bugfix: new broadcast system didn’t work with custom post types
  • Minor performance boost

1.8 15.11.2016

  • Posts broadcast completely rewritten due to occasional bugs
  • Scheduled posts broadcast added
  • Version 2.0 in progress: stay tuned!

1.7.1 16.09.2016

  • Improved telegram_sendmessage() with ability to define custom keyboards via php
  • Added function to build a reply_markup that can be used as third parameter in telegram_sendmessage()
  • More dev-info in our faqs!

1.7 14.09.2016

  • Added php function to get and save incoming files. More info in our faqs!
  • We’re planning a free server upgrade for non-SSL users. Stay tuned: the best is yet to come!
  • Minor changes

1.6.1 27.08.2016

  • Added nopaging => true in “telegram_sendmessagetoall” function to force website post_limit override

1.6 26.08.2016

  • Added harvesine algorithm for radial geolocation. Check the faqs for more informations
  • Added a complete debug mode for developers to extend the plugin via custom fields. Check the faqs for more informations
  • Readme changes

1.5.2 25.08.2016

  • Fix for some persian environments
  • Performance improvements
  • Switched debug_mode trigger. Now you have to enable WP_DEBUG if you want to fire the plugin debug mode.

1.5.1 23.08.2016

  • Critical fix for “Insert_PHP” parsing (and similar) caused by oembed conflict (thanks @websurfertech)

1.5 23.08.2016

  • Added instant send when publishing new content with configurable template
  • This version changes the sendmessage function because WordPress now turned post links to title automatically.
  • Please test your dynamic commands if you extended the plugin via php
  • Miglioramenti minori

1.4.2 17.08.2016

  • Minor bugfix
  • Miglioramenti minori
  • WP 4.6 compatibility check

1.4.1 06.08.2016

  • Fixed error while parsing placeholders for supergroup

1.4 07.07.2016

  • Timeout prevention while sending to many users (Telegram doesn’t support bulk actions)
  • Please note that Telegram broadcasting is better with channels. You can try also indoona, indoona, another open chat (made in Italy) that is better and faster when sending multiple messages at once. indoona allows you to keep your followers and fans always up to date with your WordPress site directly from their chat!
  • Bugfix in parsing
  • Entries are now deleted instead of being deactivated (timeout prevention)
  • Old entries will be deleted when approriate error code is received from Telegram (as before when deactivating)

1.3.18 6.07.2016

  • Improved message_id check to avoid Telegram loops

1.3.17 21.05.2016

  • Removed message_id check due to Telegram changes – investigating now
  • Fixed reply_markup creation due to Telegram changes – should be correct now

1.3.16 22.04.2016

  • Bugfix for supergroups message_id

1.3.15 03.04.2016

  • Added supergroup support
  • Tested with WP4.5

1.3.14 26.02.2016

  • another bugfix for persian WP Jalali compatibility

1.3.13 26.02.2016

  • Fixed bug with WP-Jalali when persian numbers conversion enabled

1.3.12 21.02.2016

  • Added return values (true/false) to telegram_sendmessage($args)

1.3.11 15.02.2016

  • Fixed wrong version on main panel

1.3.10 14.02.2016

  • Miglioramenti minori
  • Performance improvements

1.3.9 13.02.2016

  • Fixed some php notices

1.3.8 05.02.2016

  • Added check to avoid empty message departure

1.3.7 02.02.2016

  • Added message_id check for loop prevention
  • Added sleep() function to prevent Telegram API limits when sending bulk messages

1.3.6 01.02.2016

  • Performance improvements and loop prevention

1.3.5 28.01.2016

  • Now manual send detects inactive users and deactive theme.
  • Minor changes
  • Fixed bug with sending messages to groups

1.3.4 24.01.2016

  • Added hackable telegram_parse_location filter

1.3.3 13.01.2016

  • Better scalability for admin columns
  • Miglioramenti minori

1.3.2 13.01.2016

  • Fixed columns.php encoding
  • Minor changes

1.3 8.01.2016

  • Aggiungi tastiere personalizzate ai comandi
  • Aggiungi servizi di localizzazione – see documentation

1.2 7.01.2016

  • Aggiunta tastiera personalizzata
  • Aggiunti alias comandi (scrivili semplicemente seoarati da virgola nel campo del titolo)
  • Miglioramenti minori

1.1.1 7.01.2016

  • Minor changes

1.1 26.12.2015

  • Aggiunto supporto canali
  • Added new translation system. Please contribute here:
  • Miglioramenti minori

1.0.2 21.11.2015

  • Fixed log DEBUG being incorrectly activated
  • Minor improvements to log system
  • Various improvements

1.0 19.11.2015

  • Various bugfixs and improvements
  • Added full Groups support (bot can now be added to groups)
  • Added separate view for groups
  • Migliorato pannello Utenti
  • Added customizable /start and /stop message (for groups too)
  • Added notices in admin screen

0.13 11.11.2015

  • Now /command and /command test call the same function. Not for /commandtest
  • This allows to build more advanced functions with parameters!

0.12 11.11.2015

  • Added developer function telegram_get_data_array()
  • Readme changes
  • Minor changes

0.11 09.11.2015

  • Fixed bug in some sites when having more than 10 commands (bypass global site query limit)
  • Now if a user change/add/remove First Name, Last Name, Username in his Telegram the list will reflect changes
  • Better Main Panel with RSS
  • Added dispatches counter
  • New style for inactive users in Subscribers list
  • Miglioramenti minori

0.10 24.10.2015

  • Added shortcode parsing. This includes php parsing if apposite plugin is installed – eg Insert Php
  • Bugfixes
  • Miglioramenti minori

0.9 23.09.2015

  • Added Zapier integration (beta) – see faq for details
  • Minor changes
  • Added possibility to use markdown (BOLD, ITALIC, URL)

0.8 15.09.2015

  • Subscribers list changes
  • Added /stop support
  • Bugfixes + improvements

0.7.3 – 14.09.2015

  • Improved send message function

0.7.2 – 13.09.2015

  • Commands now are case-insensitive
  • Fixed bug for post thumbnail not being received

0.7.1 – 13.09.2015

  • Compatibility fix for PHP5.3

0.7 – 13.09.2015

  • Added Send Message panel
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability (thanks to Roman Ananyev)

0.1 – 07.09.2015

  • First Commit