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The Themify Builder is the most powerful and easy to use page designer and builder for WordPress. Design any layout that you can imagine with its drag and drop interface, and with live preview, you can see everything come together right in front of your eyes. Simply select, drag and drop, and you’ve built beautiful pages – without any coding!

The Builder is modular in design and is optimized for better performance resources. It’s also SEO friendly, translatable, and supports multi-site networks. In addition, it comes with its own cache system that reduces the server resources and process processes pages faster. Works on any post type, support HTML input, and play well with all major plugins such as WooCommerce, SEO Yoast, Disqus, MailChimp, Jetpack, WPML, and Contact Form 7.

Themify Builder – Panoramica

Builder Features:

  • Responsive in tutte le risoluzioni.
  • Frontend live preview editing.
  • Compact backend Builder editing.
  • Includes all modules (Text, Video, Accordion, Gallery, Post, Widgetized, Widget, Menu, Button, Slider, Map, Icon, Feature, etc.)
  • Custom styling – Google fonts, background color, padding, margin, and border.
  • Undo/Redo Builder modifications as you edit.
  • Copia / incolla moduli, righe e colonne.
  • Import/Export specific modules, rows, and columns from one computer to another.
  • Duplica facilmente qualsiasi modulo o riga.
  • Row and column layout pre-set grids. Rows and columns can be nested in sub rows or columns.
  • Larghezze delle colonne trascinabili.
  • 60+ predesigned Builder layouts.
  • 60+ animation effects.
  • Responsive Styling.
  • Background – slider, video, parallax scrolling, and gradient.
  • Revisions – allows you to save your Builder layout with unlimited versions.
  • Visibility control where you can set whether a module or row is visible on a specific device.
  • Layout parts – re-usable parts that can be included in the Builder.
  • CSS personalizzato


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  • Themify Builder


  1. Carica l’intera directory del plugin nella directory /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ di WordPress
  3. Divertiti!


18 Settembre 2020
Have been using themify and its builder for 4 years--was new to WP and choose the theme more than the builder and since then I have learned much more and I am no longer a "newbie" to WP. Themify builder is slow, prone to crashing and after themify updates you can almost be assured of issues. Support is terrible and takes 3 to 7 days to get a response and then usually only after you post a complaint on social media.
12 Febbraio 2020
I like the overall design of the plugin and the interface when creating page content. But if it breaks, the entire site goes down. I've had to constantly create full offline backups of the wordpress files and the entire database when it works because if it breaks there is no going back unless you restore the database. This process will keep you developing one thing forever without making progress because you'd spend time debugging instead of creating or restoring backups after the entire thing comes down. There is little support for the errors like the TFCache not found if you disable the plugin and try to re-enable it, currently I'm just baffled by the backend which is completely gone?! I don't have any idea how to fix that, I've tried tweaking all the safe options (never disable the plugin because the whole site will crash beyond recovery). Also when you duplicate a block and try to move it, the page scales into a thin tall window and places the dropped block in the wrong place almost all the time. If the developers of this plugin were a little more serious and active, this would be the best plugin for page development in wordpress in my view because of it's light and simplistic yet straight forward nature. Sometimes the plugin will show the content placement correctly in edit mode but show things out of place and proportions when in live view.
2 Febbraio 2020
I'm feeling proud to be the user of themify builder. I can not express my feelings but you guys have just done a lot for web designers a lot. Really can't thank a lot. Keep up the good work. It's 100/100 guys. Do use this builder. You'll go to places.
17 Gennaio 2020
J'utilise Themify depuis 2018 et je suis vraiment satisfait de la qualité des nombreux produits proposées : Thèmes, Page Builder, addons, Custom Post type... Ils ont pensé à tout ou presque ! Le support est réactif et efficace. Le prix est plus que correct. Merci,
9 Dicembre 2019
Disabling the plugin on my main child theme after working on a page to use on an empty page led me to this warning There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. as soon as i hit save.. i was ignorant enough to disable it without reading the warning my bad.. just a heads up.. you can most certainly use this plugin to build a very good layout without a need of custom theme honestly.only that this plugin is a bit too intrusive imo.
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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

5.0.8 (2021.02.22)

  • New: Builder: Add Link Block module
  • Fix: Builder: Margins are not working properly in portfolio module
  • Fix: Builder: Row/column link styling override Button preset color
  • Fix: Builder: On Menu module, dropdown menu links not displaying on iPad
  • Fix: Builder: Module with entrance animation hidden if view with scrollTo
  • Fix: Builder: sticky element shifts positions when browser height changes
  • Fix: Builder: Sticky modules don’t remain sticky when you go off page and back
  • Fix: Builder: Right Margins are not working on builder mode
  • Fix: Builder: Optin form email field label show twice on the live page
  • Fix: Builder: Optin form has console error after submit
  • Fix: Builder: Saved Rows can not be added to Builder
  • Fix: Builder: Search conflict with themify event post plugin
  • Fix: Builder: Row background slider continuously load images over the network
  • Fix: Builder: Parallax background shows gap on mobile
  • Fix: Builder: Conflict with Formidable form plugin
  • Fix: Builder: Return the image/video icon back to zoom icon
  • Fix: Builder: Gallery slider mode: animate caption after slide transition is done
  • Fix: Builder: With the cube effect, the slider causing text to overlap
  • Fix: Builder: Add hide label text on Icon module (for web accessibility reason)
  • Fix: Builder: Builder scrollTo offset doesn’t work if header select none

5.0.7 (2021.01.16)

  • Change: Builder: Re-coded drag & drop UI with HTML5 (better & smooth performance)
  • New: Builder: Add autocomplete when taxonomy/category select has too many items
  • Fix: Builder video bg slider plugin has conflict with FW sliders
  • Fix: Builder: Lightbox scrolling issue on smaller screens
  • Fix: Builder: Speed up Overlay Content slide in animation
  • Fix: Builder: Categories selector in all Modules can’t load more than 100 Categories
  • Fix: Builder: Lightbox scrolling issue on smaller screens
  • Fix: Builder: When an animation is selected, preview should show the animation
  • Fix: Builder: Row video background insert is not working
  • Fix: Builder: In Slider Module the Image Links have alt attribute
  • Fix: Builder: Events made easy plugin conflict with builder
  • Fix: Builder: Entrance animation doesn’t show if it is scrolled with scrollTo anchor
  • Fix: Builder: In image module if you have selected full-overlay layout the text added in image caption load in wrong place on page reload
  • Fix: Builder: The modal lightbox “X” button is white on white with button pro
  • Fix: Builder: Re-map all old Slider fade effects to fade
  • Fix: Builder: Toolset compatibility: Gutenberg block style CSS file not loading
  • Fix: Builder: Layout Parts and Pro’s templates lose styling when editing Builder on frontend
  • Fix: Builder: The Play button is not visible on Overlay Image in Safari browser
  • Fix: Builder: In slider module add new slide button is showing 3 times

5.0.6 (2020.12.15)

  • Changed: Builder: Re-map all old Slider fade effects to fade
  • Fix: Slider Module: Auto-scroll off option doesn’t work if you have a slider with autoplay above
  • Fix: Builder: Testimonials Module Image Bubble styling not working on live site
  • Fix: make the responsive inputs editable in Themify Builder Plugin settings

5.0.5 (2020.12.04)

  • New: Builder: Add title attribute to Button module
  • New: Builder: Add width and display options in all modules and addons
  • New: Builder: Add required attribute to the login form field\
  • Fix: Builder: Module visibility indicator icon doesn’t show on re-edit
  • Fix: Builder: In section scrolling align-top is not working for the grids/column settings
  • Fix: Builder: Row background-position does not work when best fit is selected
  • Fix: Builder: Accordion containing Themify shortcode overlaps with the below accordion title
  • Fix: Builder: Cannot have different content layout set for post modules used in the page
  • Fix: Builder: Gallery issues with “Slider” mode
  • Fix: Builder: Preview mode doesn’t work with visibility options
  • Fix: Builder: Vimeo video does not work as background row video
  • Fix: Builder: Backend Text module missing preview text
  • Fix: Builder: Img title attribute doesn’t output if alt and title both entered in media library image
  • Fix: Builder: content does not display in correct location if access control shortcodes are used
  • Fix: Builder: content shows in wrong location when Gutenberg page break is used
  • Fix: Builder: On image module, if full-overlay layout is selected, the image caption text loads in wrong place

5.0.4 (2020.11.25)

  • New: Builder: Post filter styling option missing in post and portfolio module
  • Change: Builder: Use page title as the email subject in email share icon
  • Change: Builder: Change visibility handling based on responsive breakpoint settings
  • Fix: Builder: On iOS row background with fixed background-attachment appears very large
  • Fix: Builder: Enhance parallax background on all devices
  • Fix: Builder: Hide row anchor on URL doesn’t work
  • Fix: Builder: Sticky issue on some situations
  • Fix: Builder: Lazy loading function is not working properly with anchor scrolling
  • Fix: Builder: ScrollTo anchor doesn’t work on old iOS 12.4.8
  • Fix: Builder: Videos added in slider are not working
  • Fix: Builder: Post module navigation not showing active after 4 pages
  • Fix: Builder: Gallery module > slider mode, image title/caption not showing
  • Fix: Builder: Update Optin Form > Newsletter provider API error
  • Fix: Builder Framework : Cancel X Button does not work properly
  • Fix: Builder: If you have an overlay image enabled on video module clicking the play button mute the audio
  • Fix: Builder: Sliders image size not correct and doesn’t following the selected visible slides if the effect is set to fade or cross fade
  • Fix: Builder: Themify Social Links widget does not work via Builder Widget module
  • Fix: Builder: Testimonial post module fullwidth layout is not working properly
  • Fix: Builder: On Safari, Builder row module and grid icons are broken
  • Fix: Builder: In section scrolling align-top is not working for the grids/column settings
  • Fix: Builder: Post module layout gets affected if you change featured image position in archive layout settings
  • Fix: Builder: Can’t disable related videos in Video module by add &rel=0

5.0.3 (2020.11.06)

  • Fix: Builder: Button link text decoration not working in button module
  • Fix: Builder: Page Break pagination doesn’t work on single post
  • Fix: Builder: Autoplay not working for self-hosted videos
  • Fix: Builder: Page jumps to top if row has anchor on iPhone Chrome
  • Fix: Builder: ScrollTo doesn’t work properly if you enter full URL path anchor

5.0.2 (2020.11.04)

  • Fix: Builder: Wrong image size output in width/height img attribute
  • Fix: Builder: Gallery Slider Auto Scroll time above 10s not working
  • Fix: Builder: Feature module in hidden row causes scroll flicker on iPhone
  • Fix: Builder: Lazy load doesn’t work on old browsers
  • Fix: Builder: Accordion Open by default when set to closed
  • Fix: Builder: If you set visible slides=4 for tablet, mobile visible slide option won’t work
  • Fix: Builder: On Text module, the Insert link option does not work correctly on frontend
  • Fix: Builder: Creating Global Style from Dashboard does not work
  • Fix: Builder: Global Style loses selection in the backend Builder
  • Fix: Builder: Margin top added in rows and columns not work in preview mode
  • Fix: Builder: More link doesn’t work in Post module
  • Fix: Builder: Gallery images linked to attachment pages cause blank lightbox
  • Fix: Builder: Posts not showing after Search and Filter Pro plugin activated

5.0.1 (2020.10.27)

  • Fix error in old versions of PHP

5.0.0 (2020.10.23)

  • WARNING: This is a major update. Please test it on a staging site before updating on live site.
  • WARNING: All Builder addons must be updated to 2.0+ to use with Builder 5.0+
  • New: Lazy load images, videos, sliders, maps, etc.
  • New: Modularize CSS (ie. split the css and only load them as needed)
  • New: Builder: Added Overlay Content module
  • Change: Builder: Replace slider JS to swiper.js
  • Change: Builder: Replace icon font to individual SVG icon
  • Fix: YouTube/Vimeo background video not covering the full row
  • Fix: Builder: content does not display in correct location if access control shortcodes are used
    ** If you need to roll back to the old version due to update issues, you may download the old version here: