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This plugin allows publishers to select directly from the WordPress media library all media content such as images, videos, documents, audio and galleries that have been previously uploaded into the DAM. Media files can be included both using standard Gutenberg’s blocks and using the THRON Universal Player.


  • full integrated with THRON DAM
  • allows you to embed images, video, audio and any other type of content
  • fully responsive for any device
  • 100% compliant with gutenberg editor


  • All you need to get started is to register for a free THRON account to use the plugin and start uploading your media to the cloud.


  • Automatic responsive images for delivery on various devices in different resolutions.
  • Enpower the performance of your website,
  • Full support for all types of content: images, videos, audio, gallery and 360 product views
  • Integrated CDN to improve the performance in the delivery of the contents of your site uploaded in THRON
  • THRON Player integration with the gutenberg editor: maximize the usability and the exzperience for multimedia contents

Simple Integration

  • Upload your assets in a THRON folder
  • Embed an image and video from THRON using the simple Gutenberg Thron embed block


Contributors & Developers

Websolute spa


  • The Attachment page detail
  • Contet selction from THRON.
  • Embedding images using the gutenberg block
  • THRON Plugin settings


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Install from within wordpress

  • Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select Add New.
  • Search for THRON.
  • Select THRON from the list.
  • Activate it from your Plugins page.
  • Go to Setting up below.

Install THRON plugin manually

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Extract files
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Place <?php do_action('plugin_name_hook'); ?> in your templates

Setting up

  • Once the plugin is activated, go to the THRON settings.
  • Youll be prompted to your THRON clientId, AppId and AppKey that you can find on the WordPress Connector page in THRON.
  • After saving, the plugin is active and connected to the THRON platform.


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