Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution


Tutor LMS is a complete, feature-packed, and robust WordPress LMS plugin to easily create & sell courses online. All the features of this learning management system hit all the checkpoints for a full-fledged online course marketplace.

You can create challenging and fun quizzes, interactive lessons, powerful reports, and stats making Tutor potentially the best free WordPress LMS plugin. Manage, administer and monetize your education, online school, and online courses without having to write a single line of code.

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Tutor LMS is a completely free WordPress LMS plugin. It comes with premium high-quality add-ons that you can add to empower the core plugin more! This WordPress LMS plugin is lightweight with add-ons to enable certificates, e-mail notifications, shopping carts and so much more!

🔥 Scarica Tutor LMS, il plugin di corsi online più potente e avanzato di WordPress.

Crea, personalizza, gestisci e vendi corsi online creando un sito web di e-learning funzionale con questo plugin LMS gratuito per WordPress.

Listen to What People Have to Say:

🙆 “After hours and hours of research and trying several LMS platforms, I have decided to purchase Tutor LMS. I’ve run into some bugs, but they were quickly solved by their customer support team. I’m using it for some time now and have been able to check out the V2 beta. It will be a great step and make this amazing LMS even better!” —nowhereman78

🙆 “This LMS has pretty much everything you’d expect from an LMS and more: Course builder, lessons, several quiz/assignment types, video embed, zoom integration, front-end dashboard, payment/woocommerce integrations, and a lot of other great add-ons. It provides a streamlined experience and is easy to use for both admins, tutors and students. Great support and reasonably priced.” —mariusandersen

🙆 “Tutor LMS is an excellent plugin. Tutor LMS is very powerful, the course tab, the profile system (specially the profile page) and the course list. And the support is fast and efficient!!” —jrox10

🙆 “Uso LMS basati su WordPress da alcuni anni e dopo poche settimane di utilizzo questo è diventato decisamente il mio preferito. Speriamo che continui così”. -terryheick


Ecco le caratteristiche più importanti del plugin Tutor LMS. Se hai bisogno di ulteriori informazioni, non esitare a contattarci. Di seguito sono elencate le migliori offerte di Tutor LMS.

🏗️ Frontend Course Builder
📚 Unlimited Courses and Lessons
👁️ Course Preview
🧩 Intuitive Advance Course Builder
📊 Frontend Student Dashboard
📌 Personalized Dashboard for Each Roles (Admins, instructors, Students)
📽️ Video lessons
📹 Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, Embedded Video, etc)
👩‍🏫 Separate Teacher profiles
📝 Lesson management
🏆 Dynamic drag and drop certificate builder
🧩 Advanced Quiz builder (Multiple quiz types)
💰 Earning & commission allocation
💸 Multiple withdrawal options
📜 Purchase history
🎨 Styling options
📊 Course widget
📝 Teacher registration form
⭐ Course review and rating system
❓ Q&A for students with the course teacher
🎥 Video poster (trailer/teaser)
🚀 Tracking course progress
🌟 Course difficulty level
⏳ Define course duration
🌐 Course marketplace
📋 Add course requirements and instruction
⏱️ Quiz Timer
📝 Quiz Attempts
💳 Centralized monetization settings
🔦 Spotlight mode
🔄 RTL ready
🏗️ Page builder support
📚 Gutenberg compatible
🔐 Content security
📈 Advanced analytics And more
📅 Content Drip
👥 Enrolling Students Manually
📊 Creating Custom Grading Scales in Tutor LMS
🔔 Automated Notifications
🎓 Course Bundles
👩‍🏫 Multi-Instructor System
🔐 Social Login for Enhanced Security
🔒 Tutor LMS REST API Authentication Support
👤 Manage Active Login Sessions
🔐📱 Two-Factor Authentication
🛡️ Fraud Protection
📧 Email Verification
🌐 International Language Support

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Tutor LMS Extended Features

Chiunque desideri realizzare un gestionale completo per la formazione può usare Tutor LMS. Ecco alcune delle molteplici applicazioni di Tutor LMS:

👥 Blended learning
🏫 Community education
💻 Online classroom
🎓 Training courses
📚 Professional continuing education

Queste sono solo alcune delle possibilità che Tutor LMS offre ai propri utenti. Questo plugin LMS per WordPress presenta un modo di apprendimento intuitivo tutto da scoprire.


Con un design minimalista e uniforme, Tutor LMS offre la migliore esperienza utente, dall’interfaccia intuitiva e facile da usare. Con l’idea che meno è meglio, l’intera interfaccia è stata rinnovata e le varie incongruenze di colore sono state risolte. È stata inoltre migliorata in termini di accessibilità, per facilitare le cose a tutti gli utenti disabili.


Create courses with their details like videos, attachments, excerpts, additional data, the benefit of the course, requirement, topic, summary, announcement, and video banners in this WordPress LMS plugin. Have lessons under course and attach video and other attachments to each lesson. Tutor, the advanced WordPress LMS plugin lets you present courses on an intuitive user interface with all required options to offer a top-notch learning system.


With tons of awesome features inside this WordPress course plugin, it is easy to set up, control, and manage teachers, students, courses & lessons.
There are rich Tutor Settings to define, select, and limit options for Course, Lesson, Quiz, Teacher, Student, and Email Notification.


Ogni studente registrato sul tuo sito web LMS avrà una bacheca frontend per vedere lo stato del corso, i progressi, le notifiche, gli annunci e qualsiasi informazione che un amministratore o un docente del corso imposterà dal backend.


Set up easy registration forms to approve instructors for a course with this WordPress LMS plugin. Review instructor profiles and then have custom settings for the instructor role. Select whether instructors can publish courses directly or be checked before publishing.


Create quizzes with this WordPress course plugin. Add questions while setting up quizzes or add them from preset questions from the Question section. Set up the time limit and restrict the number of attempts, passing grades, and so on. This WordPress LMS plugin also lets you limit the number of questions available for students to answer.


Engage your students by uploading multimedia lessons in versatile video sources such as Vimeo, YouTube videos, etc. Set an introductory video at the start of your course easily and define the video poster and duration with this WordPress course plugin.


With this free LMS plugin for WordPress, you can create questions that are supposed to be added to the Quizzes. There are over 10 question types that you can choose from to fulfill all your quizzing needs. Using the WordPress LMS plugin, create questions by defining question type (True/False, Multiple Choice, Single Choice), marks for each question (if answered right), answer type, descriptions, and answer hints for the students to attempt the right answer.) and more!


Gli studenti possono inviare domande dai rispettivi profili sui corsi interessati, prima di iscriversi. Questa utile funzione incoraggia le interazioni con gli studenti e migliora i tassi di conversione dei corsi.


Tutor permette l’invio automatizzato di email a studenti e docenti. Puoi inviare automaticamente le email di iscrizione a un corso, del suo completamento e del completamento dei quiz sia agli studenti, sia ai docenti.


Being integrated with WooCommerce, Tutor, the WordPress LMS plugin offers eCommerce functionalities and enables you to sell courses on your website.
You can see sales data, completed and pending orders for your courses from WooCommerce reports. If you want to issue discount coupons or PDF invoices, that too is possible. You can use any WooCommerce addon to monitor and improve your sales and marketing along with this WordPress LMS plugin.


Integra il tuo sistema di gestione e-learning con il plugin EDD. Vendi i tuoi corsi senza problemi scegliendo trai vari intermediari di pagamento supportati da EDD.


The earning and commission allocation feature in Tutor allows easy distribution of course earnings between the admin and other instructors using the WordPress LMS plugin. You can easily set the percentage of earning distribution with this option, any other fees that need to be deducted, and statements to show per page. You’ll get a detailed report on all your earning stats, deducted fees, deducted commissions, and every other useful information on your dashboard inside this WordPress LMS plugin as well. There’s a detailed graphical representation of your earnings along with advanced filters to know how much you earned over a specific time.


The withdrawal option in Tutor LMS helps manage withdrawals easily. You can predefine the minimum amount in this WordPress LMS plugin that needs to be earned before instructors can send a withdrawal request. It also comes with the option to select the withdrawal method such as bank transfer, PayPal, and ECHECK. If you want to add additional information on withdrawal you can do so too with this WordPress LMS plugin. Easily view all the withdrawal information from your dashboard displaying current balance, pending, completed, and rejected withdrawal stats.


Keep track of all the purchase options using the purchase history in the dashboard in the WordPress LMS plugin. Check the purchase status, amount, and when the purchase was made inside Tutor LMS.


Tutor LMS comes with the setting to hide the header & footer for the course learning interface. Offer students a distraction-free lesson with the spotlight mode option.


Create online courses with the new Gutenberg editor without facing any issues whatsoever in the innovative WordPress LMS plugin. Tutor LMS is completely compatible with the Gutenberg editor in case you want to display your courses in the block interface. Moreover, Tutor LMS comes with three custom Gutenberg blocks. The blocks are – Tutor Student Dashboard, Student Registration, and Instructor Registration Form.


Tutor LMS possiede il più sicuro sistema di gestione in fase di creazione dei corsi online. Le terze parti non possono visualizzare i video tramite gli URL, garantendo così che solo gli studenti iscritti possano accedere ai video contenuti nei tuoi corsi.


Tutor LMS’s Content Drip feature allows instructors to schedule when course content is released to students. Instructors can set lessons, topics, quizzes, etc., to unlock after a prerequisite is fulfilled or on specific future dates. Content is automatically made visible to students according to the preset schedule. This creates a structured learning path by releasing parts of the course over time. Students stay engaged as new content unlocks each day or week rather than all at once.


The Advanced Notification System in Tutor LMS allows automated emails and push notifications to students. Notifications can be sent out for key events like new assignments, quiz reminders, content updates, enrollment confirmation, course completion, and more. You can customize notification frequency, timing, and messages.


The Multi-Instructor System in Tutor LMS allows you to assign multiple instructors to a single course. All instructors can manage and teach the course together. Great for collaborative course creation! Instructors can create their own lecture materials and quizzes within shared courses. Learner progress and analytics are available to all instructors. Smooth instructor collaboration leads to more engaging course content for students.


Tutor LMS lets you combine multiple courses together into a packaged Course Bundle. You can bundle related courses to offer students a complete learning program. You can add any number of courses to a bundle to cover a varied range of topics for students. Course Bundles are a great way to provide bundles of curated content to students at a discounted bundle price.


With the Certificate Builder in Tutor LMS you can create and award customized completion certificates to students. You can use pre-made templates or design new certificates completely from scratch. Course creators can also showcase certificates on their course details pages, providing certificate previews to prospective students. Students can also share their certificates on social media to display their educational achievements.


The Commission Allocation tool provides an automated system for distributing commission earnings to instructors and admin in Tutor LMS. Commissions earned on course sales can be split with a set percentage going to the instructor who created the course and the rest going to the site admin. Tutor LMS has advanced money management settings to completely customize how admins want commissions to be split.


Conduct Live Video sessions with students within Tutor LMS courses & lessons and increase interaction with students and connect with them. Instructors can schedule real-time video meetings using integrated platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. Just share the meeting link and students can join with one click. Video sessions enable interactive class lectures, discussions, and collaboration. Instructors can screen share, answer questions in real-time, and engage students face-to-face online.


Robust grade tracking with weighted grading categories, attendance tracking, exporting options, and more for in-depth analysis.


The Quiz Import/Export feature allows you to reuse quizzes easily. You can export an existing quiz as a CSV file. Then import that CSV file into a new course to create an identical copy of the original quiz. This saves time compared to creating a new quiz from scratch. After importing, you can use the quiz as is or customize it as needed. You can also duplicate quizzes in Tutor LMS with a click of a button. It’s a great way to share and reuse engaging quiz content.


The Manual Enrollment tool allows Admins to manually add students to their courses in Tutor LMS. Admins can also unenroll students using the same list. The manual enrollment management system gives teachers flexibility and customization over course rosters within Tutor LMS.


The Social Login feature allows students to register and log into Tutor LMS using their existing social media accounts, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This provides a streamlined, one-click login option for students versus creating new account credentials.


Tutor LMS offers security features to keep your site and users safe. Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security for more protection. Fraud Protection helps guard against suspicious activity. Email Verification requires users to confirm their addresses verifying legitimacy of new signups. These security tools give you peace of mind that your eLearning site and user data are secure.


Here are the key points from the README text file, highlighted in bold:

  • Tutor Report: Get powerful stats for a complete analysis of which courses are performing great with students and judge individual course popularity. Monitor reviews with this WordPress LMS plugin and manually change quiz grades right from the panel.

  • Tutor Email: Sending emails to students and teachers has been made automated in Tutor. You can send course enrollment, course completion, and quiz completion email to both students and teachers automatically. Customize email templates easily using the Email Template Editor that comes with the WordPress LMS plugin.

  • Tutor Certificates: Offer beautifully designed certificates for completed courses to students. You can upload your own certificates with this amazing add-on that comes with this WordPress LMS plugin. We also have a drag & drop Certificate builder.

  • Tutor Course Preview: Unlock a few courses for students to try out before they enroll in a lesson. This boosts conversion rates and allows target students to get the feel of the lessons.

  • Tutor Course Attachment: Include all the class materials in pdf, doc, etc. format for students to download. Attach lesson files, course outlines, and every other information as an attachment with Tutor.

  • Tutor Multi Instructors: Add as many instructors as you want to individual courses. Enhance the course experience of students by having the option to have a great lineup of teachers.

  • Tutor Prerequisites: Define a certain set of courses that students need to complete before enrolling for a new course.

  • Tutor Assignments: Create assignments that students can submit easily with several useful settings to assess students smartly.

  • Tutor Paid Memberships Pro: Subscriptions are made easy with the Tutor Paid Membership pro addon. Using the Tutor Paid Memberships Pro plugin integration with Tutor LMS, include site-wise and category-wise subscriptions for your eLearning platform.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: Have all the subscription options supported by WooCommerce using the WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on. Earn higher revenue with the versatile subscription options in WooCommerce.

  • Frontend Course Builder: Build your course on the go using the frontend course builder in the Tutor LMS plugin. Instructors can see how their course looks live without even having to go backend. The industry-first frontend course builder in any WordPress LMS plugin ever.

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Cerchi il miglior LMS per WordPress? Scegli Tutor LMS e avvia subito il tuo sito web di e-learning.

Expanded Features through Integrations

Tutor LMS integrates with various third-party tools and services to enhance features and functionality. Some key integrations include:

ChatGPT – Use the power of ChatGPT in Tutor LMS
Weglot – Translate course content into multiple languages
BunnyNet – Generate human-like audio files from the course text
Zoom – Enable live video conferencing within courses
Google Meet- Enables video meetings and communication for online courses
Divi Builder, Oxygen Builder, Elementor- These page builders allow customization of the eLearning platform and course content.
GamiPress- Gamifies the platform by awarding points and achievements to learners for their progress.

These key integrations with Tutor LMS extend its capabilities for a more powerful and connected learning management system.


  • Dashboard: Intuitive & personalized dashboard for instructor and students
  • Notifications: Get instant personalized notifications about important course updates
  • Single course page: Get detailed course details page to instantly grab students' attentions
  • Course Catalog: Set your preferences to create a beautiful course catalog
  • Advanced Analytics: Get next-level report insights with detailed advanced analytics
  • Intuitive Settings: Modern and more flexible configuration with intuitive backend settings
  • Calendario: rimani aggiornato su tutti gli eventi dei corsi grazie ad un bellissimo calendario eventi
  • Email Template: Edit email template content right from the settings to make life easy
  • Email Template Preview: Email template preview helps you visualize the content and make changes accordingly
  • Instructor Showcase: Edit instructor list layouts to showcase all your wonderful instructors
  • Instructor List: Frontend preview of the brilliant showcase of instructors list layouts
  • Public Profile(Instructor):The instructor’s public profile layout beautifully segmented with all their details
  • Color Preset: Preset Colors tab to configure color settings throughout your entire site
  • Gradebook: Ease of access to edit your entire Grading point system for your LMS
  • Certificate Configuration: A guided certificate setup page to create the best certificates
  • Certficiate Builder: Fully customizable certificates using drag & drop Certificate Builder
  • Student Progress: In-depth analytics & metrics detailing student progress
  • Quiz Types: A plethora of unique and engaging quiz question types
  • Quiz Builder: A powerful Quiz Builder revived with a new look and feel
  • Add Quiz: Drag & drop editor to effortlessly create and edit quiz questions
  • Quiz Customization: Nifty quiz options to enable Time Limit, Quiz Feedback Mode, and more
  • Quiz Attempt History: Detailed list of Quiz Attempt History all gathered in one place
  • Course Progress: Home to essential features like Course Progress and Announcements
  • Contenuti del corso: visualizza un elenco dettagliato dei contenuti del corso
  • Q&A Section: Engaging Q&A functionality to encourage better communication
  • Rating: Share thoughts with the community through Rate & Review
  • Spotlight Mode: Get in the zone by disabling all distractions using Spotlight Mode
  • Assignments: Stay ahead of the test using the handy Assignment feature
  • Q&A List: Use the Q&A page to easily manage and filter all queries
  • Q&A Communication: Prioritize important Q&As and mark them as solved once completed
  • Mobile Responsive: Highly responsive UI designed for quality user experience


Questo plugin fornisce 3 blocchi.

  • Student Registration
  • Instructor Registration
  • Tutor Student Dashboard


28 Novembre 2023 2 risposte
"I opted for Tutor LMS for my digital marketing academy and I must say, I'm genuinely impressed by its integrations and the plethora of tools it offers. If you're serious about establishing your online academy, I wholeheartedly recommend Tutor LMS. Their support team is exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive, providing prompt solutions to any issues you may encounter. A special shoutout to Rachid Houssain for his unwavering support – you're the best! Tutor LMS has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations."
27 Novembre 2023 2 risposte
Really happy with both the plugin (this and Pro version) and the support they offer!
26 Novembre 2023 2 risposte
I have to say this is one of the best plugins for Wordpress. For sure the best for building eLearning courses. Very simple, very open and very professional. Especially certificate builder and quizzes option. This is something I was looking for. Whenever I need something from the support team, I get that in less than 30 min. Everyone there is super nice and super helpful. Huge recommendation from my side. Keep up the good work guys!
25 Novembre 2023 2 risposte
I really recommend this plugin to transform your Wordpress website into a complete LMS. The team keeps on adding new features and is very reactive to tickets. thank you.
24 Novembre 2023 2 risposte
I must express my deep appreciation for the remarkable assistance I've received from the Themeum support team. Their responsiveness, expertise, and unwavering commitment to resolving my support issues have truly surpassed my expectations. Each support request I've made was handled with promptness and effectiveness. The Themeum support team not only showcases extensive product knowledge but also demonstrates a sincere dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. I wholeheartedly commend them for their exceptional service and utmost professionalism.
13 Novembre 2023 1 risposta
Well, I switched from Learndash to Tutor LMS, and honestly: I just love it.Why have I switched? I use a stack of BuddyBoss and LMS, including WooCommerce, and still, Learndassh integrates better into BuddyBoss. But I love the functions Tutor LMS has to offer, without needing so many different plugins (as you will need them using Learndash).The support behind Tutor LMS is really outstanding, they answer fast and give helpful insights, and the value customer feedback and take that seriously. I love this!Re BuddyBoss intergration: the design of Tutor LMS is impressive and fits well into the BuddyBoss Platform. Also, you can easily write some custom functions, for example you can integrate this into the groups functions with ease, so that only students who are enrolled into the group see connected courses - the others don't.Also, imho Tutor gives more value for money, and they also have a great set of functions even in their free version. This makes Tutor LMS an oustanding option for your learning experience in WordPress. Try it out and see yourself, or opt into the premium version - I am sure you will love it, too.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


“Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution” è stato tradotto in 32 lingue. Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi.

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Esplora il Codice segui il Repository SVN iscriviti al Log delle Modifiche. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed.

Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

= 2.4.0 – October 16, 2023

New: Display lesson, quiz, and assignment status with colored tick marks in learning area
New: Let students track the course progress on the course detail page with a new “Review Progress” button
New: Showcase Zoom and Google Meet meetings on the Tutor LMS Calendar (Pro)
New: Showcase upcoming lessons and quizzes on the Tutor LMS Calendar upon scheduling them with Content Drip (Pro)
New: Let students share their certificates to social media from the certificate download page (Pro)
New: “Complete Course” button added on learning area upon completing all course content (Pro)
New: Ability to check for admins and instructors if a student has generated a certificate (Pro)
New: Ability to update instructor information and set custom revenue share percentage on a popup (Pro)
Update: Editor support for instructor bio from the backend instructor list
Update: Certificate preview and OTP page are now compatible with Elementor/Divi custom header, footer (Pro)
Update: Optimized certificate download time (Pro)
Update: Enhanced certificate resolution for certificate builder-generated certificates
Update: Tutor Player optimized for Vimeo videos (Pro)
Fix: Ability to complete a course without passing quizzes/assignments with auto-complete enabled on strict mode
Fix: Inaccurate course percentage in some cases
Fix: Pagination issues on the course list page resolved for users who used shortcodes
Fix: The Certificate preview section issues on the course details page on Safari
Fix: Social links not working issue on the Instructor profile page in the mobile view

= 2.3.0 – September 20, 2023

New: Secure your Tutor LMS site content with Hotlink protection
New: Disable right-click for Tutor LMS site content to prevent copying
New: Recommended YouTube videos will be hidden on Tutor Player
New: Added course review pop-up when a course is automatically completed
New: Course permalink base is now updatable
Update: For live lessons, the “Mark as complete” button will only appear once the Zoom/Google Meet meeting has started.
Update: Tutor LMS settings navigation bar is now sticky
Fix: Resolved email formatting issues on Gmail and Outlook web versions
Fix: Resolved the on-site notification system’s incorrect time issue
Fix: Various translation related issues
Fix: Resolved known security issues

= 2.2.4 – August 28, 2023

New: Added Video Lesson Completion Control when using Tutor Player.
New: Added ability to hide video branding in Tutor Player.
New: Implemented automatic video lesson resume feature in Tutor Player.
New: Added support for changing the Email Template background image.
New: Added WP editor support on the frontend instructor profile-bio field.
New: Added instructor’s earning summary on the instructor list.
New: Added Latex support to lesson and quiz editor.
New: Added deletion of canceled enrollment from the enrollment list.
New: Added Private and Schedule filter tabs in courses and course bundle listing page.
Update: WordPress 6.3 compatibility.
Update: Added email address to Analytics CSV data.
Update: Removed Tutor LMS’s force password reset form.
Fix: Fixed issue with displaying incorrect information on the quiz attempt list.
Fix: Fixed issue with untranslated strings.
Fix: Resolved design problem with the Edit menu on the Course List page.
Fix: Fixed issue with instructors making withdrawal requests exceeding available balance.
Fix: Fixed issue with invalid or missing Google client ID for Google login.
Fix: Fixed issue with course enrollment email to students.
Fix: Removed the appearance of HTML code in the course details page enrollment box when using Restrict Content Pro.
Fix: Fixed issue with missing space in quiz attempt table headings.
Fix: Resolved fatal error on completing a course when the Certificate addon is disabled.

= 2.2.3 – July 20, 2023

New: Quiz question description section now has WP Editor support.
New: Added option to showcase Certificates in the course details page.
New: Added Audio and Video support in Lesson Description text editor.
New: Added option to make the sidebar sticky in the course details page.
Fix: The quiz attempts count was being inaccurate.
Fix: Instructor insert name pattern matching issue.
Fix: Lesson count was being displayed twice in the report for any specific course.
Fix: Wrong email was being sent out upon quiz submission in specific cases.
Fix: Bundled courses weren’t showing on the default course archive page.
Fix: Course bundle price wasn’t supporting decimal value inputs.
Fix: The current course list shortcode was not working for course bundles.
Fix: In manual instructor registration, instructor could not be added without a phone number.
Fix: Students weren’t getting certificate download links with email after course completion when AutoComplete course was enabled.
Fix: When the “Deduct Fees” option was disabled in settings, the “Fee Description” and “Fee Amount & Type” options were still appearing in analytics.

= 2.2.2 – June 21, 2023

Update: Added manual enrollment support for Course Bundle
Update: Included Answer Explanation data in Quiz Export CSV
Update: Improved the statement section of Dashboard Analytics
Fix: Fixed redirection issue for students or instructors after registration
Fix: Resolved Course default thumbnail image not displaying issue
Fix: Fixed Clear all sessions not working in WP native login and Tutor modal login
Fix: Fixed the inability to add questions to Quiz in new tutor site setups
Fix: Corrected wrong enrollment count display on the course list page when the Course Bundle addon was disabled
Fix: Creating a course as an instructor from the backend resulted in all courses being assigned under the topic issue
Fix: Resolved Login OTP issue for some themes or custom headers
Fix: Students were receiving the certificate download URL in the course completed email even when certificates were disabled for the course
Fix: On the assignment page, pass assignments show failed count if the assignment total mark and evaluate mark are the same
Fix: Corrected the course completed count display issue when the admin manually enrolled students in a free course
Fix: Resolved fatal error related to COOKIEHASH in a multisite environment
Fix: On the course details page course price showing without TAX
Fix: GradeBook settings were allowing a minimum percentile value higher than the maximum percentile
Fix: Addressed conflicts with export_settings ID with other vendors
Fix: Fix translation-related issues

= 2.2.1 – June 05, 2023

New: Added Authentication for Tutor LMS Rest API, providing secure access.
Update: Made various security enhancements.

= 2.2.0 – May 30, 2023

New: Course Bundle addon with WooCommerce
New: Quiz answer explanation
Update: Zoom integration updated from JWT to OAuth
Update: Security improvement
Fix: Clear all session button is not appearing for social login
Fix: Instructor avatar isn’t working in the email
Fix: Social login or registration not working with some languages

= 2.1.10 – April 13, 2023

New: Added option to manage active login sessions
New: Added Twitter as part of social logins
New: Added Fraud protection on Password reset form
Update: Introduced Co-Author badge on the My Courses page to clarify roles
Update: “Set Withdraw Method” option was showing up on the Dashboard profile even if monetization was disabled
Fix: Decimal values are no longer allowed in content drip settings in lessons when setting the number of days

= 2.1.9 – March 30, 2023

New: Introduced Social Login to let users register & login through social networks like Facebook or Google
New: Introduced Email verification option upon signup, which will be applicable for new student or instructor registration
New: Introduced reCaptcha and HoneyPot as Fraud protection tools
New: Two-Factor Authentication with Email OTP added for Tutor and WP logins
Update: Some Performance optimizations across the plugin
Update: Translations improvements for better compatibility
Fix: Content Drip “Course content available sequentially” not working on the mobile device
Fix: Backend assignment page was showing pagination even if there was no content.
Fix: When admin changed the status of an instructor from the instructor list, it generated a console error
Fix: Enrol button need to click twice from course details

= 2.1.8 – March 1, 2023

New: Introduced ChatGPT integration for content generation
Improvement: Missing translation strings for dynamic texts like date has been added
Fix: In Q&A, student reply to emails were being sent back to the student instead of the instructor
Fix: For built-in emails, placeholder texts in email message content for Email to Students were not being replaced with values
Fix: Admins were unable to delete course reviews from the list on the “LMS Reports” page of the Admin panel

= 2.1.7 – February 14, 2023

New: WeGlot is onboarded as an Add-on with Tutor LMS
Update: Compatibility with the latest WPML plugin is introduced
Update: The “View Certificate” button now loads the certificate on a WordPress native page. This change has been brought for 3rd party compatibility.
Update: On the Front-site Course Details page, the title Course Content was appearing even when there is no content
Update: Performance enhancement for the Instructor List page
Update: Duplicated courses were adding the word “Copy” on every course content which was not intended
Update: Query optimization for the Course List, Course Details, and Lesson page was introduced.
Update: Overall Query execution time reduced and improved page load speeds.
Update: The backend courses page has better query handling.
Update: Missing Strings have been added to improve the overall translation experience.
Fix: Course could not be duplicated for admin as a co-author
Fix: In an Assignment, the “Duration time” and “Remaining time” were not translateable
Fix: The Reveal Mode was not working when “Question below each other” is selected

= 2.1.6 – January 11, 2023

New: Co-Instructors will not be able to delete a Course like the Course Publishing Instructor
Update: More security improvements are introduced
Fix: Profile Photo Upload was showing a Mime Type error in some cases
Fix: Front-site Dashboard was showing Markup Error in Mobile and Tab View
Fix: On Assignment Submission, files were not being uploaded if the file language isn’t English
Fix: The Product Orders that does not belong to Tutor LMS was getting Completed status
Fix: For Paid Courses, students were getting Enrolled when Orders are even not Completed
Fix: Gutenberg Editor was not being activated on Lesson pages even though Gutenberg is enabled from Settings
Fix: Email Template Formatting was not working properly
Fix: On the Lesson page, the Comment section was showing Username instead of Display Name
Fix: Third-party Embed Codes were not working in the Lesson pages
Fix: Sometimes Start Assignment button was needing more than one click to be executed
Fix: Some Email Template texts were fixed

= 2.1.5 – December 29, 2022

Update: Major security improvements across the entire plugin is introduced

= 2.1.4 – December 19, 2022

New: Admin will be able to set whether WooCommerce Order will be generated on manual enrolment or not
Update: More security improvements across the entire plugin is introduced
Fix: WooCommerce Order was being Completed in case of Bank or Check payment
Fix: A PHP error was appearing while no Video Source was selected
Fix: Question Description of the quizzes was not being saved
Fix: Course Validity Time was not appearing properly in some cases for PmPro
Fix: JSON Code was appearing if nonce verification failed while the Login
Fix: After assignment submission, a 404 page was appearing in the case of Multilingual site

= 2.1.3 – November 30, 2022

New: Reset credential for Google Meet is introduced
New: More security improvement is introduced to ensure SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF protection
Fix: The login form was not showing the user as logged in until the page is refreshed
Fix: In some cases, the Course Rating Count appeared wrong on the Course Details page
Fix: XML code was not appearing in Quiz
Fix: The quiz page used to get jammed if a quiz is abandoned
Fix: Quiz completion page was showing a fatal error
Fix: A PHP warning was appearing on the Quiz Completion page
Fix: On Google Meet the Help Page was expanding options before clicking on the Tab
Fix: Google Meet vendor package was showing a notice error
Fix: On completion of a Quiz, it was appearing as Completed for another User in the Course Journey
Fix: Quiz Attempt page was showing an error in the case of PHP 7.0 or below
Fix: Email template files were containing some wrong short-codes
Fix: Google Meet visibility option’s title was wrong
Fix: Reports page design was appearing wrong
Fix: Quiz attempt page had some minor design issue

= 2.1.2 – November 2, 2022

Update: BunnyNet Compatibility Update is Introduced
Update: More Security Compatibility Update is Introduced
Fix: Backend Assignment page was not showing newly submitted assignments in some cases

= 2.1.1 – October 25, 2022

Update: More security improvement is introduced
Update: PeepSo Profile Avatar compatibility is introduced
Fix: Some known bugs related to Course, Login and Lesson pages are fixed

= 2.1.0 – October 19, 2022

New: Instructors will be able to create Online Events over Google Meet
New: Dedicated Login page with Shortcode for Login page is introduced
New: “Accessing next Course Content based on Mandatory Pass in a Quiz” feature is introduced; Admin can enable it from Quiz Builder
New: Course Duplicating feature is introduced for the front-end Dashboard
New: Rich Text Editor is introduced for the Q&A Reply section
New: “Overview” and “Exercise File” tabs will now appear only when content is available under the particular tabs
New: On manual Enrollment to Paid Courses, an Invoice will be automatically generated, therefore, on changing Payment Status, Earning Report will be reflected
New: On the Manual Enrollment page, the students are searchable by Email Address now
Update: BunnyNet Compatibility is Improved
Update: Tutor LMS is now compatible with the latest BuddyBoss
Update: More security improvements are introduced
Update: The frontend dashboard Zoom Meeting page design is improved
Update: The frontend dashboard “Assignment” page design is improved
Update: Translations are improved on the Front-end Dashboard
Update: On Question & Answer page, the Table design is improved
Fix: Changes in text color on the Lesson Editor was not appearing on the Front-end Lesson page
Fix: Multiple files were not being uploaded while submitting an assignment
Fix: After changing course author, the new author was unable to edit lessons using WP-Editor
Fix: In some cases, just after starting a quiz, the unfinished quiz was being marked as completed
Fix: All questions are required, but still, sometimes the last question of a quiz was appearing optional
Fix: Instructors with an Admin Role were not removable from the Instructor List
Fix: The Course List page sorting option was not working properly
Fix: Submitted assignment’s Attachment File Size was appearing wrong
Fix: The Assignment Submission page had a design overlap issue
Fix: “Zoom Meeting Archive” page and the Meeting links were publicly accessible
Fix: Math formulas were not appearing correctly on the Quiz Attempt pages
Fix: Toast Message was showing the same color for all message types
Fix: Course List Page pagination had some issues
Fix: Admin Panel Quiz Attempts page was showing the wrong Quiz Attempt count
Fix: The assignment Report page had a design issue on Upload files tab
Fix: Enroll date was showing incorrectly on the Student Details page and also report pages
Fix: Zoom Meeting List page was not showing the Pagination Bar by default
Fix: Students were not getting the On-site Notification for “Q&A Message Answered” cases
Fix: Minimum Days Before Balance is Available was selectable as “0” which should not go below “1”
Fix: In the case of Gutenberg Editor the Primary Author was not changeable
Fix: If the “Deduct Fees” option was disabled in the Settings, still the “Fee Description” and “Fee Amount & Type” options were appearing
Fix: Username was being sent instead of First Name and Last Name on email notifications
Fix: In the LMS Reports section, the Sales Report was not showing Badge design for Processing status
Fix: The “Disable Tutor Login” option was not working in case of Add to Wishlist
Fix: In some cases, error was appearing in the Review Section of the Course Details page
Fix: In the course journey, the “Delete Quiz Attempt” feature was appearing for students as well
Fix: On the Course List page, the “Enroll Now” button was not working until it was clicked twice
Fix: WooCommerce Products were selectable for multiple Courses which was causing errors
Fix: Unnecessary backslashes were coming under the Review tab

= 2.0.10 – September 19, 2022

New: Compatibility with PeepSo Social Networking plugin is Introduced
Update: More security improvement is introduced
Fix: Zoom meeting list design was partially broken on the frontend dashboard

= 2.0.9 – August 18, 2022

New: Custom Time setting for showing Answer in the Quiz Reveal mode is introduced
New: Admin/Instructor will be able to add Code Blocks inside a Lesson/Assignment/Quiz
New: “Enrollment Box” widget can be placed at the top of the Course Details page in Mobile View, Admin can manage it from Settings
Update: Introduced more security improvements
Update: Timezone Name List is now searchable on Zoom Meeting Add/Edit modal
Update: The Course Details page will now show WooCommerce Subscription Details information
Fix: The “Feedback submitted for Quiz Attempt” email template was sending wrong Dashboard link
Fix: Ordered/Unordered List tags were not supported in the Lesson pages
Fix: Zoom Meeting page was showing wrong spacing between the meeting details
Fix: Multiple answers-based questions were having trouble in case of quiz Reveal Mode
Fix: Wrong event date was being highlighted on the Tutor Calendar
Fix: Instructor Earning was not being updated when Autocomplete Order is Enabled
Fix: On the Course List page, the Course Price was showing twice, and the Booking percentage was showing a long fractional value when using EDD
Fix: On the “My Profile” page the Registration Date was showing wrong
Fix: Wrong count was appearing on the first Question after starting a Quiz
Fix: Quiz Time Counter was not working on Safari Browser
Fix: Users were unable to click the Cross button to leave a Zoom Meeting in the Course Journey
Fix: Column Title in “My Quiz Attempts” was showing wrong
Fix: The settings page input fields were accepting negative value
Fix: Profile Edit related Tutor LMS Hooks were not working
Fix: Gradebook was showing “F” to unattempted Quizzes and Pending Assignments
Fix: On the Question & Answer page the Sort By dropdown options were not Translatable
Fix: The “More” option’s text on the Course Details page was not translatable
Fix: “Mark as Complete” button was not appearing in Mobile View for Tutor Starter
Fix: A huge gap was appearing around the Course List when 2 Column Layout Design was selected
Fix: In the Course Builder, the Price fields of WooCommerce were conflicting with EDD
Fix: When a course was permanently deleted, the course-related data were not being deleted
Fix: The Course Journey pages (Quiz/Assignment) were not mobile responsive
Fix: Course “% Complete” text was not translatable on the Lesson page in Mobile View
Fix: The “Student Ratings & Reviews” text on the Course Details page was not translatable
Fix: The Course List Filter had CSS issue
Fix: In Tutor Settings, Tooltip was overlapping the Panel border
Fix: The “Quiz Attempts” frontend page design was broken in the Mobile View
Fix: Hide Admin Bar and Restrict Access to WP Admin for Instructor was conflicting for Free Users
Fix: After a revised Assignment Submission student was not being redirected to the Assignment Overview page

= 2.0.8 – July 25, 2022

Fix: Settings was not being saved in some specific cases
Fix: Settings was throwing a console error regarding TinyMCE
Fix: Settings was being saved in other cases, but the “Save” button was not being marked as saved

= 2.0.7 – July 21, 2022

New: Admin will be able to change the Main Instructor for a Course
New: Next and Previous button is introduced for the Quiz page once a Quiz is Completed
New: Instructor/Admin will be able to set “Sale Price” (Discounted Price) in the Course Builder
New: Once a Course is created from WP Admin, it will create an associated WooCommerce Product as well
New: “Minimum Days Before Balance is Available” settings is introduced for Balance Withdrawal time management
New: Admin will be able to hide Quiz Details from “My Quiz Attempts” page
New: On all lesson completion, the course will be Completed automatically, Admin can enable it from Settings
New: Tutor Calendar will now highlight the Zoom Meeting Event Days
Fix: In WP Dashboard, the Quiz Attempts page was showing Course information under the “Quiz Info” column
Fix: Zoom Meeting page was showing an error if Meeting Title or Description would contain Single Quote
Fix: Admin was not being able to Enable/Disable the Course Sorting option from WP Admin or Shortcode
Fix: Email Footer Customization was not working
Fix: The “Reply” boxes were remaining uncollapsed when the “Load More” button is clicked on a Single Course page under the “Q/A” Tab
Fix: On the “Completed A Course” email the Certificate Download link was appearing outside the Email Body
Fix: An unnecessary alert message was appearing on the “Become an Instructor” page
Fix: When strict mode is on, it was showing Wrong Alert Text
Fix: The Empty Data Alert Message on the Course Analytics page was not translatable
Fix: The “Assignment Submitted” date-time was showing as per GMT but not Site’s Time on the Assignment Details page of WP Admin
Fix: Enrolled users were able to see all the plans when Paid Membership Pro is Enable
Fix: Course Content Access option for Admin and Instructor was not working with Paid Membership Pro
Fix: Other roles except Admin (like Editor) were not being able to access WP Admin when Hide Admin Bar is enabled
Fix: Copied Course Assignments were not deletable from the Assignments page on the Front-site
Fix: In a Course, the General Zoom Meeting List was not appearing on the Course Edit page for Admin and Instructors
Fix: On the new Tutor LMS installations, the Preset Color default setting was being “Custom” instead of “Default”
Fix: Share Percentage setting was appearing even when Revenue Sharing is disabled
Fix: Unwanted link was appearing in the WP Dashboard Page
Fix: Search was not working while manually enrolling someone from the Modal
Fix: The “Reply” boxes were remaining uncollapsed when the “Load More” button is clicked on a Single Course page under the “Q/A” Tab

= 2.0.6 – June 13, 2022

New: Admin will be able to moderate Course Review submitted by Students, Admin can enable it from Settings
New: Order Filter option by Date and by Course Name is introduced on the Course List page
New: “Load More” option is added for “Q&A” Tab on the Course Details page
New: “Load More” option is added for the “Comments” Tab in the Lesson’ page
New: Instructor will be redirected to “My Courses” page while clicking on the course “Publish” button, Admin can enable it from Settings
New: Admin will be able to do Enroll multiple students to a Course on a newly designed Manual Enrollment page
Update: The “Quiz Attempts” page is now more optimized to load faster
Update: In “Content Drip” when there is a pre-requisite course, Student will see the Alert page with new design
Update: More strings are now translatable in other languages than English
Fix: In case of “Content Drip” the “Course content available sequentially” option was not working
Fix: Content Drip is not working as expected for Instructors/Admins when “Course Content Access” is enabled
Fix: Lock icon was not appearing when content is restricted by Content Drip
Fix: Some stats were showing wrong count information in the Reports page
Fix: In the WP Admin, the “Instructor” page the “Status sort” option was not working
Fix: In some cases, Admin was not being able to see “Q&A” Tab even though “Course Content Access” is enabled
Fix: In Mobile View the Quizzes were not Sortable and Draggable
Fix: Quiz Ordering used to get changed after updating any specific Quiz
Fix: After adding a Custom Link to Tutor Dashboard Menu (with custom code), the design would appear broken
Fix: Adding multiple instructor feature was not working

= 2.0.5 – May 26, 2022

New: Course Details page design is improved for a better experience
New: The Active Topic in the Lesson List sidebar now remains uncollapsed for a better experience inside the course
New: On the Course Journey page, the currently active Lesson/Quiz/Assignment menu will remain highlighted
New: Once a Course is purchased using WooCommerce, the Order Status will become “Completed”, Admin can enable it from Settings
New: Certificates created by Admins will be usable (not editable) by Instructors, Admins can enable it from Settings
New: Students and Instructors will see “Terms & Conditions” information and link on the Signup page to be compliant with regulatory laws
New: Non-Video lessons will show Next and Prev navigation option
New: A button to go to Frontend Course Builder has been introduced for the Gutenberg Editor
Update: Single Course page is redesigned with changes in Instructor List, Curriculum, and Course Contents
Update: The Courses page of the Admin Panel is redesigned with an introduction to Course Image
Update: All table designs are improved in both Front-site and Admin Panel
Update: Accordion is redesigned throughout the entire platform
Update: Gradebook delete confirmation alert is now shown on modal
Update: Numerous pages optimized for faster loading and better performance
Update: “Students must be logged in to see the Course Contents” option is reintroduced
Update: On top of the Course Journey Page, the Course Title will now appear instead of the “Lesson/Assignment/Quiz” name
Update: Greater translation compatibility updated
Fix: The Rich Text Editor was not saving any changes made in the “Text” Mode
Fix: “Q&A”, “Announcements”, and “Resources” were not accessible to Admin and Instructors
Fix: “Question & Answer” Page was showing archived Q&As too
Fix: On the User Dashboard page, the Active Course count was appearing wrong
Fix: The Wishlist icon was not showing that a course is on the wishlist
Fix: In a student’s individual Report page the Enroll Date was showing wrong
Fix: When editing a Quiz, the “Default” option was not staying active by default
Fix: On the Course Details page any language other than English was causing the “Last Updated” time to show incorrectly
Fix: On the Enrolled Courses page under the “Completed Courses” tab, course blocks were showing incorrect button names in case of Restrict Content
Fix: In Content Drip, in the “Content available after X days from enrolment” option, the number field to set days was too narrow
Fix: On some websites, in the case of Lesson, the default “Featured Image” was not appearing on the Lesson’s page in the Course Journey
Fix: Video tab collapse was not working in the Course Builder
Fix: The title and description of the “Quiz Attempts allowed” settings were wrong before.
Fix: Zoom meeting’s page was not being closed while clicking the cross icon.

= 2.0.4 – May 13, 2022

New: Email Notification to students when a new Lesson is Created if enabled
New: Email Notification to students when a new Quiz is Created if enabled
New: Email Notification to students when a new Assignment is Created if enabled
New: Admin can show Course Description in Full or in Collapsed View on the Course Details page
New: Quiz Retry Mode revamped to allow instructors to specify Attempts Allowed
New: The student’s Active Topic now remains uncollapsed while the rest remain collapsed
New: In “Strict Mode” a student needs to pass all lessons/quizzes/assignments to complete the Course
Update: A Better Time Format for Lesson and Quiz is introduced
Fix: Email Scheduler Cron was not working properly
Fix: Certificate List in the Course Builder displays the height of the Certificates incorrectly
Fix: Tutor Pro displayed an incorrect Alert Message when the Tutor Free plugin is inactive
Fix: Student’s Registration Time was displaying the incorrect date on the Students List Page in the Admin panel
Fix: Design issue of Email to students on Quiz Completed and incorrect link to Quiz Result
Fix: Link to Course Progress Page button was incorrect on a Student’s Completed Courses page

= 2.0.3 – May 12, 2022

New: The Course Title is added on the Q&A details page
New: Course Filter is added to the Mobile View of the Course List page
Update: Improved RTL Support
Update: Tutor LMS is now compatible with the latest WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
Fix: Password Reset mail was not being sent
Fix: “Earning Graph” under “Overview” and “Earning” was showing different statistics
Fix: Multiple duplicates of “Auto Draft” were being generated on publishing a course
Fix: “Announcement” Tab was publicly accessible from the Course Details page
Fix: “Resources” Tab was accessible publicly from the Course Details page
Fix: “Q&A” Tab was accessible publicly from the Course Details page
Fix: “Course List” and “Course Details” page was showing the “Start Learning” button to guests
Fix: “Multiple Answer” type answers were being saved without selecting Correct Answer
Fix: In the case of “Multiple Answer” type answers, the Image Option was not working
Fix: Course Topics were not being deletable
Fix: “In Progress Courses” was not visible to students on the Dashboard
Fix: “Fees” were not being deducted from Total Amount before sharing Profit between Admin and Instructors
Fix: YouTube “Share” and “Copy” buttons were clickable in Tutor Player
Fix: Instructor specific Commission Rate was not being shown for Instructors on the Instructor List page
Fix: The “Next” and “Preview” buttons were not working for guests
Fix: Student’s Registration Time was not showing as per the defined Time Zone
Fix: PHP Notices were appearing while installing the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder plugin
Fix: On course update, emails were being sent to Instructors even if it is disabled from the Settings
Fix: Title and Labels of Registration Link and Pagination Settings are changed
Fix: Fixed known bugs related to Email like Blank Subject, Nonworking Shortcode, Wrong Email Body, etc.
Fix: Login Modal was not appearing for Guest users upon clicking Follow

= 2.0.2 – April 28, 2022

New: Instructor List Page is built using its Shortcode
New: Course List Page is redeveloped with SEO friendly URL
New: Faster filtering options for course list page
New: Now you can drag & drop quizzes to your liking in Quiz Builder
Update: Compatibility with the latest Restrict Content Pro
Update: Code Optimization is done for better Page Load Performance
Update: Design is now more optimized and improved
Update: Course Expiry Date is added to Single Course Page
Update: “Pending Course” Tab is added under “My Courses” for Instructor
Update: There is now a comma separator on the single course page price
Fix: Multiple mobile responsive issues have been resolved
Fix: In Add-ons Page the Tab Titles were wrongly shown
Fix: The wrong email was being sent on a question submitted by a student
Fix: Course Price was not accepting floating value Price
Fix: Markups and Shortcodes were not working in some description fields
Fix: The course list page, pagination, and filter were not working properly
Fix: Deleted Zoom Meeting information was throwing PHP Error
Fix: Zoom Meeting was not being created while using Gutenberg Editor
Fix: In Evaluation “Your Points” field was accepting random values
Fix: Clicking on “Share”, “Wishlist”, and “Bookmark” was taking the user to Login
Fix: “My Courses” page was showing a $0 Price for all displayed courses
Fix: Active Status of Tutor Menu was showing wrongly in WP Admin
Fix: “Abandon Quiz” Modal was appearing for the wrong action
Fix: The announcement could have been created without selecting a course
Fix: Deleting a student was deleting their user account too
Fix: Bulk Actions was not working in the courses, instructors, students’ page
Fix: A student was being enrolled in the same course multiple times
Fix: The Tutor Free Download link was wrong when only Tutor Pro was active
Fix: Lesson Page container was being narrow on some Screens
Fix: WP Editor was not working while creating a lesson
Fix: Admin and Instructor were not being able to access their course content
Fix: Trashed Courses were still being shown on the all course list
Fix: “BuddyPress Groups” was showing the same options multiple times in Course Builder
Fix: Closing an announcement modal didn’t remove the data
Fix: In Course Journey, the “Overview Tab” was not appearing by default
Fix: While creating Zoom Meeting, Date Picker wasn’t working
Fix: For the “Match Question” type Quiz Design was showing up as broken
Fix: WooCommerce “Autocomplete Order” Hook was not working with Tutor LMS
Fix: Payment was not going to the Processing state while using Stripe payment
Fix: No Income was visible under Instructor’s Wallet page
Fix: While creating a Course, a duplicate course was being created due to “Auto Save”
Fix: Subscribers were able to access the “Create a Course” page
Fix: “Preferred Course Filter” options were not working in settings
Fix: Admin submitted courses were ending up in the course review section
Fix: The Content Drip add-on date picker was showing the wrong date format
Fix: Wrong instructor count was showing up on the reports page
Fix: Report was showing wrong calculation for course enroll, lesson and quiz count
Fix: Loco Translator was not Translating “True” and “False” Text
Fix: “Erase upon uninstallation” option of “Settings” was not working before
Fix: Different profile picture was showing up in different pages

= 2.0.1 – March 23, 2022

Update: Tutor Player has been upgraded
Update: Option to set Course Base Logo as the Email Logo
Update: Auto redirect to Course action added upon WooCommerce order completion
Update: Email Footer Text now displays default content
Fix: AJAX based “Add to Cart” button in the Courses page is not working
Fix: In the backend, clearing search field does not remove search parameter from the URL
Fix: “Automatically Load Next Lesson” is not working
Fix: HTML5 video input is active even if it is unselected from Settings
Fix: Gutenberg content is not working in Single Course About section
Fix: Error in Dedicated Login Page and redirection is also not working
Fix: On Enrollment, error is occurring while sending Emails
Fix: My Profile page gives error after updating to the latest version
Fix: My Profile page Date is not translating
Fix: Instructor Course Menu option appears on Student Dashboard page in the mobile version
Fix: Paid Membership Pro is disabled in the Add-ons page but still appears as one of the eCommerce Engine options under the Monetization settings
Fix: Tutor Settings get reset back to the old values after saving
Fix: Lesson and Quiz sequence is not saving
Fix: Enrolment expiry info not showing
Fix: While WooCommerce is enabled, clicking on “Add to Cart” requires logging in again
Fix: Quiz export is adding extra answer for questions
Fix: Enable “Course Content Access” feature not working as Admins and Instructors cannot see course content when enabled
Fix: Author name is hard coded under Lesson comment replies
Fix: Zoom Layout of backend Course Builder is broken
Fix: Email Template’s background, typography, logo and margin padding has issues
Fix: Sticky Calendar positioning has issue
Fix: In Zoom Meeting List page at Backend, the Expired button has design issue
Fix: Create Zoom Meeting page has design issue
Fix: Course Placeholder height has issue
Fix: Quiz List View has issue with responsiveness
Fix: Registration Date & Time is not translating
Fix: HTML code appears on the Course Details page
Fix: Profile Page gives an error if the language is changed
Fix: Forgot Password Alert shows markups
Fix: Metabox shows warning in the Frontend Course Builder while uploading a video
Fix: Backend Editor is not accepting Unicode Character if DB collation is non-utf

= 2.0.0 – 15 marzo 2022

New: Visually appealing appearance with a more unified design system
New: Edit email template content from the editor without having to override the plugin
New: Exclusive in-house designed email templates for email notification events
New: Personalized dashboard for instructors and students focused on task automation
New: Notification bar on top of the dashboard to let learners and instructors stay updated
New: Improved Analytics with more extensive statistics
New: New Q&A features for instant and more engaging communication
New: Event calendar with handy features to organize and schedule assignments
New: New Assignment features with the option to retake and add instructor’s feedback
New: Announcement tab in the course detail page to display announcements created from the backend for courses
New: Preview certificate before downloading upon completing the course
New: Use preset or custom color palettes to configure the entire site’s colors
New: Brand new Quiz interface with a new student window and other handy settings
New: Collect all of your reviews and ratings in one centralized location
New: Dynamic membership plan on the right sidebar of the course details page
New: Enhanced Instructor list and public profile layouts with Backend & Frontend preview
New: Flexible Gradebook with easy grading point system setup
New: More intuitive certificate setup page with the guided creation process
New: Enhanced course catalog features with extensive course page
New: Improved accessibility and responsiveness across all devices
And many under the hood improvements

= 2.0.0-rc – 22 febbraio 2022

New: Now go to the next or previous lesson with a dedicated button
New: Load more button for list of submitted reviews
Update: The grace period is now removed from the setting as it was redundant
Update: Setup wizard skip option now redirects to courses page
Update: Introducing WP 5.9 Compatibility for Tutor LMS 2.0
Update: Introducing WPML Compatibility for Tutor LMS 2.0
Update: PHP-8 compatibility for Tutor LMS 2.0
Fix: My course pagination issue in the dashboard section
Fix: Blocked instructors showing up as a new Instructor in the report overview
Fix: Quiz attempts remained in review and no result is showing pending
Fix: Course is showing after expiration (Paid Membership Pro)
Fix: Quiz abandon modal not showing in on-page navigation when clicking on any link
Fix: Quiz reattempt button not showing upon timeout if grace period was enabled
Fix: Fixed pagination issue on courses page (Course archive)
Fix: Improved design of course details page.
Fix: Improved design of dashboard course listing page.
Fix: Missing icon fonts and font conflicts for multiple places
Fix: Enabling course as public is not showing start button
Fix: Hiding quiz time was not working properly
Fix: Hiding quiz question number not working

= 2.0.0-beta.3 – 31 gennaio 2022

Fix: Email notification error generating from tutor login modal
Fix: Bulk delete option for quiz attempt not working
Fix: Zoom & Announcement Time Calculation is not working
Fix: Minimal GradeBook percentage was showing the wrong calculations
Fix: The users were unable to switch the Q&A tab
Fix: Quiz Export button was not showing up
Fix: Quiz attempt table matching data was showing wrong information
Fix: Pagination issues on the dashboard withdrawal tab
Fix: Second Zoom live lesson not working properly
Fix: Download certificate button issue without course completion

= 2.0.0-beta.2 – 25 gennaio 2022

New: Student and instructor public profile layout option in settings
Update: Add translation security to the export page
Update: Confirmation modal added to import, delete & apply history data
Fix: Student can submit quiz even after time expired issue fixed
Fix: Student can upload multiple files while submitting Assignment
Fix: Fixed Fatal error if users didn’t have the compatible Tutor Pro installed
Fix: Gradebook broken message issue fixed
Fix: PHP notice and warning errors fixed
Fix: Quiz attempt details table doesn’t show all contents properly
Fix: Division by zero on pagination is fixed
Fix: Sorting fixed after ajax action on Import & delete history data
Fix: Line-awesome static (404) link removed
Fix: TinyMCE editor null checking fixed
Fix: Removed duplicate site title of Tools status page
Fix: Time type added to quiz attempt
Fix: Slash () is removed to filter and search the title on each listing
Fix: Removed array checking on an object in dashboard list page
Fix: Issue for login page if there is no redirection page issue is fixed
Fix: Replaced Q&A static date to dynamic date
Fix: Fixed wrong display name on quiz attempt table
Fix: Settings page input field enter modal issue fixed
Fix: Pre-requisites not showing up on course page

= 2.0.0-beta – 18 gennaio 2022

New: Visually appealing appearance with a more unified design system
New: Edit email template content from the editor without having to override the plugin
New: Exclusive in-house designed email templates for each event
New: Personalized dashboard for instructors and students focused towards task automation
New: ​​Notification bar on top of the dashboard to let learners and instructors stay updated
New: Improved Analytics with more extensive statistics
New: New Q/A features for instant and more engaging communication
New: Event calendar with handy features to organize events, schedule assignments, and more.
New: New Assignment features with the option to retake and add instructor’s feedback.
New: Announcement tab in the course detail page
New: Preview certificate before downloading upon completing the course
New: Use preset or custom color palettes to configure entire site’s colors
New: Brand new Quiz interface with a new student window and other handy settings
New: Collect all of your reviews and ratings in one centralized location
Update: Dynamic membership plan on the right sidebar of the course details page
Update: Enhanced Instructor list and public profile layouts with Backend & Frontend preview
Update: Flexible Gradebook with easy grading point system setup
Update: More intuitive certificate setup page with guided creation process
Update: Enhanced course catalog features with extensive course page
Update: Improved accessibility and responsiveness across all device

1.9.16 – February 28, 2022

New: Precaution alert before upgrading to major release of Tutor

1.9.15 – February 01, 2022

Aggiornamento: aggiunta la compatibilità con WordPress 5.9 e un tema basato sui blocchi
Corretto: problemi di sicurezza e correzioni di vulnerabilità XSS

1.9.14 – January 20, 2022

Novità: ora puoi aggiungere video tramite Shortcode
Corretto: il problema del codici HTML scompare dopo aver salvato il quiz
Corretto: problema relativo al video incorporato che non funziona
Corretto: Presto Player Shortcode non veniva salvato nella sorgente video
Aggiornamento: una migliore sanificazione del campo di input dell’utente garantisce sicurezza agli attacchi SQL injection
Aggiornamento: migliore sicurezza dell’output HTML dell’input fornito dall’utente
Aggiornamento: la protezione dalle vulnerabilità XSS è rafforzata

1.9.13 – December 20, 2021

Aggiornamento: aggiornamento di sicurezza

1.9.12 – December 14, 2021

Aggiornamento: aggiornamento di sicurezza
Corretto: il docente può accedere al problema delle richieste di prelievo

1.9.11 – October 18, 2021

Novità: compatibilità del plugin Certificate Builder
Aggiornamento: i dati del Registro dei voti vengono generati automaticamente
Aggiornamento: pulsante Genera registro dei voti eliminato
Corretto: i dati del Registro dei voti non vengono eliminati quando si ripete il corso
Corretto: vulnerabilità XSS nella pagina di registrazione

1.9.10 – October 06, 2021

Novità: Calendario degli eventi
Novità: Notifiche
Corretto: problema con il selettore della data non funzionante nella scheda Annuncio frontend
Corretto: pulsante di download CSV disabilitato per i resoconti vuoti

1.9.9 – September 16, 2021

Novità: analisi avanzate per i docenti nella bacheca frontend
Novità: opzione di download dei resoconti per i docenti in formato CSV
Novità: aggiunte le impostazioni di impaginazione per gli shortcode Tutor
Aggiornamento: miglioramenti della sicurezza
Corretto: messaggio di ritiro mostrato per studenti/docenti non approvati
Corretto: disabilitato il problema del numero totale di iscritti nella pagina del corso
Corretto: il formato del selettore della data non funzionava in ogni parte di Tutor LMS
Corretto: in modalità di rivelazione per Quiz, l’utente non poteva andare avanti se la risposta era sbagliata
Corretto: l’utente può digitare i caratteri nel campo della data
Corretto: Visualizza l’URL dei tentativi dei quiz non mostra nulla quando si fa clic

1.9.8 – September 02, 2021

Novità: i conteggi delle recensioni (forniti e ricevuti) nelle schede della sezione delle revisioni del bacheca
Novità: notifica e-mail di approvazione ai docenti per i corsi inviati
Novità: registrazione automatica dopo la registrazione dal pulsante ‘Registrati ora’
Novità: conteggio dei corsi iscritti in una colonna separata nell’elenco degli studenti
Corretto: shortcode che mostra l’elenco dei docenti che non funziona
Corretto: errore PHP generato dalla variabile non definita $default
Corretto: assegnazione di corsi duplicati che reindirizza ai compiti del corso originale
Corretto: mostrare gli stessi livelli più volte nella pagina del corso singolo per l’addon Premium con l’abbonamento a pagamento
Corretto: problema di traduzione del timer per il conto alla rovescia per le riunioni Zoom
Corretto: i valori scaduti vengono visualizzati come valori di impaginazione per l’elenco delle riunioni Zoom
Corretto: problema relativo alla spaziatura dei caratteri e ai caratteri personalizzati per i certificati Tutor generati sul browser Chrome.
Corretto: rimuovendo o facendo clic su un prodotto dal carrello, gli utenti venivano indirizzati al negozio WooCommerce anziché alla pagina del corso
Corretto: il pulsante ‘Avvia quiz’ si disabilita dopo aver fatto clic una volta
Corretto: l’abbonamento completo a pagamento Premium non viene implementato nei corsi non classificati

1.9.7 – August 19, 2021

New: Filters for instructor list in the backend dashboard
New: Previous button for a single quiz (default enabled from settings)
New: Pop up for review after course completion
Update: “Add Option” button for the “True/False” quiz is disabled by default
Update: Redundant demo link for quizzes are removed
Update: Improved loading icon while generating a certificate
Update: New “Go home” button added for “Access Denied Page” when registration is disabled
Update: Zoom API key check and save actions combined
Update: Meeting host dropdown disabled
Fix: Course topic title and description editing issue
Fix: Duplicate order statements in earning section of instructor profile
Fix: Date Formats of Tutor LMS were not matched with the set WordPress date format
Fix: Translations issues for several internal texts
Fix: PHP error for content drip addon while trying to fetch property post_type of non-object
Fix: Header footer shown twice while using Oxygen Tutor LMS integration

1.9.6 – August 04, 2021

Novità: messaggio di avviso popup quando gli studenti abbandonano un quiz
Novità: messaggio di avviso popup quando l’amministratore/docente tenta di eliminare un’iscrizione
Aggiornamento: quando creato automaticamente dal frontend course builder, imposta il prodotto WooCommerce come venduto singolarmente
Aggiornamento: aggiornamento del design della pagina iscrizione obbligatoria
Aggiornamento: aggiornamento del design delle notifiche relative alla registrazione di WordPress disabilitata
Corretto: il pulsante di ripetizione del corso viene visualizzato anche se disabilitato dalla bacheca
Corretto: la paginazione non funziona nel tentativo del quiz
Corretto: problema relativo al layout del quiz dovuto al CSS per i testi lunghi
Corretto: lo studente può inviare il quiz anche dopo la scadenza del tempo a disposizione
Corretto: le caselle di controllo dell’elenco degli eventi e-mail non vengono visualizzate nella bacheca se il componente aggiuntivo WPML è abilitato
Corretto: i progressi del corso non vengono eliminati insieme all’eliminazione dell’iscrizione
Corretto: il quiz non viene visualizzato immediatamente dopo la creazione nel generatore dei corsi
Corretto: il conteggio delle lezioni mostra 0 nei corsi iscritti nella bacheca del frontend
Corretto: vulnerabilità XSS nell’elenco degli studenti nella bacheca
Corretto: l’opzione ‘Quando scade il tempo’ è stata corretta nelle impostazioni del quiz

1.9.5 – July 18, 2021

Novità: componente aggiuntivo per la compatibilità con WPML
Novità: funzione di ripetizione del corso
Novità: filtro dei tentativi del quiz nella bacheca del backend
Aggiornamento: integrazione dell’architettura Peid Membership Pro
Corretto: il compito allegato non viene eliminato dal server insieme all’eliminazione del compito

1.9.4 – July 13, 2021

Novità: aggiunto Zoom alla bacheca frontend
Novità: campo per aggiungere i tag del corso nel generatore di corsi frontend
Aggiornamento: aggiornamento del design di Zoom nella bacheca del backend
Corretto: mancata rilevazione della durata del video della lezione per il riempimento automatico tramite l’URL.
Corretto: avvisi deprecati in PHP 8

1.9.3 – June 23, 2021

Aggiornamento: logo del componente aggiuntivo di notifica push
Corretto: alcuni componenti aggiuntivi non vengono visualizzati nell’elenco dei componenti aggiuntivi

1.9.2 – June 21, 2021

New: Push notification add-on
New: Show a removable warning in WordPress admin dashboard if signup disabled
Update: Updated design in the forgot password page
Update: Enroll button text changed to ‘Start Learning’ for public courses
Update: Quiz question field placeholder text change
Fix: Courses by other instructors now showing in course archives
Fix: Instructor rejected notice is visible forever
Fix: Last question in a quiz can be submitted without answering even if required
Fix: Texts after double quote not showing in quiz info and question input field on edit
Fix: Comma inside quiz title and description causes error in import/export
Fix: Assignment metadata not saving while creating an assignment
Fix: Some texts in email were not translatable
Fix: XSS vulnerability in announcement summary

1.9.1 – June 04, 2021

Novità: abilita/disabilita il reindirizzamento automatico ai corsi iscritti al completamento dell’ordine automatico
Corretto: conteggio dei parametri nell’hook attivato dal plugin
Corretto: la riunione Zoom reindirizza all’elenco dei post durante il salvataggio
Corretto: gli studenti non possono più fornire feedback senza selezionare la valutazione a stelle

1.9.0 – June 02, 2021

Novità: assegna separatamente modelli di certificato diversi ai corsi
Novità: tutor_quiz/single/after/wrap hook aggiunto nel modello di quiz singolo
Novità: la durata del video verrà recuperata automaticamente quando si inseriscono i video delle lezioni
Novità: gancio del filtro aggiunto al filtro del corso
Novità: i testi statici nei file JS sono ora traducibili
Novità: il completamento automatico dell’ordine reindirizza ai corsi per i quali si ha l’iscrizione
Aggiornamento: testo del pulsante modificato per il rifiuto delle richieste del docente
Aggiornamento: numero di corsi predefinito per pagina cambiato in 12 da 3
Corretto: lo shortcode della bacheca non funziona
Corretto: conteggio errato di domande e risposte nella bacheca
Corretto: lo studente può aggiungere al carrello dall’archivio del corso anche dopo che il corso è pieno
Corretto: errore SQL nei tipi di post personalizzati

1.8.10 – May 10, 2021

Novità: gli istruttori possono fornire feedback sui tentativi di quiz dal frontend
Aggiornamento: miglioramenti nella sicurezza
Corretto: errore di avviso PHP nella nuova pagina di registrazione
Corretto: bacheca utente moltiplicata su Avada Theme
Corretto: statistiche percentuali errate sul completamento del corso nel riepilogo
Corretto: il modello personalizzato dal plugin ‘Personalizzazione del certificato’ non funziona
Corretto: risposto problema di sicurezza della risposta dei quiz
Corretto: il nome visualizzato dell’utente non si aggiorna sul certificato dopo la modifica del nome
Corretto: la modalità rivela domanda/risposta non mostra nulla per la risposta corretta
Corretto: l’immagine del profilo e la biografia scompaiono dopo il checkout
Corretto: le categorie non vengono visualizzate gerarchicamente nel filtro del corso
Corretto: corso privato non trovato nell’ultima versione di WordPress
Corretto: errore di battitura della classe CSS
Corretto: errore grammaticale nel testo

1.8.9 – April 28, 2021

New: Option to disable detailed quiz attempt view from student profile
Update: Improved license key submission form
Update: Lessons, quizzes, and assignments removed from WordPress search
Update: Security enhancement
Fix: Instructor can see all other users’ files in WP Media Manager
Fix: Broken link of the password reset page
Fix: Undefined variable notice in Zoom add-on
Fix: HTML5 videos not playing in lessons
Fix: ‘Edit with frontend course builder’ button visible for other instructors
Fix: Incorrect Lesson order for duplicated courses
Fix: ‘View certificate’ page conflict with BuddyBoss theme
Fix: Empty data insert & redundant hooks calling on course attachments addons
Fix: Empty meta data insert for lesson
Fix: Content drip option not loading in the classic editor’s lesson editing page

1.8.8 – April 05, 2021

Corretto: vulnerabilità di inclusione di file locali con patch (Props di WPScan)

1.8.7 – April 01, 2021

Aggiornamento: sistema di coda migliorato per l’annuncio di Tutor LMS e l’e-mail di content drip
Corretto: gli utenti non erano in grado di rispondere nella sezione domande e risposte
Corretto: il lettore personalizzato Vimeo non funzionava
Corretto: le prime recensioni inviate degli utenti non erano visualizzate
Corretto: interruzione di riga nella descrizione del quiz non funzionante
Corretto: il docente non poteva vedere i propri corsi se l’anteprima era disabilitata
Corretto: pagina non trovata per i quiz importati

1.8.6 – March 22, 2021

Novità: ricerca compiti per nome studente
Novità: messaggio di brindisi aggiunto dopo aver valutato i compiti
Novità: processo aggiornato per l’invio di e-mail di annunci e content drip
Corretto: le foto del profilo dei docenti non venivano salvate nel pannello di amministrazione di WordPress
Corretto: l’importazione dei quiz non funziona per gli utenti Windows a causa di un errore del tipo di file
Corretto: la disattivazione dell’e-mail nel content drip non funziona

1.8.5 – March 12, 2021

Aggiornamento: il pulsante ‘Avvia riunione’ viene disabilitato per le riunioni scadute
Corretto: gli editor con il ruolo di docente possono modificare tutti i tipi di articoli tranne quelli dei corsi altrui
Corretto: conflitto Yoast con il Frontend Course Builder

1.8.4 – March 04, 2021

Novità: opzione di ordinamento nell’elenco delle riunioni Zoom
Novità: opzione di filtro dell’elenco dei docenti nello shortcode utilizzando l’attributo filter=”on”
Aggiornamento: dimensione del file del plugin Tutor Pro ottimizzata da 6,2 MB a 2,5 MB
Aggiornamento: il limite della dimensione del file di esportazione/importazione del quiz è stato eliminato
Corretto: “Intestazioni già inviate” nel frontend dell’editor del corso
Corretto: il prerequisito del corso non limita l’accesso a quiz e compiti
Corretto: titolo del quiz non trovato nell’e-mail di revisione del tentativo
Corretto: conflitto Guzzlehttp

1.8.3 – February 16, 2021

Corretto: errore di imprevisto dovuto alla virgola finale nella versione precedente di PHP

1.8.2 – February 15, 2021

Novità: aggiunto il link al certificato nell’e-mail di completamento del corso
Novità: aggiunta l’impostazione per abilitare/disabilitare la data di scadenza per iscriversi al corso
Aggiornamento: aggiornato il formato inserimento data in dd/mm/yyyy per i meeting Zoom per evitare errori
Aggiornamento: quando la scadenza di iscrizione è impostata su 0, nel frontend del corso verrà visualizzato “lifetime”
Aggiornamento: funzionalità di sicurezza migliorate in query wpdb & Quiz. Grazie Wordfence!
Aggiornamento: aggiunta l’opzione per inserire i decimali nella richiesta di prelievo
Aggiornamento: ottimizzazione del codice nel report guadagni nel frontend
Corretto: errore di console 404 console error dovuto al file di risorse min.map
Corretto: è stato rilevato un problema di sessione PHP attiva
Corretto: avvertimento divisione per 0 nel registro dei voti
Corretto: errore di paginazione nella lista dei meeting Zoom

1.8.1 – February 05, 2021

Novità: scadenza iscrizione al corso
Novità: notifica e-mail per la scadenza dell’iscrizione al corso
Aggiornamento: migliorato il caricamento delle risorse frontend su Zoom Meetings
Aggiornamento: messaggio di conferma dopo aver salvato Zoom Meetings
Correzione: problema di accesso alla riunione durante l’utilizzo di Zoom sulla pagina singola del corso
Corretto: il quiz non si carica nella pagina della lezione
Corretto: il numero massimo di studenti non viene salvato

1.8.0 – February 03, 2021

New: Search filter in Assignments
New: Confirmation message while saving data added
New: Frontend and backend UX for Assignments redesigned
New: Thank you notice when instructors submit a course for review added
Update: All the email notification templates moved to Pro version
Update: HTML tag support in Quiz description added
Update: Date time column in Student enrolment report added
Update: User capability check in announcements Ajax action added
Fix: Redundant or duplicate email issue when student enrolments are changed.
Fix: Add New Course, Explore Addons buttons issue in Tutor LMS setup wizard
Fix: Incorrect lesson count (due to trashed course) in the report page
Fix: Profile and cover photo saving issue in frontend dashboard
Fix: Graph issue in the Earnings tab in the Report addon
Fix: Remove item issue in WooCommerce cart page
Fix: Quiz fails to import issue

1.7.9 – January 21, 2021

Novità: impostazione per abilitare la visualizzazione del nome del docente sul certificato
Aggiornamento: la funzione di annuncio ha un menu separato per una migliore gestione ed evitare conflitti di attivazione della posta elettronica
Aggiornamento: funzionalità di sicurezza avanzate in tutte le richieste Ajax e dove necessario. Grazie Wordfence!
Aggiornamento: aggiungi la compatibilità dell’abbonamento WooCommerce nel frontend course builder
Corretto: le riunioni Zoom non vengono aggiornate o salvate su siti con lingue diverse dall’inglese
Corretto: il pulsante Anteprima non funzionava per i corsi nella bacheca di amministrazione
Corretto: problema con notifiche e-mail multiple al momento della registrazione manuale
Corretto: problema durante l’allegato di file multipli nei compiti
Corretto: problema di accesso in aggiunta/modifica alla lezione con docenti multipli
Corretto: navigazione migliorata per la pagina dei riepiloghi sui corsi
Corretto: problema di traduzione nell’abbonamento a pagamento Pro
Corretto: problema di accesso utente nell’elenco delle riunioni di Zoom

1.7.8 – January 07, 2021

Update: Quality of certificates’ PDF files improved
Update: A clear all filters button on the course filter page added
Update: Monetization activation issue while deactivating WooCommerce plugin
Fix: Course lesson and assignment auto-draft issue in course builder
Fix: PDF certificate not downloading on Firefox web browser
Fix: Wrong course eligibility status on Paid Membership Pro plugin activation
Fix: Conjunction sign “&” not working issue in the assignments description section
Fix: Courses in draft status showing issue while showing category lists from the archives
Fix: CSS issue while selecting quiz time limit.

1.7.7 – December 30, 2020

Novità: più opzioni per controllare i colori dei pulsanti di login, registrazione e iscrizione al corso
Aggiornamento: funzionalità di sicurezza avanzate nel registro dei voti e dove necessario. Grazie Wordfence!
Aggiornamento: aggiunta l’assistenza per la traduzione di diverse stringhe statiche
Corretto: errore irreversibile nell’archivio del corso e nella pagina shortcode per l’impostazione errata della configurazione di monetizzazione
Corretto: problema di notifica e-mail di salvataggio automatico sul frontend course builder
Corretto: problema di accesso all’anteprima della lezione per l’amministratore

1.7.6 – December 04, 2020

Novità: aggiunto il supporto per la traduzione sui modelli di notifica e-mail.
Aggiornamento: il timestamp in domande e risposte è allineato con le impostazioni del fuso orario di WordPress.
Aggiornamento: le e-mail di notifica degli studenti ora utilizzano il campo Ccn per una migliore privacy.
Corretto: il profilo del docente è reattivo su tutti i dispositivi.
Corretto: problema di barre rovesciate “\” nel modulo quiz.

1.7.5 – December 01, 2020

New: Introducing customizable shortcode to showcase your instructors in a list
New: Upload a cover photo for the public profile of a user
New: Public Profile is getting a brand new design
Update: Withdrawal and Phone number fields now accept numbers only.
Update: {site_url} and {site_name} attributes added to all Tutor Email addon emails.
Update: Added certificate view page, template override option.
Fix: Add to Cart option still showed after adding the product in the Course Details Page
Fix: Showed wrong information for multiple pages for the Students list in the Dashboard →Report →Courses →Course Details section.
Fix: Student’s name didn’t show up when downloading the certificate as a PDF.
Fix: Grammatical corrections in the enrolment section of the course page.
Fix: The course was displaying free even when it was part of a membership package.
Fix: Course dependent on Paid Membership plugin got canceled after a user enrolled in it.
Fix: Backslashes issue in quiz question answer title multiple type question answer titles
Fix: Conflict issue with BuddyPress, BuddyBoss that showed 404 page

1.7.4 – November 10, 2020

Novità: 4 nuove notifiche e-mail per le richieste di prelievo.
Novità: 3 nuove notifiche e-mail per le lezioni, i quiz e i compiti pubblicati con il content drip.
Novità: 3 nuove notifiche e-mail per il sistema di gestione della registrazione dei docenti.
Novità: Hook del filtro per modificare il menu di navigazione secondario della pagina delle impostazioni nella bacheca del frontend.
Novità: colonna Stato valutazione assegnazione nella bacheca frontend.
Novità: ora puoi abilitare o disabilitare le opzioni specifiche per il filtro del corso
Aggiornamento: mostra ‘Continua il corso’ invece di ‘Aggiungi al carrello’ (se già acquistato) nella pagina dell’archivio del corso
Aggiornamento: aggiunti gli attributi ‘course_filter’ e ‘column_per_row’ nello shortcode ‘tutor_course’
Aggiornamento: miglioramento del design della pagina di prelievo
Corretto: l’URL del corso non viene visualizzato dopo il completamento del corso nel post BuddyPress.
Corretto: problema di compatibilità con Divi Builder.

1.7.3 – October 21, 2020

Aggiornamento: aggiunta l’opzione per attivare i filtri nell’archivio dei corsi

1.7.2 – October 21, 2020

New: Course filter option in Course Archive page
New: Public Course/Private course option
New: Now student will get email notification after his enrollment
Update: Hide Become Instructor button if someone’s already applied
Update: Enable/disable Video source and choose default video source option
Update: Email Notification after instructor sign-up (Now admin will receive mail notification)
Update: Assignment page with new deadline notice, expired message and more.
Update: Instructor Request page with new prompts
Fix: Quiz submission email recipients
Fix: Enrolment email notification issue
Fix: Assignment submission email recipients
Fix: Canceling order does not update the student count on instructor dashboard
Fix: Fatal Error in the Sales tab of Reports Addon
Fix: RTL layout issue in Add-on list
Fix: Color settings
Fix: Minor text issues

1.7.1 – October 09, 2020

Novità: API REST
Novità: Integrazione Zoom
Novità: integrazione Google Classroom
Novità: assistenza per plugin Google reCaptcha di terze parti
Corretto: problema di compatibilità con WCFM
Corretto: problema di revisione del tentativo del quiz
Corretto: problema di duplicazione del corso
Corretto: problema di ricerca dei compiti

1.7.0 – September 04, 2020

Novità: imposta la commissione per il docente
Novità: firma del docente sul certificato
Novità: duplica qualsiasi corso dall’elenco dei corsi Tutor LMS
Novità: Impostazioni per disabilitare il certificato in un singolo corso
Novità: impostazioni per disabilitare Domande e risposte su un corso specifico
Novità: forza il download per l’allegato del corso
Novità: compatibilità con il tema GeneratePress
Corretto: rivedere il problema per le risposte relative a Risposta aperta/saggio
Corretto: nei risultati del quiz veniva mostrata una percentuale errata
Corretto: il corso è stato pubblicato automaticamente
Corretto: metodo senza parentesi deprecato

1.6.9 – August 20, 2020

New: 13 new email notification
New: Added 6 new action hooks
do_action('tutor_after_student_signup', $user_id);
do_action('tutor_enrollment/after/cancel', $enrol_id);
do_action('tutor_enrollment/after/delete', $enrol_id);
do_action('tutor_announcements/after/save', $announcement_id);
do_action('tutor_quiz/attempt/submitted/feedback', $attempt_id);

New: Added helper method tutils()->get_enrolment_by_enrol_id($enrol_id) to get enrollment details by enrolid
New: Added helper method tutils()->get_student_emails_by_course_id($course_id) to get array list of enrolled user emails
Update: User can disable Tutor LMS native login system
Update: ImageMagick dependency removed from certificate generator
Update: Option added to control course content access for instructors and administrators
Update: Topic Summary toggle option added in course page
Fix: Certificate Unicode fonts issue
Fix: Certificate image generation issues
Fix: Issue with deleting reviews from Reports addon
Fix: Lesson page access issue for administrator
Fix: CSS issue in back-end course builder
Fix: SQL syntax error on course page

1.6.8 – July 30, 2020

Corretto: problema iscrizione WooCommerce

1.6.7 – July 28, 2020

Aggiornamento: amministratori e docenti possono visualizzare il contenuto del corso dal front-end
Aggiornamento: aggiunto il supporto del modello dinamico per i prerequisiti del corso
Aggiornamento: aggiunto l’action hook ‘tutor_after_review_update’ nella classe Ajax
Corretto: problema di registrazione durante l’aggiornamento dello stato del pagamento EDD
Corretto: problema di registrazione nell’ordine manuale di WooCommerce
Corretto: problema di traduzione dei certificati
Corretto: problema di reindirizzamento dell’accesso

1.6.6 – July 15, 2020

Novità: completamento del profilo studente/docente
Aggiornamento: elimina tutti i dati relativi al corso quando si elimina un corso in modo permanente
Aggiorna: stato del corso Pubblica su Pubblicato nel pannello Il mio corso del docente
Aggiornamento: convalida lato server nella scheda Domande e risposte
Aggiornamento: supporto per il formato data di WordPress nei certificati
Aggiornamento: menu della barra laterale della bacheca migliorato
Corretto: problema di riavvio del quiz dopo il completamento quando l’avvio automatico del quiz è abilitato
Corretto: il limite massimo di studenti non funzionava per l’iscrizione manuale
Corretto: la modifica rapida fa sparire i metadati del corso (video introduttivo, vantaggi, requisiti, pubblico di destinazione, materiali inclusi)
Corretto: problema con il risultato del quiz errato per le risposte alle domande a scelta multipla casuali
Corretto: problema di aggiornamento del ruolo utente Tutor Instructor
Corretto: problema relativo al conteggio delle domande senza risposta

1.6.5 – July 2, 2020

Novità: vendite e riepilogo degli studenti per il componente aggiuntivo Riepilogo (Pro)
Aggiornamento: nuova colonna studente nel tentativo de quiz sulla bacheca frontend
Eliminato: “Signor.” Testo rimosso dal contenuto di tutte le notifiche e-mail
Corretto: modalità riprova quiz e rivela per alcuni tipi di quiz
Corretto: problema con le risorse dalla pagina del corso
Corretto: problema con la dimensione dell’immagine del logo per il generatore di corsi frontend
Corretto: impossibile interrompere il caricamento di alcuni script CSS/JS
Corretto: prerequisito e allegato vuoto durante l’aggiornamento del corso tramite la modifica rapida
Corretto: cronologia acquisti EDD nella bacheca frontend
Corretto: aumentato il limite della dimensione del file di importazione del quiz
Corretto: problema di importazione del quiz in formato CSV per il sistema operativo Windows

1.6.4 – June 15, 2020

Novità: sistema di feedback per i quiz
Novità: il docente può gestire la sezione domande e risposte dalla bacheca frontend
Aggiornamento: tentativo del quiz e icona de “I miei tentativi di quiz”
Aggiornamento: tentativo di quiz riprogettato
Eliminato: file css non necessario per il componente aggiuntivo del certificato
Corretto: problema relativo al parametro {enroll_time} nel modello di notifica e-mail di domande e risposte
Corretto: carattere speciale &; problema di contenuto nel modello di notifica e-mail di Q&A
Corretto: numero massimo di studenti per l’iscrizione al corso

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