Autenticazione a 2 fattori WordPress


WordPress verifica in 2 passaggi (Wp2sv) garantisce una maggiore sicurezza del vostro account.

In aggiunta al vostro username e alla password vi sarà richiesto il codice di verifica a 2 fattori generato da Android/iPhone/Blackberry oppure vi sarà inviata un email con il codice dal plugin una volta effettuato l’accesso.


  • Configurazione semplificata
  • Multi siti supportati
  • Opzione per usare l’applicazione o la posta elettronica (email)
  • Backup codes
  • Proteggere XML-RPC con una password per le app
  • App passwords for apps that don’t support 2-Step Verification
  • Easy recovery(via ftp) if lost phone
  • Setup 2-Step at front page for Woocommerce


  • Pagina di Panoramica
  • Istruzioni installazione
  • Digitare il codice prima del login
  • App passwords list
  • Nuova password per app
  • Recovery


  1. Scaricate il plugin ed estraete il contenuto
  2. Caricare il contenuto estratto nella cartella /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Impostare la verifica autenticazione a 2 fattori attraverso il menu ‘Users->2-Step Verification’


Non posso completare il primo processo di installazione, il codice di verifica inserito non è corretto.

Il funzionamento dei codici dipendono dall’orario del sito WordPress e dall’orario del vostro telefono. Assicuratevi che sia il sito WordPress, il server e il telefono abbiano l’orario corretto, cliccate su Sync now in alto a destra di overview page

I don’t received email

Questo plugin usa la funzione di invio email standard di wordpress. Se le email non vengono ricevute ti suggeriamo di installare un plugin per inviare le email via SMTP, eccone alcuni: WP Mail Bank, WP Mail SMTP, WP SMTP,…

Il plugin supporta il multisite?

Yes, it does. You can network active it, it work with all users no matter if your site is multisite or not
If an user turn it ON that mean he will be asked for code once login on all sites whole the network.

It keeps saying “Wp2sv database update required”

Please check if wp cron disabled then please enable it. You also can manually run upgrade in cli using command wp cron event run wp2sv_upgrade


30 Ottobre 2020 3 risposte
I had to get siteground technical support to delete the plugin and then I was able to log back in. I am using with woocommerce and WCFM so be careful.
20 Settembre 2020
I've been looking for woocommerce integrate so far. And i'm happy that now it's supported. But im getting issue while connect with woo admin app. Hope that fixed soon.
28 Novembre 2019 1 risposta
I just love this plugin <3 it gets his job well done , also i like the fact that you can choose between email or mobile. Perfomance is good to, doesnt slow down your website. i guess there is no compatibility error that we havent seen since a whole year updates 🙁 ? hope we can use this great plugin furthermore in future,aslo to see updates <3 I just can recommend it to anyone who is lookig for this extra security layer or who needs this feature for his own website. Greets Barnet
19 Agosto 2019
Very nice looking plugin. Easy to set up and configure, however, have 2 major issues. First is that haven't been updated for some time (10 months) and due to that some compatibility with the latest version of Wordpress causing big issues. For my blog, where using Gutenberg editor ( Classic one) there is no possibility to update post/page (unable to save!) when the plugin is enabled. When is off, issue not exist.
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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fix is_ajax not defined


  • Fix email code expired too soon
  • Add setting for expiration when send code via email
  • Add force enable option
  • Email subject and content can be via filters: wp2sv_email_subject, wp2sv_email_content


  • Update vue to 2.7.14
  • Fix issue with translation


  • Fix cannot use same email again after turn off by admin


  • Tested WordPress 5.9.3


  • Fix php warning message
  • Only show 4.x compatibility warning when language is not english


  • Full Vue for setup page
  • Use wp-i18n js
  • Attempts limit for verify code and send email


  • Fix jetpack connection issue


  • Fix issue xml-rpc not working even with app password
  • Fix compatibility with contact form


  • Woocommerce account page integration
  • Fix bugs


  • Risolti alcuni problemi
  • Added hooks: wp2sv_init, wp2sv_setup, wp2sv_handle, wp2sv_handled


  • Template refactored, new location for template {theme}/wp2sv/
  • Revoke trusted device
  • Fix some bugs


  • Add woocommerce support
  • Fix rest api is blocked by wp2sv


  • Fix recovery method not working


  • Improve performance, may fix possibility 403 issue


  • Improve compatibility with other plugins/services
  • Strict mode (use WP2SV_STRICT_MODE constance) for more security but may not compatible with others


Fix not able to connect via Xml-RPC due to fatal error


Fix compatibility with third-party applications


  • New design for admin
  • Refactored code