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Questo plugin aiuta con una gamma di problemi comuni di accessibilità nei temi per WordPress. Mentre gran parte dei problemi di accessibilità non possono essere risolti senza modifiche dirette del tuo tema, WP Accessibility aggiunge alcune utili funzionalità per l’accessibilità con una quantità minima di impostazioni o conoscenze specialistiche.

WP Accessibility is not intended to make your site compatible with any accessibility guidelines.

Tutte le funzionalità possono essere disabilitate in base alle necessità del tuo tema. Per gli utenti avanzati, tutte le funzioni basate sulla modifica dei fogli di stile possono essere personalizzate utilizzandone di propri tramite il posizionamento del foglio di stile appropriato nella directory del tuo tema.

Funzionalità di accessibilità del tema aggiunte da WP Accessibility

These are features that address issues caused by inaccessible themes.

  • Aggiunge skip link con target definiti dall’utente. (Aspetto e target personalizzabili.)
  • Aggiunge gli attributi di lingua e direzione del testo al tuo HTML se mancanti.
  • Aggiunge un contorno per lo stato di focus degli elementi che possono ricevere il focus.
  • Aggiunge una descrizione lunga alle immagini. Utilizza il campo “Descrizione” delle immagini per aggiungere la descrizione lunga.
  • Enforcement for alt attributes on images in the Classic editor.
  • Identify images without alt attributes in the Media Library
  • Add labels to standard WordPress form fields (search, comments)
  • Add post titles to “read more” links.
  • Remove tabindex from elements that are focusable. (Also fixes plugin-caused problems.)

WordPress Core Accessibility Issues fixed by WP Accessibility

These are features that address issues caused by current or past WordPress core accessibility issues. (Issues added in content, such as target or title attributes, are persistent even when WordPress is updated.)

  • Forza un errore nella pagina di ricerca quando una ricerca è fatta con una stringa vuota. (Se il tema ha un template search.php.)
  • Rimuove gli attributi title ridondanti dagli elenchi delle pagine, delle categorie e dai menu archivi.
  • Risolve alcuni problemi di accessibilità negli stili della sezione amministrativa di WordPress

Content specific fixes:

  • Rimuove gli attributi title dalle immagini inserite nel contenuto.
  • Rimuove l’attributo target dai link.

Strumenti di accessibilità incorporati in WP Accessibility:

These are tools provided to help you identify issues you may need to fix.

  • Valuta il contrasto tra due valori esadecimali di colore forniti.
  • Abilita la diagnostica CSS per mostrare problemi CSS individuati nell’editor visuale o nel front-end del sito.

Impara di più! Leggi a proposito dei problemi di accessibilità corretti da WP Accessibility!

Il plugin è inteso per aiutare con le più comuni mancanze trovate nei temi e per risolvere alcuni problemi del core di WordPress. Non può correggere tutti i problemi (nemmeno con largo margine), ma fornisce strumenti per correggere alcuni problemi, integra l’accessibilità del tuo sito o ne identifica i problemi.



  • Pagina delle impostazioni


  1. Scarica il file zip del plugin, estrai i contenuti e caricali nella tua cartella wp-content/plugins.
  2. Effettua il login alla bacheca del tuo WordPress, fai clic su “Plugin” e attiva WP Accessibility.
  3. Personalizza le tue impostazioni nella pagina Impostazioni > WP Accessibility.


WP Accessibility aggiunge qualche informazione tramite JavaScript. È realmente accessibile?

Sì. Richiede che l’utente stia operando da un dispositivo che ha il supporto per JavaScript, ma oggigiorno ciò comprende la maggior parte dei dispositivi e browser, inclusi i lettori dello schermo.

Ho installato WP Accessibility ed eseguito alcuni test, ma sto ancora ricevendo errori che WP Accessibility dovrebbe correggere.

Anche se WP Accessibility sta funzionando correttamente, non tutti gli strumenti di test per l’accessibilità rilevano le correzioni. Ecco una risorsa per maggiori informazioni: Mother Effing Tool Confuser.


20 Febbraio 2021
WP Accessibility works great and is a super valuable start to making WP sites more accessible. It's huge help, thank you!
19 Febbraio 2021
My theme doesn't come with accessibility out of the box. WP Accessibility fixed some of those. Brilliant plugin and above all it is free.
15 Settembre 2020
A couple of weeks after I had settled on the theme for my website, I found out that the theme was not "accessibility ready." Wanting to make sure my users could still access the content on my website without having to change themes, I found this plugin. It provides some great features, including skip links, the ability to remove target attributes from links, an accessibility toolbar with large-text and high-contrast modes, and various other features. All of these can be toggled on or off depending on the needs of your website. The plugin is especially useful for beginner website creators. Of course, it can't provide everything that could be needed for user accessibility, but it does provide lots of fantastic features to help your website become more accessible. Thanks for creating and maintaining this plugin!
4 Giugno 2020
For an entry level user who has no idea where to start with accessibility this plugin would be a good start but by no means will this make your site entirely accessible. It appears to be well developed but this plugin offers little to no value to an intermediate level user of WordPress who has already started to tackle accessibility. I wanted to try the plugin to force my authors to assign alt image attributes and it's advertised as being able to force this but it fails, miserably. I was able to upload images and bypass the "suggestion" to include an alt so for me it didn't work (and I'm not talking about marking the image as decorative to by-pass it, there is literally no validation on the alt field, it's just a suggestion with a link).
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Contributi e sviluppo

“WP Accessibility” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


Suggest a change!


  • Bug fix: Correct usage of wp_localize_script arguments.
  • Change: Modernization of CSS for toolbar.
  • Change: Add outline offset for forced focus states.
  • Change: Tweaks for font resizing stylesheets.


  • Bug fix: Broken class array query in longdesc.


  • Bug fix: register_block_style only exists since WP 5.3; check function exists first.


  • Change: mark   as an invalid alt value.
  • Remove .hndle class on admin headings.
  • Fix jQuery incompatibility due to deprecated .toggle() event handler.
  • Add support for long description in the block editor.


  • Bug fix: script registration/enqueuing mis-ordered, breaking toolbar.


  • Add style to div.aligncenter to control width


  • Bump tested to value.


  • Add: test for specific common types of invalid alt attribute and label as invalid.
  • Change: Remove webkit skiplink polyfill (obsolete)
  • Change: Move toolbar JS to external file.
  • Change: Use wp inline style method for toolbar size.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect variable type matching in toolbar size setting.
  • Security: Minor authenticated XSS vulnerability in custom CSS.


  • Based on support for screen-reader-text class and current support for aria-current, shifting to aria only.


  • Different JS for aria-current; previous version could only work on a single element, not a collection.


  • Update to RegEx filtering title attributes to avoid data-title attributes. Thanks to @nextendweb
  • Update PHP test suite to eliminate PHP 5.3 tests.
  • Higher min/max sizes for toolbar buttons
  • Remove setting for aria-current; now always enabled.


  • Bug fix: error in generated CSS for skiplinks


  • Per request, remove font sizing declaration for skip links. Inherit from site.
  • Add default styles for visible skiplinks, rather than allowing to be unstyled.
  • Remove tabindex application on section element from toolbar JS. (Not sure why it was there anyway.)
  • Bug fix: automatic labeling injected double labels on fields with no ID and an implicit label.


  • Bug fix: Widget output should not be styled.
  • Bug fix: Remove duplicated (current) when both current-menu-item and -page-item present (props loopRW)


  • Bug fix: Do not render longdesc UI when no longdesc provided.


  • Bug fix: incorrect function name
  • Bug fix: don’t use POST data directly when value is known


  • Removed ‘ScrollTo’ JS.
  • Changed toolbar font size setting from em to px for predictability.
  • Updated ‘diagnostic.css’ to latest version.
  • Removed ‘create_function’ for PHP 7.2 compatibility.
  • Removed ‘extract’
  • Code updated to conform to WordPress PHP standards
  • Code restructuring.


  • Fixed changelog, which read 1.5.11 instead of 1.6.0
  • Fixed logic in widget version of toolbar so wouldn’t use buttons unless requested
  • Update ‘tested to’ version.


  • Bug fix: incorrect CSS style reference on longdesc template
  • Re-enable Toolbar on Edge (slightly different from other browsers, but functional.)
  • Hide grayscale from non-admins.
  • Add note reflecting above
  • Add feature: identify current menu item


  • Disable Toolbar on Edge due to page not found bug.
  • Modifications to toolbar JS
  • Remove title attribute settings remove attributes no longer being produced.
  • Some code clean up and restructuring.


  • Bug fix: another swapped options check, elsewhere. Sigh.


  • Bug fix: swapped options check for fontsize & contrast toggles
  • Compatibility checked with 4.7


  • Remove menu role from toolbar
  • Fixed toolbar button font size adjustment
  • Updated screen reader text class to include clip-path and whitespace
  • Minor toolbar design tweaks
  • Removed WordPress admin stylesheet (obsolete)
  • Misc display fixes in settings
  • Remove ‘Access Monitor’ admin notice
  • Bug fix: Missing space in featured img HTML
  • Bug fix: Switch main heading to H1


  • Feature: Add support for longdesc in featured images.
  • Feature: Option to enable only a single element in toolbar


  • Bug fix: use aria-pressed on toolbar buttons. Props Jose Manuel (https://github.com/joedolson/wp-accessibility/pull/7)
  • Bug fix: Don’t show logout link if user not logged in. Props @boonebgorges (https://github.com/joedolson/wp-accessibility/pull/9)
  • Bug fix: Don’t assume that images with long descriptions have classes
  • Text change to better describe content title attribute stripping.
  • Add aria-label to skip link navigation region.
  • Add role=menu to toolbar.
  • Update readme.txt


  • Bug fix: .fontsize default classes used immediate children selector, which was incompatible with the switch to using html as the parent selector.
  • Change: Added option to hide toolbar on small screens.
  • UI Change: Split Toolbar & Miscellaneous settings into separate sections.
  • Updated informational and contributing links
  • Re-ordered settings groups to better reflect need.
  • Split settings into separate plug-in file.


  • Bug fix: incorrect assignment of fontsize class on subsequent pages.
  • Removal of en_AU and nl_NL languages in favor of completed language packs


  • Bug fix: Add RTL version of editor styles
  • Bug fix: incorrect textdomain on donate request
  • Bug fix: Issue with :focus state on skiplinks when not always visible
  • Bug fix: Install with no default focus styles; add custom styles to end of default focus styles string
  • Bug fix: search filter could prevent display of nav menus (props @jdelia & @GaryJones)
  • Bug fix: extraneous anchor generated in longdesc format (https://github.com/joedolson/wp-accessibility/issues/4)
  • Add alternate font resizing stylesheet for improved use with rems
  • Add support for selective refresh in customizer


  • Add: :hover/:focus text describing toolbar buttons; replaces title attributes removed in 1.5.0
  • Missing: Add woff2 call
  • Bug fix: Re-order font format imports


  • Updated toolbar fonts
  • Updated toolbar to use button instead of a
  • Improved fontsize increase default CSS. Most themes will still benefit from custom styles.
  • Added option to place toolbar on right side of screen.
  • Update load method for text domain
  • WP A11y recent posts widget removed.


  • Bug fix: Don’t create a duplicate ID when multiple longdesc attributes used on one page


  • Add languages: Hungarian, English (Australian)
  • Bug fix: Retain intended image when adding alt attribute missing warning.


  • In WP 4.3, widgets with no settings are not saved. So…
  • Added Title setting to WP Accessibility toolbar widget.


  • Update widget constructors to use PHP5+ syntax.
  • Add filter to disable or replace the fontsize styles for toolbar. ‘wpa_fontsize_css’. Return false to disable; return stylesheet URL to replace.


  • Language update: Norwegian
  • New feature: Automatically add labels to WordPress standard search form & comment forms if missing.


  • Bug fix: warning thrown if current theme does not have any tags.
  • Change: Use image to show ‘needs alt’, for easier deletion.
  • Fix: text_direction deprecated in bloginfo
  • Language updates: Spanish, Polish


  • Added enforcement tools for alt attribute usage in images.
  • Media lists indicate whether an image is marked as decorative, has an alt attribute, or needs an alt attribute.
  • Media editor shows checkbox to mark as decorative when editing image media types.
  • If an image is inserted into a post without either being marked as decorative or having an alt attribute provided, HTML will also insert a notice indicating that the image needs an alt attribute.
  • If an image is inserted and is checked as decorative, the alt attribute will be set to an empty value.
  • Language update: Spanish


  • Bug fix: Longdesc styles not automatically enabled with longdesc options.
  • Added detection for whether current theme is accessibility-ready
  • Disabled some options if current theme is accessibility-ready.
  • Added notice to inform users about Access Monitor
  • Language add: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Language update: German


  • Switch order in which skiplinks/accessibility toolbar are loaded into the DOM so skiplinks load last/appear first.
  • Hide fields for WordPress title attribute removal on versions where they don’t apply.
  • Language updates: Russian, Hebrew, Bulgarian


  • Bug fix: skiplinks JS targeting
  • Bug fix: incorrect textdomain in longdesc template
  • Update or add translations: Dutch, French, Finnish, Russian, Bulgarian


  • Feature: iconfont toolbar icons so icons can be resized Thanks Chris!
  • Feature: define size of toolbar icons
  • Feature: Assign tabindex=-1 to skiplink targets to ensure functionality of skiplinks.
  • Bug fix: Switch template_redirect to template_include filter
  • Redo file structure to move CSS into subdirectory.
  • Update translations: French, German, Hebrew
  • Add translations: Slovenian, Russian


  • Typo fixed.
  • Bug fix: If any skiplink field was filled in, skiplinks automatically displayed.


  • Bug fix: When disabled, lang toggle removed language from HTML element
  • Add RTL styles for a11y toolbar.


  • Bug fix: Toolbar shortcode didn’t toggle Grayscale or Fontsize
  • Documentation: Add documentation of shortcode/widget toolbar.


  • Bug fix: Only enqueue stylesheets when settings require them.
  • Bug fix: Search filter should only be applied on front-end
  • Add SVG filter to provide grayscaling in Firefox
  • Add Languages: Hebrew, Greek


  • Bug fix: a11y.css issue collapsing toolbar buttons in Firefox
  • Language: Update Italian.


  • Feature: Check for HTML5 structural elements and insert ARIA landmark roles.
  • Feature: Define ID of container to use for complementary role.
  • Feature: Add styles to make placeholder text high-contrast in high-contrast stylesheet.
  • Feature: Add option to force underlines on links
  • Bug fix: use reply-to header in email support requests
  • Bug fix: proper variable set up for high contrast stylesheet path
  • Language: Add Portuguese (Portugal)


  • Emended a JS comment that some plug-ins were treating as a node…
  • Updated .pot file with long description strings.
  • Bug fix: longdesc attribute added even if description field empty.


  • Add long description support. Requested by John Foliot; based on https://wordpress.org/plugins/long-description-for-image-attachments/


  • Bug fix: :focus states for skiplinks broken in 1.2.8.
  • Bug fix: WP Accessibility admin color issue in WP 3.8+
  • Auto-hide grayscale in Firefox even if enabled. See: https://gist.github.com/amandavisconti/8455507
  • Made accessibility toolbar available via widget or shortcode [wpa_toolbar]
  • Add Language: Romanian, by Adrian Tamasan
  • Updated language: Dutch


  • Bug fix: support for languages with right-to-left reading order.


  • For 3.8, eliminate outdated title attribute filters. (nav menus, page lists, edit post links, edit comment links, category links)
  • Add Dutch translation by Rian Rietveld


  • Truly hides grayscale option, not dependent on CSS.
  • Eliminates in-page anchor focusing, due to conflicts with plug-ins that attach scripts to links with hashes.
  • Remove row action visibility from default admin stylesheet, due to 3.7 changes making those links keyboard accessible.
  • Added row actions always visible option.


  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Added incomplete Finnish translation.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Bug fix: WP Accessibility disabled ability to use theme styles in TinyMCE editor.

  • Minor settings bug.


  • Added diagnostic.css (beta) for admin users on front end and in post editor.
  • Bug fix in a11y.js; incorrect function call in scrollTo.
  • Bug fix in a11y.js; removed hook to # urls
  • Added visible logout link to admin to support users of voice activated controls.
  • Bug fix to built-in support request form.
  • Added filter wpa_move_toolbar to make it possible to attach a11y toolbar to something other than the body element.
  • Added French translation.


  • Updated jQuery ScrollTo to version 1.4.5 to resolve JS conflict.
  • Updated method of accessing $ in jQuery.
  • Added CDATA blocks so WP Accessibility doesn’t prevent validation as XML.
  • Added Italian translation, courtesy of Roberto Scano.


  • Bug fix: compatibility issue with PageLines framework.


  • Disabled grayscale toggle in Accessibility toolbar by default due to poor browser support and low functional value. (Can still be enabled by user.)
  • Removed php notice in title- recent posts widget
  • Updated German and added Polish translations


  • Added space between content output and continue reading text in excerpt context.
  • Added German translation
  • Added Accessibility Toolbar (Source)
  • Added WP admin stylesheet:
  • Some contrast improvements.
  • Placed post row action links (Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View) into screen reader visible and keyboard usable position.
  • Added underlines to links on hover
  • Supports your own custom wp-admin stylesheet via your Theme directory.


  • Update support statement to WP 3.5.0
  • Add role=’navigation’ to skiplinks container.


  • Bug fix: extra template loaded when search template is inserted.
  • Bug fix: jQuery not always loaded when required.


  • Added ability to add focus outline in :focus pseudo class.
  • Added color contrast tool.
  • Added settings link to plugins listing.
  • Added link to translations site for this plug-in.
  • Improved response for forcing search error on empty search submission.
  • Bug fix for adding custom skip link.


  • Initial release!