WP Data Access


WP Data Access helps you to manage your WordPress data and database from the WordPress dashboard and publish database tables on your website.

WP Data Access allows you to create your own data driven WordPress apps that run in the WordPress dashboard. Build your own data entry forms that support CRUD as well as parent-child functionality and static pages.


WordPress Dashboard

Perform database administration tasks like create, alter, drop, rename, copy, truncate, insert, update, delete, export and import directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Perform data administration tasks like search, insert, update and delete actions directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Use the Data Projects tool to allow your WordPress users to enter data through your own data driven WordPress apps.

Use the Data Publisher to publish database tables on your website. Supports CSS styling as well as pagination, searching and sorting functionality.

Data Explorer

  • Create and alter tables and indexes
  • Drop tables, views and indexes
  • Rename tables and views
  • Copy tables
  • Truncate tables
  • Optimize tables
  • View table, view and index structures
  • Explore tables and views
  • Export tables (full table export as well as data selections) (SQL, XML, JSON, Excel, CSV)
  • Import tables
  • Edit table data (through data entry forms)
  • Delete table data (selections)

Data Designer

  • Reverse engineer tables and indexes
  • Design tables and indexes
  • Create tables and indexes from design
  • Alter tables and indexes from design
  • Generate create table and index scripts

Data Projects

  • Create data driven WordPress apps running in the WordPress dashboard
  • Create WordPress dashboard menus and menu-items
  • Add table based data entry forms to WordPress apps
  • Add parent-child forms to WordPress apps
  • Add static pages to WordPress apps
  • Configure and style table lists, data entry forms and parent-child forms
  • Add role based access control to WordPress apps

Data Publisher

  • Create interactive HTML tables
  • Supports searching, pagination and sorting
  • Generate publication shortcodes
  • Test publication shortcodes
  • Copy publication shortcodes (paste into editor)

Data Menus

  • Add list tables and data entry forms to your own WordPress dashboard menus

Data Backup

  • Create data backup jobs that run unattended in the background
  • Create adhoc data backups that run unattended in the background
  • Allows to create multiple data backup jobs
  • Select the tables to be backed up
  • Save backup files on local or Dropbox folder
  • Run data backups at specified intervals
  • Define the number of backup files te be kept

Manage Plugin

  • Manage plugin behaviour, style and security

WordPress Website

Data Publisher

Publish database tables on your website using shortcodes. Shortcodes can be generated with the Data Publisher or defined manually. Tables are dynamically build using jQuery DataTables. Multiple layouts supported. Allows styling with CSS. Provides pagination, searching and sorting functionality.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer table pages can be added to web pages using shortcodes. This allows you to add data management for specific database tables to your web pages. Allow users to search, view, add, edit, delete, import and export with shortcode parameters.

Use WP Data Access classes in your own PHP code

  • Generate list tables based on the WP_List_Table class to support standard WordPress list table layout and user interaction
  • Write your own code from WP Data Access classes
  • Add menus for generated list tables to your WordPress dashboard, plugin or theme

Plugin Links


Documentation is available from the plugins menu (WP Data Access > Plugin Help).

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(1) Upload the WP Data Access plugin to your blog, (2) activate it and (3) navigate to the WP Data Access menu.
1, 2, 3 and you’re done!


10 Settembre 2019
Good plugin, may more scope to improve but for initiative and concept must deserve 5
19 Agosto 2019
Very useful plugin. You can create and populate any custom table with any fields in Dashboard and display it as a full featured paginated list, in a frontend page by adding a shortcode. Instant response from the creator on the support forum.
20 Giugno 2019
I can't believe that a WP plugin could serve my need. In the past, I used a tool to create a web app. It is a PHP code generator for MySQL (and some other DB as well) But now, I could do almost the same thing from my own WP. It's so great. Btw, PHPMaker do include many features that Data Access don't have it yet. I really want to see it getting more improvement in the future. Thank you very much Peter!!!
28 Aprile 2019
I have to congratulate Peter, the creator of this wonderful plugin, which allows you to manage WP-Database data and set up custom table - projects and editing interfaces. Also the perfect and superfast support needs to be mentioned here. Peter reacts instantly and also values improvement suggestios made by the users. Keep on this good work, man!
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