WP Google Maps


The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Add a customized Google map to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. No fuss. No iFrames and super easy to use! Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any other use you can think of!

While the free version of WP Google Maps allows you to create a Google map with as many markers as you like, the Pro version allows you to do so much more!

The WP Google Maps Pro Version version allows you create custom Google maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions.

Lite Version (Free)

  • Il più popolare pugins per Google Maps su WordPress.
  • Super easy to use, no coding required!
  • Create as many map markers as you need by simply typing in the address
  • Responsive maps
  • Edit your map markers with the click of a button
  • 9 popular map themes to choose from
  • Crea o aggiungi il tuo tema per le mappe.
  • Drag map markers to an exact location
  • Add a map block to your page
  • Google Maps Streetview supported
  • UTF-8 character support
  • Map widget functionality
  • Funzionalità mappa a tutto schermo
  • Support for localization
  • Choose from four Google maps types: roadmap, terrain, satellite and hybrid
  • Define your own width, height and zoom level for your map
  • Add animations to your map markers!
  • Store locator functionality
  • Restrict a store locator search by country
  • Add Polygons to your Map
  • Add Polylines / Routes to your map
  • Create a map in less than a 30 seconds!
  • Right click to add a marker to your map
  • No advertising or links
  • Google Maps Autocomplete
  • Google Maps Transport Layer
  • Set the max zoom level for your map
  • Serve your map marker data via your database or an XML file
  • Compatible with caching plugins
  • Compatible with Cloudfare
  • Latest Google Maps API
  • Latest OpenLayers API

Professional Edition

  • Create multiple maps!
  • Allow your visitors to get directions to your markers.
  • Add descriptions, links and images to your map markers.
  • Add categories to your map markers
  • Filter markers by category
  • Mashup multiple maps
  • Add different marker icons, or your own icons to make your map really stand out!
  • List your map markers in the four ways; basic list, basic table, carousel, advanced table
  • Allow visitors to use their map location as the starting or ending point for the directions
  • Choose between the Default Google Maps Infowindow and the new Modern Infowindow
  • Export/Import your markers to a CSV file for quick editing.
  • Link Fusion tables to your Google Maps
  • Show your visitor’s location on the Map
  • Import KML/KMZ files to your map
  • More advanced options for the Store Locator
  • Allow users to use their map location for the store locator
  • Store locator search by category
  • Hide all map markers until a store locator search is done
  • Move your marker list inside the map window
  • Multiple map widget functionality
  • Add retina-ready map marker icons
  • WordPress Network friendly
  • Get the WP Google Maps Professional Edition for only $39.99


Get a free copy of the WP Google Maps Pro version in exchange for translating our plugin!

  • English – default
  • Russian (Alexandra Bondareva)
  • German
  • French (Arnaud Thomas)
  • Polish (Michal Kotnowski)
  • Finnish (Johanna Joutti)
  • Dutch (Jan Wind)
  • Hebrew (Gal Dotan)
  • Danish (Patrick Jepsen)
  • Italian (Tommaso Mori & Massimo Bregani)
  • Croatian (Sven Kopun)
  • Greek (Konstantinos Koukoulakis)
  • Romanian (Cosmin Stroe)
  • Spanish (Carmelo Villegas Cruz)
  • Portuguese (Jose Antonio Ribeiro)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Roberto Costa)
  • Turkish (Suha Karalar)
  • Svedese
  • Bulgaro
  • Indonesiano
  • Lithuanian
  • Czechoslovakian^

^Language file needs to be updated


WP Google Maps Lite

WP Google Maps Pro



Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • The "Lite" version of WP Google Maps.
  • The "Pro" version of WP Google Maps.
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: Users can get directions to your map markers
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: Add custom markers to your Google map
  • WP Google Maps Lite version: General settings page
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: General settings page
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: InfoWindow settings page
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: Advanced Google map options.
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: Map marker listing options
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: Export/Import your map markers
  • WP Google Maps Pro version: Responsive carousel map marker listing
  • WP Google Maps Lite version: Store Locator Settings
  • WP Google Maps Lite version: Store Locator Map
  • WP Google Maps Lite version: Map Widget
  • Seleziona un tema per la tua mappa, o scegli un tema dalla nostra libreria.


First time WP Google Maps user

Grazie per aver scelto WP Google Maps! Per creare la tua mappa Google, attiva il plugin e clicca su “Maps” sul menu di navigazione a sinistra. All’apertura della prima pagina di WP Google Maps, imposta le opzioni della tua mappa (altezza, larghezza, tipo di mappa livello di zoom etc.) E poi usa il mouse per trascinare la mappa all’indirizzo da te desiderato e premi il pulsante “salva mappa”.
Copia e incolla lo shortcode all’interno del tuo articolo o pagina e WP Google Maps creerà automaticamente la mappa sulla tua pagina usando le impostazioni scelte in precedenza.

Adding your first map marker

To add a marker to your Google map, scroll to below the map in your admin section and enter the address or GPS location in the Address input field. Click “Add Marker” and WP Google Maps will add your marker to the address you specified.

Setting up a Google Maps Store Locator

In order to make use of WP Google Maps Store Locator functionality, simply click on the “Store Locator” tab in the map creation page and select “Yes”


How do I get WP Google Maps Pro?

Simply visit https://www.wpgmaps.com and purchase the WP Google Maps Professional Edition for $39.99 once off. Free updates and support included forever.

I’ve installed the plugin, now what?

Once installed and activated, a link should appear in your left navigation panel within your WP-ADMIN section. Click on the “WP Google Maps” link and follow the on screen instructions.

How do I put a Google map on my page/post?

In order to show your custom Google map on your page or post, simply copy the shortcode supplied and paste it into your page or post. WP Google Maps will automatically configure the map to the settings you selected in the map edit page.

How do I add a map widget to my widget area?

To add your map to your widgets area, simply go to Appearance->Widgets and drag the “WP Google Maps” Map Widget to your sidebar. You then edit the map widget to reflect the correct map.

Vorrei usarlo ma non ho WordPress.

Try Nifty Maps – Comprehensive Map Builder for all websites


Great plugin, great support

I use this plugin, both in free and Pro versions, on many sites I manage and it works really fine!
And if some issues happens (nobody is perfect, but mostly is a matter to plugin to be updated!) the support is kind and effective.
I recently had the support of Trevor Anderson and it was patient and precious!

Simone Mazzucconi aka Drauth

Great plugin, really useful!

This is a really awesome plugin that got the job done! Many thanks!

As a side note, I love how the changelog shows priority level of each update. I wish all plugin makers did that!!

Great support

Trevor Anderson was really helpful and my issue got solved very quickly.

Great tool and Trevor provided excellent support!

The options in the pro version are comprehensive. Everything I could think of in one tool!

I had some problems at first (maps don’t want to render w/ 100% height on my site) but Trevor from support figured out the problem and provided the solution (use px for height) right away.

A+ support and tool,


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Crediti e riconoscimenti

“WP Google Maps” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


“WP Google Maps” è stato tradotto in 11 lingue. Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi.

Traduci “WP Google Maps” nella tua lingua.

Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il Codice segui il Repository SVN iscriviti al Log delle Modifiche. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed.

Change log (registro delle modifiche)

7.10.51 :- 2018-12-11 :- Low priority

  • Added tile server URL setting for OpenLayers
  • Fixed Google vertex context menu preventing OpenLayers engine loading in developer mode
  • Fixed Gutenberg integration module always loading scripts on front end

7.10.50 :- 2018-12-10 :- Low priority

  • Added blank alt attribute to OpenLayers marker img element
  • Updated WP version supported to 5.0

7.10.49 :- 2018-12-05 :- Low priority

  • Improved Gutenberg integration (new buttons added)

7.10.48 :- 2018-12-03 :- Low priority

  • Added a check for wp.editor in Gutenberg JS module
  • Fixed InfoWindow not initialized before open called when using marker open by default setting
  • Fixed WPGMZA.OLMap returning zoom one level too far in (fixes map zooms in one level on save)

7.10.47 :- 2018-11-22 :- Low priority

  • Removed all redundant calls to getPlace
  • Places AutoCompletes now only request the “name” and “formatted_address” fields
  • Changed “Create an API key now” link

7.10.46 :- 2018-11-20 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed store locator circle and radius not displayed when no markers are present
  • Fixed browser compatibility code causing Gutenberg dependency failure
  • Google API version is now fixed at “Quarterly” (solves RetiredVersion notice)
  • Unified store locator circle and radius logic for both XML and DB marker pull
  • All PHP classes and methods now have documentation blocks
  • Server side documentation added in /docs/php
  • Client side documentation added in /docs/js

7.10.45 :- 2018-11-12 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed places autocomplete not initializing with modern store locator
  • Fixed conflict with Autoptimize with large amounts of data by bypassing CSS optimization where shortcode is present
  • Enter key now triggers search on modern store locator

7.10.44 :- 2018-11-05 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed Modern Store Locator Circle not working when Google Maps geometry library not loaded
  • Fixed legacy-map-edit-page.js not enqueued when Gold add-on activated (with Pro >= 7.10.30)
  • Fixed store locator circle color settings not respected in OpenLayers
  • Improved unresolved dependency report, now reports requirements

7.10.43 :- 2018-10-31 :- High priority

  • Improved previous security fix

7.10.42 :- 2018-10-25 :- High priority

  • Closed potential XSS vulnerability in PHP_SELF on map edit page

7.10.41 :- 2018-10-24 :- Medium priority

  • Changed exception to notice when v8 dependencies are missing (fixes issue with Pro < 7.10.37 in developer mode)

7.10.40 :- 2018-10-17 :- Medium priority

  • Added temporary fix for Gutenberg module dependencies preventing wpgmaps.js from loading when in Developer Mode
  • Fixed Infowindow not opening on touch device when using “hover” action

7.10.39 :- 2018-10-15 :- High priority

  • Fixed JS error when Gutenberg framework not loaded

7.10.38 :- 2018-10-15 :- Medium priority

  • Added factory class
  • Added DIVI compatibility fix
  • Added new table name constants
  • Modules added to pave the way for Gutenberg integration
  • Adjusted script loader to support external dependencies
  • Fixed trailing slash breaking rest API routes on some setups
  • Fixed wpgmza_basic_get_admin_path causing URL wrapper not supported

7.10.37 :- 2018-09-27 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed undefined variable on iOS breaking store locator
  • Fixed edit marker using REST API not working when API route has two slashes
  • Fixed map not appearing with particular versions of dataTables where the packaged version is not used

7.10.36 :- 2018-09-25 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed change in 7.10.35 causing problems with OLMarker click event, preventing infowindow opening
  • Dropped .gitignore which was causing deployment issues, now using .gitattributes to ignore minified files

7.10.35 :- 2018-09-20 :- Medium priority

  • Added links to new API troubleshooting documentation to Google Maps API Error dialog
  • Fixed marker dispatching click event after drag when using OpenLayers
  • Fixed map dispatching click event after drag when using OpenLayers
  • Fixed map editor right click marker appearing multiple times
  • Fixed map editor right click marker disappearing after map drag
  • Fixed modern store locator circle crashing some iOS devices by disabling this feature on iOS devices
  • Fixed gesture handling setting not respected when theme data is set in

7.10.34 :- 2018-09-17 :- Low priority

  • Added descriptive error messages when Google API is required but not loaded
  • Added “I agree” translation to German files
  • Added getPluginScripts to Scriptloader module
  • jQuery 3.x document ready compatibility
  • Changed wpgmza_google_api_status to be passed via wp_localize_script to prevent redirection issues in some circumstances
  • Prevented UGM e-mail address being transmitted in WPGMZA_localized_data
  • Removed redundant locationSelect dropdown

7.10.33 :- 2018-09-05 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed OpenLayers InfoWindow not opening

7.10.32 :- 2018-08-31 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed redundant setting wpgmza_gdpr_enabled causing “user consent not given” to be flagged erroneously

7.10.31 :- 2018-08-30 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed NaN zoom level causing Google Maps to hang

= 7.10.30 :- 2018-08-29 :- Medium priority
* Fixed “Access to undeclared static property” on some PHP versions
* Fixed google-maps-api-error-dialog.html.php does not exist

7.10.29 :- 2018-08-28 :- Medium priority

  • Improved return_polygon_array function making edit polygon page more robust
  • Improved GoogleAPIErrorHandler, modal dialog with documentation links is now shown back end and front end for administrators
  • Implemented setOptions for generic marker module and WPGMZA.GoogleMarker module
  • Added load_textdomain_mofile to fix translation issues
  • Added event storelocatorgeocodecomplete (native) and storelocatorgeocodecomplete.wpgmza
  • Added event storelocatorresult (native) and storelocatorresult.wpgmza
  • Fixed map controls not applied without toggling developer mode
  • Fixed white border around new Google logo
  • Fixed Google API handling change blocking infowindow creation
  • Fixed some global settings not respected (zoom controls, etc.)
  • Fixed can’t change wpgmza_maps_engine in WPGMZA_OTHER_SETTINGS when engine is set
  • Removed suffixed .wpgmza events being explicitly dispatched, WPGMZA.EventDispatcher now dispatches these automatically

7.10.28 :- 2018-08-20 :- Low priority

  • Fixed engine being switched to OpenLayers following saving settings on a fresh install
  • Added CSS fix for recent Google UI changes for MacOS / iOS + Safari

7.10.27 :- 2018-08-17 :- Low priority

  • Added wpgmza_xml_cache_generated filter
  • Added wpgmza_xml_cache_saved action
  • Improved return_polyline_array function making edit polyline page more robust
  • Fixed Google API loading before consent given when “Require consent before load” checked

7.10.26 :- 2018-08-15 :- Low priority

  • Improved Google API error handling back end, module issues more comprehensive alerts
  • GoogleAPIErrorHandler moved to /js/v8/google-api-error-handler.js
  • Added CSS fix for recent Google UI changes (Buttons in triplicate)

7.10.25 :- 2018-08-10 :- Low priority

  • Fixed “Undefined variable” notice

7.10.24 :- 2018-07-31 :- Low Priority

  • Added regex callback for class autoloader for installations where token_get_all is not available
  • Added spatial function prefix to spatial data migration function
  • Added lat and lng properties to GoogleGeocoder result (for Pro 5 & UGM compatibility)
  • Altered Map module to deserialize other_settings and merge into the map settings object
  • Altered parent:: to \Exception:: in CSS selector parser
  • Fixed version detection for MySQL 8

7.10.23 :- 2018-07-23 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed REST API endpoint URL incorrect for installations in subfolders
  • Added PHP version requirement 5.3 to readme.txt

7.10.22 :- 2018-07-18 :- Medium priority

  • Added filter wpgmza_localized_strings
  • Added beginnings for REST API
  • Added scroll animation when edit marker is clicked
  • Fixed UTF-8 characters not being decoded into PHPs native charset before passing them to loadHTML in GDPR compliance module
  • Fixed edit marker button not re-enabled following unsuccessful geocode

7.10.21 :- 2018-07-09 :- Medium priority

  • Added MySQL version check and dropped ST_ function prefixes for versions < 8.0
  • Fixed markers not appearing front end and back end marker table empty for servers running old MySQL versions

7.10.20 :- 2018-07-05 :- Low priority

  • Added hook for new GDPR tab content
  • Added JavaScript for VGM GDPR controls
  • Fixed WPGMZA\DOMDocument::saveInnerBody not saving text nodes

7.10.19 – 2018-07-05 :- Medium Priority

  • Added new event “userlocationfound” dispatched from WPGMZA.events
  • Added fall back to convert UTF-8 to HTML entities on installations without multibyte functions available
  • Changed GDPR settings UI, removed redundant compliance setting, added default notice
  • Fixed media=”1″ attribute not validating
  • Fixed nominatim geocoder not giving expected response to callback
  • Fixed ScriptLoader module always enqueuing FontAwesome 4.*
  • Fixed debug code breaking WP Migrate DB integration
  • Fixed custom fields blank in marker listing
  • Replaced deprecated MySQL functions with ST_ functions
  • Replaced deprecated jQuery(window).load functions
  • Removed Google autocomplete when using OpenLayers
  • Removed protocol from marker icons / fixed marker icons disappear after switching to https://

7.10.18 – 2018-07-02 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed GDPR back end warning appearing when GDPR compliance is enabled

7.10.17 – 2018-06-29 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed country restriction broken in store locator
  • Added dismissable admin GDPR warning when GDPR compliance has been switched off
  • Fixed GDPR settings blank by default on some installations

7.10.16 – 2018-06-21 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed global settings lost
  • Fixed whitespace matched in version variable

7.10.15 – 2018-06-14 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed GDPR consent notice bypassed when “prevent other plugins and theme enqueueing maps API” is not set

7.10.14 – 2018-06-14 :- Medium priority

  • Fixed incompatibilities with UGM

7.10.13 – 2018-06-13 :- Low priority

  • Fixed can’t save Modern Store Locator
  • Fixed store locator reset not working
  • Fixed disabling map controls not working
  • Fixed store locator radio button

7.10.12 – 2018-06-12 :- Low priority

  • Handed FontAwesome loading over to ScriptLoader module
  • Deprecated global function wpgmza_enqueue_fontawesome
  • Fixed circles and rectangles only working on map ID 1

7.10.11 – 2018-06-08 :- Low priority

  • Fixed JS error when passing non-string value to document.write
  • Temporary workaround for “Unexpected token % in JSON”
  • API consent no longer required on back-end

7.10.10 – 2018-06-01 :- Medium Priority

  • Adding setting “Prevent other plugins and theme loading API”

7.10.09 – 2018-06-01 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed unterminated comment warning
  • Fixed map edit page creating Google places autocomplete when engine is set to OpenLayers
  • Fixed icon not draggable in edit marker location page

7.10.08 – 2018-05-31 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed cannot edit marker in Basic only

7.10.07 – 2018-05-31 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed issue where map engine was different on back end

7.10.06 – 2018-05-31 :- Medium Priority

  • Added “require consent before API load” to GDPR settings

7.10.05 – 2018-05-30 :- Low Priority

  • Fixed Using $this when not in object context when using older PHP version
  • Fixed google sometimes not defined when selected engine is OpenLayers

7.10.04 – 2018-05-30 :- Medium Priority

  • Fixed geocode response coordinates not interpreted properly
  • Italian translation updated

7.10.03 – 2018-05-30 :- High Priority

  • Fixed InfoWindow not opening when max width set in
  • Fixed $this not in context inside closure when using older PHP versions
  • Fixed Gold add-on clustering settings blank
  • Altered map engine selection dialog

7.10.02 – 2018-05-29

  • Engine defaults to Google Maps

7.10.01 – 2018-05-29

  • Fixed undefined index notice in GDPR module

7.10.00 – 2018-05-25

  • Added new Javascript modules
  • Added new PHP modules
  • Class AutoLoading implemented
  • OpenLayers / OpenStreetMap integration
  • Fixed Edit Marker Position not working with Pro 6.*
  • Fixed some strings not being translated in German
  • JS Minification
  • Added “Developer mode”

7.0.04 – 2018-05-07

  • Fixed PHP notice regarding store locator default radius

7.0.03 – 2018-04-20

  • Improved spatial data migration function to be more robust
  • Fixed undefined index use_fontawesome

7.0.02 – 2018-04-15

  • Added option to select FontAwesome version
  • Fixed bug with circle data array

7.0.01 – 2018-04-11 – Medium Priority

  • Switched to WebFont / CSS FontAwesome 5 for compatibility reasons
  • Fixed JS error in for … in loop when adding methods to Array prototype
  • Fixed FontAwesome CSS being enqueued as script
  • Added functionality to fit map to bounds when editing shapes

7.0.00 – 2018-04-04

  • Added arbitrary radii control to Maps -> Settings -> Store Locator
  • Added modern store locator look and feel
  • Added modern store locator radius
  • Added custom JS field in Maps -> Settings -> Advanced
  • Added spatial types to marker table
  • Added Google API Error handler and alert
  • Added code to display custom fields in infowindow when Pro is installed
  • Fresh install “My First Map” defaults to modern store locator and radius
  • Relaxed theme data parsing
  • Disabled Street View, zoom controls, pan controls and map type controls on fresh installs

6.4.08 – 2018-01-14 – Medium priority

  • Update Google Maps API versions to include 3.30 and 3.31
  • On first installation, users are now taken to the welcome page
  • Updated contributors
  • Updated credits page
  • Fixed broken support links
  • Got things ready for the new Version 7 that is on its way

6.4.07 – 2018-01-08 – Low priority

  • Added a deactivation survey to gain insight before moving to Version 7
  • Tested on WP 4.9.1

6.4.06 – 2017-09-07 – Medium Priority

  • Bug Fix: Zoom level is not respected when saving

6.4.05 – 2017-06-13 – Medium priority

  • Risolto il problema degli errori di Javascript evidenziati nell’editor di mappe
  • Corretto un bug relativo al file di opzioni XML (marcatori) che causava errori durante l’aggiunta di un marcatore nella finestra sottostante
  • Aggiunta la possibilità di nascondere la funzionalità di sottoscrizione nella pagina dei plugin
  • New feature: Bulk delete markers
  • Completamento automatico è attivo quando si aggiungono marcatori
  • La funzione di completamento automatico è attiva per la ricerca dei negozi nella schermata principale
  • Risolto un problema che impediva all’editor di caricare una mappa durante una nuova installazione.

6.4.04 – 2017-06-08 – Low priority

  • Testato con WordPress 4.8

6.4.03 – 2017-02-17 – Low priority

  • Added the ability for affiliates to make use of their affiliate IDs in the pro links
  • Added better SSL support
  • Added shortcode support for XML marker files

6.4.02 – 2017-01-20 – Low priority

  • Removed an echo that was incorrectly placed

6.4.01 – 2017-01-20 – Low priority

  • Added the ability for users to subscribe to our mailing list

6.4.00 – 2017-01-11 – Medium priority

  • Added an option to set default store locator address
  • Full screen map functionality added
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom css to be incorrectly escaped
  • Fixed the bug that caused the “save marker” button to not revert when an address couldnt be geocoded
  • Added caching notices to notify users to clear their cache when a marker is added or edited or when map settings were changed
  • Estonian translation added
  • Fixed the incorrect locale setting with the Google Maps API
  • Fixed a bug that caused the admin style sheet to load on all admin pages
  • Added the ability to change the gesture input
  • Fixed a bug that caused PHP warnings when a polygon or polyline had no polydata
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-utf8 characters within an address to cause the insertion of the marker to fail
  • Documented all PHP functions

6.3.20 – 2016-09-27

  • Fixed a big that prevented the map from loading in a widget
  • Refactored code used to load the Google Maps API and Script files

6.3.19 – 2016-09-21

  • Fixed a bug that caused some maps to not load markers on page load

6.3.18 – 2016-09-15

  • Chinese support – when your language is set to Chinese (ZN_cn), the map will now load from maps.google.cn
  • Hebrew language code fixed when accessing the Google Maps API in Hebrew
  • Added support for the KML layer to be visible when adding/editing polygons or polylines
  • Fixed a bug with the store locator not using miles when selected
  • Moved up to versions 3.25 and 3.26 of the Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Datatables updated
  • When a marker is deleted, the view does not reset
  • User javascript has been ported over to a JavaScript file
  • A minimifed and unminified version of the user-side JS file is now included – The minifed version is used by default
  • You can now set the google map zoom level via the shortcode. Example: [wpgmza id=’1′ zoom=8]
  • Fixed a PHP warning on the error log page

6.3.17 – 2016-08-07 – Medium priority

  • Added a temporary Google Maps JavaScript API key for users so that the UX is not negatively affected on the user’s first attempt at using the plugin.
  • Added a check to the front end to only display the map if there is an Google Maps JavaScript API key saved
  • Fixed bugs that caused PHP warnings within the store locator
  • UX improvements to the welcome page
  • Fixed a bug that caused a JS error as a result of the previous versions new tab support

6.3.16 – 2016-08-02 – Low priority

  • API key is now used on the edit polyline page
  • Removed the resizing script that caused the map to flicker on mobile devices
  • Added additional tab support (tri-tabs-nav span)
  • Fixed a bug in the store locator country restriction list

6.3.15 – 2016-07-31 – High priority

  • Security patches
  • Code refactoring

6.3.14 – 2016-07-13 – High priority

  • Many security patches – thank you Gerard Arall
  • Bug fix – trim whitespace before and api the Google Maps API key
  • Additional tab support added
  • Corrected PHP noticess

6.3.13 – 2016-07-07 – Medium priority

  • Revised Maps API Dequeue Script Added
  • Remove Style dequeue script as this was causing UI conflicts
  • Added option to disable Maps API from being loaded on front end

6.3.12 – 2016-06-27 – Medium priority

  • Modified the API key notification to make it simpler and more intuitive

6.3.11 – 2016-06-24 – Medium Priority

  • Small activation bug fixed
  • all polygons and polylines are now viewable when editing or creating a new polygon or polyline
  • Notifications of Google Maps API key requirements

6.3.10 – 2016-05-03 – Low priority

  • Added event listeners for both jQuery and accordions so that the map can init correctly when placed in a tab or accordion
  • Added checks to stop themes and plugins from loading the Google Maps API over and above our call to the API on pages that contain the map shortcode
  • Fixed an SSL issue with the marker URL (Thank you David Clough)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the CSS file to be loaded on all front end pages
  • Added SSL support to the jQuery CDN file

6.3.09 – 2016-04-15 – High priority

  • Deprecated google maps api 3.14 and 3.15, added 3.23 and 3.24

6.3.08 – 2016-04-14 – Medium Priority

  • Provides a workaround for users experiencing issues with their maps loading after updating to WordPress 4.5

6.0.07 – 2016-04-13 – Low Priority

  • Tested on WordPress 4.5
  • You can now use your own Google Maps API key for your maps

6.3.06 – 2016-04-04 – Low priority

  • Indonesian Translation added – Thank you Neno
  • Swedish Translation added – Thank you Martin Sleipner
  • Bulgarian Translation added – Thank you Lyubomir Kolev
  • Google Maps API sensor removed from API call

6.3.05 – 2016-01-14 – Low priority

  • Multiple tab compatibility added

6.3.04 – 2016-01-04 – Low priority

  • Tested with WP 4.4

6.3.03 – 2015-11-19 – Medium Priority

  • Fixed a bug that caused the map to not display when a theme was not selected

6.3.02 – 2015-11-06 – Low priority

  • A new theme directory has been created – this allows you to use any map theme or style that you want simply by copying and pasting it’s data

6.3.01 – 2015-10-06 – Low priority

  • Added 3 new google maps custom themes
  • Corrected internationalization
  • iPhone map marker styling fix
  • Fixed an autocomplete bug
  • All WP Google Maps language files have been updated

6.3.0 – 2015-09-04 – Low priority

  • Added 5 map themes to the map editor
  • Added a native map widget so you can drag and drop your maps to your widget area
  • Minor bug fixes
  • All language files updated

6.2.3 – 2015-08-20 – High priority

  • Included the latest version of datatables to fix the bug experienced with the new jQuery being included in WordPress 4.3
  • Updated datatables.responsive to 1.0.7 and included the minified version of the file instead
  • Fixed a few styling bugs in the map editor
  • WP Google Maps tested with WordPress 4.3

6.2.2 – Security Update – 2015-07-27 – High Priority

  • Security patch
  • Tested with WP 4.2.3

6.2.1 – Security Update – 2015-07-13 – High Priority

  • Security enhancements to the map editor page, map javascript, marker categories and front end code

6.2.0 – Liberty Update – 2015-06-24 – Medium Priority

  • Security enhancements (map editor, marker location, map settings)
  • Weather has been removed (deprecated by Google Maps)
  • Major bug fix (Google Map places bug) – caused the map markers not to show if the map store locator was not enabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused the jQuery error message to display br

6.1.10 – 2015-06-10 – High priority

  • XSS security patch
  • Security enhancements
  • Fixed a bug that didnt allow you to add a map marker if there were no markers to start with

6.1.9 – 2015-06-01 – Low priority

  • French translation bug fixed

6.1.8 – 2015-05-27 – Low priority

  • Greek translation added – Thank you Konstantinos Koukoulakis
  • Added the Google Maps autocomplete functionality to the “add marker” section of the map editor
  • Added the Google Maps autocomplete functionality to the Store Locator

6.1.7 – 2015-04-22 – Low priority

  • json_encode (extra parameter) issue fixed for hosts using PHP version < 5.3
  • Plugin tested on 4.2RC3

6.1.6 – 2015-04-17 – Low priority

  • Rocketscript fix
  • Dutch translation added
  • Main translation file updated

6.1.5 – 2015-03-16 – High priority

  • Timthumb removed
  • New support page added
  • You can now restrict your store locator search by a specific country
  • Bug fix in map editor
  • SSL bug fix
  • Usability improvements when right clicking to add a marker on the map.
  • Russian, Lithuanian and Portuguese translations added

6.1.4 2015-02-13 Medium priority

  • Safari bug fix
  • Fixed issues with map markers containing addresses with single quotes
  • You can now set the max zoom of your google map
  • Translation file updated

6.1.3 2015-01-29 Medium priority

  • IIS server error fix
  • Small map bug fixes
  • Brazilian portuguese language file updated
  • Activation error fixes

6.1.2 2015-01-19 Low priority

  • Code improvements (PHP warnings)
  • New languages added
  • Tested in WordPress 4.1

6.1.1 2014-12-19 Low priority

  • Translation file updates
  • Code improvements

6.1.0 2014-12-17 Medium priority

  • Added an alternative method to pull the marker data

6.0.31 2014-11-28 Low priority

  • Fixed a category bug

6.0.30 2014-11-26

  • Added a check for the DOMDocument class when creating the map marker data files
  • Removed the APC Object Cache warning
  • Added new strings to the PO file

6.0.29 2014-11-04

  • New option: You can now show or hide the Store Locator bouncing icon
  • New feature: Add custom CSS in the settings page
  • Code improvements

6.0.28 2014-10-22

  • Enfold / Avia theme conflict resolved (Google Maps API loading twice)
  • Better marker file/directory control
  • Italian translation added (Tommaso Mori)

6.0.27 2014-09-29

  • French translation updated by Arnaud Thomas
  • Security updates (thank you www.htbridge.com)
  • Code improvements (PHP warnings)
  • Google Map Store Locator bug fix – map zoom levels on 300km, 150km and 75km were incorrect

6.0.26 2014-08-22

  • Attempting to fix the “is_dir” and “open_basedir restriction” errors some users are experiencing.
  • Updated timthumb to version 2.8.14

6.0.25 2014-08-13

  • Removed the use of “is_dir” which caused fatal errors on some hosts

6.0.24 2014-07-31

  • Added extra support for folder management and error reporting
  • Code improvements (PHP Warnings)
  • Better polygon and polyline handling
  • Hebrew translation added – thank you Gal Dotan

6.0.23 2014-07-30

  • Added extra support for corrupt polyline and polygon data – Low priority update

6.0.22 2014-07-25

  • Fixed incorrect warning about permissions when permissions where “2755” etc.
  • Add classes to the Google map store locator elements


  • Backend UI improvement
  • You can now right click to add a marker to the map
  • New map markers can be dragged
  • Polygons and polylines now have labels
  • Small bug fixes


  • You can now alter the query string for the store locator


  • Fixed a bug that caused the marker file to be recreated on every page load in some instances.
  • Fixed a marker listing display bug (iPhone)
  • Now showing default settings for marker path and URL
  • Removed the “Google map could not load” error
  • Fixed a bug that when threw off GPS co-ordinates when adding a lat,lng as an address


  • You can now select which roles can access the map editor


  • Minor update: PO files updated


  • You can now choose which folder your markers are saved in
  • Better error reporting for file permission issues


  • Small bug fixes
  • Map marker location bug fix
  • Russian translation added by Borisa Djuraskovic


  • Code improvements
  • Added option for selecting Celsius or Fahrenheit with the Google Maps weather layer


  • Fixed PHP warnings and the plugin is now PHP 5.5 compatible


  • Fixed a google map marker XML file location bug


  • Small bug fix on the WP Google Maps welcome page


  • Tested on WP 3.9
  • Fixed a bug that only displayed two map marker categories for the store locator (pro)
  • Added the option to select which Google Map API version you would like to use. There were issues when using Google Map API v3.15 (lines were created on the map for no reason. The default is now Google Map API V3.14)


  • Maps now automatically work in Tabs without having to add any code
  • Added a “zoom level” slider to the Google map settings
  • Added a check for GoDaddy WordPress hosting and the APC object cache due to the issues that arise while using it
  • Fixed a polyline bug
  • Added “stroke opacity” options to polygons
  • Added a warning when users want to use % for the map height


  • Fixed a Mac Firefox style issue with the WP Google Maps Store Locator
  • Fixed a function error in the polyline functions file


  • Upgrading of plugin is now handled correctly


  • Multisite bug fixes
  • XML marker file bug fixes (thank you Endymion00)


  • Markers are now stored in the uploads folder
  • Small bug fixes


  • Performance update


  • Small bug fix


  • Style bug fix


  • Small bug fix


  • Fixed a map width bug with the datatables layout. Now falls in line with the map width.
  • Added more options to the map settings page
  • Fixed a bug that forced a new geocode on every marker edit, even if the address wasnt changed
  • Updated TimThumb from 2.8.11 to 2.8.13
  • You can now choose for your map InfoWindows to open from mouse click or hover
  • Better error handling when the map cannot show due to conflicts or JS errors
  • Fixed the bug that caused high memory usage
  • Major bug fixes


  • Bug fix – The map style changed the style of your theme.


  • Add animations to your map markers (lite)
  • Choose to have the infowindow open by default (lite)
  • Add the bicycle and traffic layer to your map (lite)
  • Substantial coding improvements and bug fixes


  • Fixed the marker sort order bug


  • Fixed a bug that if clicking the “add maker” button produced an error, the “add marker” button would disappear.


  • Categories can now be hidden from the marker list
  • German translation added thanks to Matteo Ender


  • Fixed a styling bug with Firefox
  • Fixed the bug that caused all markers to be lost upon upgrading


  • Added improved styling to the address in the map infowindow


  • Fixed update bug


  • Plugin now checks to see if the Google Maps API is already loaded before trying to load it again
  • Fixed some SSL bugs


  • Added marker category functionality
  • Added Google Map Mashup functionality
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Added backwards compatibility for older versions of WordPress
  • Replaced deprecated WordPress function calls
  • Added Spanish translation – Thank you Fernando!


  • The map plugin now uses the new media manager
  • Fixed some styling conflicts
  • Added missing strings to localization
  • Updated to the latest Timthumb version


  • Fixed a small bug


  • Removed deprecated code


  • Added SSL bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that wasnt allowing users to edit the exact location

For more, please view the WP Google Maps site