SlimStat Analytics


Track returning customers and registered users, monitor Javascript events, detect intrusions, analyze email campaigns. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it.

Main Features

  • Real-Time Access Log: measure server latency, track page events, keep an eye on your bounce rate and much more.
  • Shortcodes: display reports in widgets or directly in posts and pages.
  • GDPR: fully compliant with the GDPR European law. You can test your website at
  • Filters: exclude users from statistics collection based on various criteria, including user roles, common robots, IP subnets, admin pages, country, etc.
  • Export to Excel: download your reports as CSV files, generate user heatmaps or get daily emails right in your mailbox (via Pro).
  • Cache: compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP SuperCache, CloudFlare and most caching plugins.
  • Privacy: hash IP addresses to protect your users’ privacy.
  • Geolocation: identify your visitors by city and country, browser type and operating system (courtesy of MaxMind and Browscap).
  • World Map: see where your visitors are coming from, even on your mobile device (courtesy of amMap).

Pro Pack Features

  • Network Analytics: Enable a network-wide view of your reports and settings.
  • Email Reports: Receive your reports directly in your mailbox.
  • Export to Excel: Download your reports as CSV files.
  • Heatmap: Display a heatmap layer of the most clicked areas on your website.
  • User Overview: Monitor your registered users by tracking their activities and time on site.
  • MaxMind Integration: Connect to MaxMind’s Geolocation API to retrieve detailed information about your visitors.
  • Custom DB: Use an external database to store all the information about your visitors.
  • Extended Overview: Add custom columns to the User Overview widget and export file.


  • WordPress 5.0+
  • PHP 7.4+
  • MySQL 5.0.3+
  • At least 5 MB of free web space (240 MB if you plan on using the external libraries for geolocation and browser detection)
  • At least 10 MB of free DB space
  • At least 32 Mb of free PHP memory for the tracker (peak memory usage)

Prendi nota

  • If you decide to uninstall Slimstat Analytics, all the stats will be PERMANENTLY deleted from your database. Make sure to setup a database backup (wp_slim_*) to avoid losing your data.


  • Real-Time - A real-time view of your visitors' whereabouts
  • Overview - Your website traffic at a glance
  • Audience - See your visitors' full information
  • Site Analysis - Provides insights into how visitors are using your website
  • Traffic Sources - See where your visitors are coming from, such as search engines, social media, or referral websites
  • Customize widgets - Allows you to customize the analytics widgets that are displayed in your Slimstat dashboard
  • Settings - Plenty of options to customize the plugin's behavior


  1. In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Slimstat Analytics
  3. Click on Install Now next to Slimstat Analytics and then activate the plugin
  4. Make sure your template calls wp_footer() or the equivalent hook somewhere (possibly just before the </body> tag)


An extensive knowledge base is available on our website.


12 Gennaio 2024 1 risposta
Nice data and super lightweight on site. Good for seeing clickthru data. I also use Postview. The only downside to the plugin is I run my servers at WP Engine and they still call out the CVE related to 5.0.9 which was shortcode. That was fixed two iterations ago but WPE still considers it unfixed. Getting their engineering team to review it has been a month with no progress. That also says something about the security database at WPE for that matter (ie out of date?).
26 Ottobre 2023 1 risposta
Awesome plugin with all analytics you want to have inside your wordpress.
5 Febbraio 2023 2 risposte
Thanks for this plugin! I really enjoy using the real-time user data. It also helps to find out about 404 errors/links on the site. You are doing great ๐Ÿ™‚
16 Gennaio 2023 2 risposte
I want a real time stats of active users on various pages of my site. But the real time page simply lists the current users and there is a map showing their location. Also, there are setting for date range??? This page could be configured better. Include setting as to what qualifies a active user (such as entered page within the last 15 minutes). Some information presented is useful. Also, stats regarding performance taxing on server would be good. But as it is, I don't think I will keep this over GA4.
11 Luglio 2022
The plugin has been updated. It downloads and unpacks the GeoLite2 database from Maxmind for WooCommerce website without a hiccup. Thank you for a great tool, essential for planning inventory and blocking gargoyles.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“SlimStat Analytics” รจ un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • [Fixes] Update maxmind plugin to get wp_slimstat version
  • [Enhancement] Sanitized input filter_array
  • [Enhancement] Added minimum cap to ajax callback report to prevent unauthorized use by low-privileged users


  • [Enhancement] PHP v8.2 compatibility
  • [Enhancement] Refactor IP Anonymization Logic to Use wp_privacy_anonymize_ip() Function
  • [Enhancement] Enhance exclusion options in fingerprinting prevention
  • [Enhancement] Fix passing Fingerprint2 options
  • [Enhancement] Updated jQuery Dependency for SlimStat vMap Scripts in Reports
  • [Enhancement] Minor improvements and cleanups and fixed some wrong documents URLs
  • [Enhancement] Updated reference to Git repository to download the latest Browscap
  • [Enhancement] Updated the POT file


  • [Fix] Fixed loading of Constants.php for users not logged in.
  • [Enhancement] Improved CSS color styles for new visitors.


  • [Enhancement] Ensured compatibility with PHP version 8.2.
  • [Enhancement] Refined color scheme to enhance differentiation and visibility of new visitors.
  • [Fix] An issue with handling multiple array parameters in URLs.


We’re excited to announce the release of Slimstat v5.1! This update includes a big design change, as well as a number of new features and improvements.

  • [New] Improved layout and design. We’ve tidied up the design so it’s clearer and more user-friendly. We’ve also chosen softer colors to make the design easier on the eyes.
  • [New] Add-Ons are back, but they’ve been formally collected into a version pack called SlimstatPro.
  • [Fix] Plenty of improvements and error fixes.

We still have some plans to make Slimstat better, so please keep your feedback coming, please click here to read more.

  • [Fix] The shortcode issues have been fixed
  • [Fix] Displaying the Access Log IPs have been fixed


  • [Fix] Skip Error Responses: Handling Empty Referer in Results Array
  • [Fix] Escape shortcode attributes
  • [Fix] Skip to accept the invalid argus in shortcode
  • [Fix] Minor improvements & Hardened plugin security


  • [Fix] Hardened plugin security and sanitization of GeoIP argument


  • [Fix] Fixed the save customize page issue.


  • [Fix] Resolved an issue with chart dataSet.
  • [Fix] Fixed the messy layout on the customize page.


  • [New] Integrated a Feedback button powered by FeedbackBird! in the admin area to gather user feedback.
  • [Fix] Resolve STRPOS error when enqueuing scripts.
  • [Fix] Ensure backward compatibility for null values.
  • [Fix] Fix broken access in delete_pageView and notices_handler functions.
  • [Fix] Resolve escaping issue with literal ‘%’ character in wpdb->prepare().

  • [Fix] Backward compatibility


  • [Fix] Hardened plugin security and prepare the queries
  • [Fix] Fixed comparison view issue
  • [Fix] Removed GeoIP download archive in error cases as well


  • [Fix] Backward compatibility


  • [Fix] Fix & compatibility with the Add-Ons


We recently encountered an issue with the license of some libraries that did not comply with regulations. As a result, we have replaced those libraries in this release:

  • [Fix] Replaced the chart library from amCharts with Chart.js.
  • [Fix] Replaced the map world library from AmMap with JQVMap.
  • [Fix] Improved plugin security and argument sanitization.


  • [Fix] Hardened plugin security and sanitization of arguments

  • [Fix] Disabled shortcode’s filtering WHERE statement and make security harder.

  • [Fix] The filtering issue

  • [Fix] Query issue in UTF-8 slugs


  • [Update] New logo and icon for the plugin!
  • [Fix] Hardened plugin security and sanitization of user input and escaped output


  • [Fix] Fixed tweak notice errors while activating the plugin in fresh installation
  • [Update] Tested up to WordPress v6.1

  • [Fix] Entries in the Top Referring Domains report were pointing to broken links (thank you, s7ech).
  • [Fix] The new Browscap Library requires at least PHP 7.4, up from 7.1. (thank you, Daniel Jaraud).


  • [New] Browscap Library is now bundled with the main plugin, only definition files are downloaded dynamically.
  • [New] Support MaxMind License Key for GeoLite2 database downloads.
  • [New] Speedup Browscap version check when repository site is down.
  • [New] Delete plugin settings and stats only if explicitly enabled in settings
  • [Fix] Addressed a PHP warning of undefined variable when parsing a query string looking for search term keywords (thank you, inndesign).
  • [Fix] Fixed SQL error when Events Manager plugin is installed, ‘Posts and Pages’ is enabled, and no events are existing (thank you, lwangamaman.
  • [Fix] Starting with 4.9, PHP 7.4+ is required (thank you, stephanie-mitchell.
  • [Fix] Opt-Out cookie does not delete slimstat cookie.

  • [Update] The Privacy Mode option under Slimstat > Settings > Tracker now controls the fingerprint collection mechanism as well. If you have this option enabled to comply with European privacy laws, your visitors’ IP addresses will be masked and they won’t be fingerprinted (thank you, Peter).
  • [Update] Improved handling of our local DNS cache to store hostnames when the option to convert IP addresses is enabled in the settings.
  • [Fix] Redirects from the canonical URL to its corresponding nice permalink were being affected by a new feature introduce in version 4.8.7 (thank you, Brookjnk).
  • [Fix] The new tracker was throwing a Javascript error when handling events attached to DOM elements without a proper hierarchy (thank , you pollensteyn).
  • [Fix] Tracking downloads using third-party solutions like Download Attachments was not working as expected (thank you, damianomalorzo).
  • [Fix] Inverted stacking order of dots on the map so that the most recent pageviews are always on top, when dots are really close to each other.
  • [Fix] A warning message was being returned by the function looking for search keywords in the URL (thank you, Ryan).


  • [New] Implemented new FingerPrintJs2 library in the tracker. Your visitors are now associated with a unique identifier that does not rely on cookies, IP address or other unreliable information. This will allow Slimstat to produce more accurate results in terms of session lenghts, user patterns and much more.
  • [New] Added event handler for ‘beforeunload’, which will allow the tracker to better meausure the time spent by your visitors on each page. This will make our upcoming new charts even more accurate.
  • [Update] Improved algorithm that scans referrer URLs for search terms, and introduced a new list of search engines. Please help us improve this list by submitting your missing search engine entries.
  • [Update] Added title field to Slimstat widgets (thank you, jaroslawistok).
  • [Update] Reverted a change to the Top Web Pages report that was now combining URLs with a trailing slash and ones without one into one result. As James pointed out, this is a less accurate measure and hides the fact that people might be accessing the website in different ways.
  • [Update] The event tracker now annotates each event with information about the mouse button that was clicked and other useful data.
  • [Fix] The Country shortcode was not working as expected because of a change in how we handle localization files.
  • [Fix] Renamed slim_i18n class to avoid conflict with external libraries.

  • [New] Implemented a simple query cache to minimize the number of requests needed to crunch and display the data in the reports.
  • [Update] Extended tracker to also record the ‘fragment’ portion of the URL, if available (this feature is only available in Client Mode).
  • [Update] Do not show the resource title in Network View mode.
  • [Fix] Some reports were not optimized for our Network Analytics add-on (thank you, Peter).
  • [Fix] The notice displayed to share the latest news with our users would not disappear even after clicking the X button to close it (thank you, Anton).
  • [Fix] The ‘Top Web Pages’ reports was listing duplicate entries.
  • [Fix] A regression bug was affecting the Currently Online report, by showing incorrect information for the IP addresses.
  • [Fix] After resetting the Customizer view, all reports were being listed twice (thank you, Anton).
  • [Fix] A new feature introduced by our Javascript tracker was not working as expected in IE11 (thank you, 51nullacht).

  • [Fix] The new tracker was having problems recording clicks on SVG elements within a link (thank you, pollensteyn).
  • [Fix] The event handler is now capable of tracking events on BUTTONs within FORM elements.
  • [Fix] Permalinks containing post query strings were not being recorded as expected.

  • [Note] We are in the process of deprecating the two columns type and event_description in the events table, and consolidating that information in the notes field. Code will be added to Slimstat in a few released to actually drop these columns from the database. If you are using those two columns in your custom code, please feel free to contact our support team to discuss your options and how to update your code using the information collected by the new tracker.
  • [Fix] A warning message was being displayed when enabling the opt-out feature with certain versions of PHP.
  • [Fix] PHP warning being displayed when trying to update some of the add-ons’ settings.
  • [Fix] The new tracker was recording the number of posts on an archive page even when the single article was being displayed.
  • [Fix] License keys for premium add-ons were not being saved as expected, due to a side effect of the new security features we implemented in the Settings.


  • [New] With this update, we are introducing an updated tracker (both server and client-side): a new simplified codebase that gets rid of a few layers of convoluted functions and algorithms accumulated over the years. We have been working on this update for quite a while, and the recent conflict with another plugin discovered by some users convinced us to make this our top priority. Even though we have tested our new code using a variety of scenarios, you can understand how it would be impossible to cover all the possible environments available out there. Make sure to clear your caches (local, Cloudflare, WP plugins, etc), to allow Slimstat to append the new tracking script to your pages. Also, if you are using Slimstat to track external pages (outside of your WP install), please make sure to update the code you’re using on those pages with the new one you can find in Slimstat > Settings > Tracker > External Pages.
  • [New] Increased minimum WordPress requirements to version 4.9, given that we are now using some more modern functions to enqueue the tracker and implement the customizer feature.
  • [Update] We tweaked the SQL query to retrieve ‘recent’ results, and added a GROUP BY clause to remove duplicates. This might affect some custom reports you might have created, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question or experience any issues.
  • [Update] The columns to store event type and description are being deprecated, and consolidated into the existing ‘notes’ column. Our function ss_track() will only accept the note parameter moving forward. Please update your custom code accordingly. In a few releases, we are going to drop those columns from the database.
  • [Update] Changed wording on Traffic Sources report to explain what kind of search engine result pages are being counted (thank you, Nina).
  • [Fix] The button to delete all the records from the database was not working as expected (thank you, Softfully).
  • [Fix] When the plugin was network activated on a group of existing blogs, the tables used to store all the records were not initialized as expected, under given circumstances.
  • [Fix] A bug was affecting certain shortcodes when PHP 7.2 was enabled (thank you, Peter).
  • [Fix] Emptying one of the settings and saving did not produce the desired effect.