Questo plugin ripulisce:

  • Revisioni
  • Bozze automatiche
  • commenti eliminati
  • commenti non approvati
  • commenti Spam
  • commenti eliminati
  • Orphaned post meta
  • Orphaned comment meta
  • Orphaned user meta
  • term_meta orfani
  • Relazione fra i terms orfani
  • Unused terms
  • Duplicated post meta
  • Duplicated comment meta
  • Duplicated user meta
  • term meta duplicati
  • Transient options
  • Ottimizza le tabelle del database
  • cache oEmbed in post_meta

Questo plugin usa le stesse funzioni di eliminazione di WordPress anziché applicare direttamente le queries di MySQL.

Verranno usate le seguenti funzioni di eliminazione:

  • wp_delete_post_revision()
  • wp_delete_post()
  • wp_delete_comment()
  • delete_post_meta()
  • delete_comment_meta()
  • delete_user_meta()
  • delete_term_meta()
  • wp_remove_object_terms()
  • wp_delete_term()
  • delete_transient()
  • delete_site_transient()

WP-Sweep WP REST API Endpoints
* GET /wp-json/sweep/v1/count/<Name>. Get the number of items that we will be sweeping.
* GET /wp-json/sweep/v1/details/<Name>. Get the details of the items that we will be sweeping.
* DELETE /wp-json/sweep/v1/sweep/<Name>. Runs sweep for that particular item.

WP-Sweep WP-CLI Commands
* wp sweep --all. Runs sweep for all items.
* wp sweep <Name>. Runs sweep for that particular item.
* wp sweep <Name1> <Name2>. Run sweep for the selected items.

WP-Sweep Available Items:
* revisions
* auto_drafts
* deleted_posts
* unapproved_comments
* spam_comments
* deleted_comments
* transient_options
* orphan_postmeta
* orphan_commentmeta
* orphan_usermeta
* orphan_termmeta
* orphan_term_relationships
* unused_terms
* duplicated_postmeta
* duplicated_commentmeta
* duplicated_usermeta
* duplicated_termmeta
* optimize_database
* oembed_postmeta

WP-Sweep is not compatible with the following plugins:
* Asgaros Forum
* Custom Fonts
* Elementor Popup Builder
* MailPress
* Meta Slider
* Polylang
* Slider Revolution
* Viba Portfolio

Build Status




Ho speso molto del mio tempo libero per creare, aggiornare, mantenere e fornire supporto a questi plugins e, se ti piacciono e li usi, mi farebbe piacere un tuo piccolo contributo in denaro. Se non vuoi, usali senza sentirti obbligato.


  • Pagina di Amminstazione WP-Sweep (Prima della pulizia)
  • Pagina di Amminstazione WP-Sweep (Ripulita)


  1. Carica la cartella wp-sweep in /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Attiva il plugin WP-Sweep dal menù ‘Plugin’ di WordPress
  3. Puoi accedere a WP-Sweep via WP-Admin -> Strumenti-> Sweep




26 Luglio 2021
This plugin is absolutely awesome and has speeded up my website tremenderously! It took some time to complete the job but that's probably because my website is 6 years old and had thousands of old post meta files and old databases. The databases it deleted were probably from old plugins I'd tried and then deleted, but of course the plugin developers don't always "fully delete" their files in the hope you might reactivate them. Can't thank Lester enough for creating such a wonderful tool.
19 Luglio 2021
My site was working very slow with 260MB DB.. After using WP-Sweep the DB size reduced to 60MB and the website is fast again 🙂 Amazing!
3 Aprile 2021
I have been getting the 500 Internal Server Error sporadically for the last month, then could not edit at all recently. My server service could not help, except to tell me I have plenty of memory for dealing with Elementor. Other sites with 'experts' could not help. I finally read about this plug-in, installed it, cleaned up the old revisions and am back in business! Thank you so much! And you are now tested with the latest version of WP!
2 Aprile 2021
I use Elementor, and every now and then, I'll get the dreaded 500 Server Error every time I go to save changes. Of course this always happens when I need very important information added/removed from my website. My memory is set to the highest and I still wasn't getting anywhere, until I read about this plugin, which sweeps away tons of saved drafts. I had THOUSANDS of old saved drafts and once this plugin swept them away, NO MORE 500 Server Error! I highly recommend this plugin. It saved me! THANK YOU
21 Marzo 2021
well when used carefully even for multilingual - then u need to be more careful for "doubled" data
16 Gennaio 2021
I was getting error 500 on Elementor when updating the page and could not edit my homepage anymore. I moved my site to another domain and it probably complicated things. Your plugin just cleaned up everything and now it works! THANK YOU!!!!!!
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Contributi e sviluppo

“WP-Sweep” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • NEW: Bump to WordPress 5.8


  • FIXED: Replaced %_transient_% with %\_transient\_%. Escape _ in MySQL if not it is being used as a wildcard character. Props @janrenn.


  • FIXED: Changed permissions check to activate_plugins because update_plugins will return false when DISALLOW_FILE_MODS=true.


  • NEW: Changed permission check to update_plugins for better MultiSite compatibility.
  • NEW: Bump min PHP version to 5.6.


  • NEW: wp_sweep_excluded_termids filter.


  • NEW: Added WP Rest API Endpoint support, sweep/v1/count/<Name>, sweep/v1/details/<Name>, and sweep/v1/sweep/<Name>
  • FIXED: Follow as close as possible to WordPress Coding Standards


  • NEW: Bump to WordPress 4.9
  • NEW: Update README to incompatible plugins


  • CORRETTO: Invalid plugin head ‘Questo plugin ha un header non valido.’


  • NUOVO: supporto per Codeclimate
  • CORREZIONI: adesso usa la funzione get_sites() in WordPress 4.6. Dovrebbe eliminare gli avvisi di tipo “Deprecated”.
  • CORREZIONI: corretto il conteggio dei segnaposto nelle traduzioni. Props @pedro-mendonca.
  • CORREZIONI: Uso di manage_options per i conflitti in Admin Menu Editor nelle installazioni multisito. Props @EusebiuOprinoiu.


  • NUOVO: aggiunto il filtro wp_sweep_excluded_taxonomies anziché la semplice tassonomia link_category
  • NUOVO: supporto per WP-CLI wp sweep


  • CORREZIONI: usa custom_query per eliminare la Relazione Termini Orfani se la funzione wp_remove_object_terms() dovesse fallire.


  • NUOVO: eliminata la cartella ‘languages’ dal plugin
  • NUOVO: adesso usa translate.wordpress.org per la localizzazione del plugin
  • CORRETTO: funziona solo con WordPress 4.4 a causa del nuovo term_meta


  • CORRETTO: apply_filters() wrong arguments


  • NUOVO: cache oEmbed in post_meta Sweep
  • NUOVO: aggiunto file POT per i traduttori


  • NUOVO: ripulisci tutto AJAX
  • NUOVO: pulizia AJAX
  • NUOVO: vedi i dettagli della ripulitura
  • NUOVO: ottimizza DB sweep
  • NUOVO: suggerimento e conferma per l’utente. Props @SiamKreative
  • CORRETTO: divizione per zero. Pros @barisunver


  • CORRETTO: uso di term_id per wp_remove_object_terms()
  • CORRETTO: problemi dopo la ripulitura in number_format_i18n()


  • NUOVO: voce del plugin in WP-Admin -> Strumenti-> Sweep
  • NUOVO: aggiunto Spazzatura Articoli Eliminata
  • CORRETTO: usa forced_delete per la funzione wp_delete_post() e wp_delete_comment();
  • CORRETTO: se orphaned_meta ha un object id pari a zero, usa la query SQL per eliminare


  • Initial release