WP Ultimate Post Grid


Use WP Ultimate Post Grid to create responsive grids for your posts, pages or any custom post type. Optionally add an isotope filter for any taxonomy associated with those posts.

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Check out demos of our grids and all of the plugin documentation to learn more.

An overview of the WP Ultimate Post Grid features:

  • Live Preview while building your grid
  • Use posts, pages or custom post types as the source
  • Grids are responsive and will look good on any device
  • Ability to set order by options
  • Link to the actual post or featured image
  • Define custom links for posts
  • Define custom images for posts
  • Add an isotope filter for any taxonomy or custom field
  • Deeplinking directly to a filtered grid
  • Grids and filters can be added anywhere with their own shortcode
  • Multiple templates for your grids
  • Extensive Template Editor to create any grid you want
  • Possibility to use pagination
  • Compatible with both Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Fully integrated with our WP Recipe Maker plugin for a recipe grid

We also have a WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium version which offers the following features:

  • Limit your posts by any taxonomy, author, date or post ID
  • Use a plain text filter for your grid
  • Have dropdown filters for any taxonomy
  • Use a checkbox filter for any taxonomy
  • Allow for multiselect in the filters
  • Show the post count for the filter terms
  • Create a grid of your categories or tags
  • A Load More button for pagination
  • Load on filter pagination
  • Infinite scroll pagination
  • Easily clone your grids
  • Order grid by custom field
  • Dynamically filter grids in the shortcode

This plugin is under active development. Any feature requests are welcome!


  • Easily create multiple grids with Live Preview
  • Use Gutenberg Blocks to add your grids to any post or page...
  • ...or use the WP Ultimate Post Grid icon in the Classic Editor
  • Customize the look & feel to match your website style
  • Different free templates that are fully responsive and work on desktop, tablet and mobile


Questo plugin fornisce 3 blocchi.

  • Grid with Filters
  • Grid
  • Grid Filter


  1. Upload the wp-ultimate-post-grid directory (directory included) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a new grid through the ‘Grid’ menu
  4. Add the grid and or filter shortcode where you want them to appear


Where can I find a demo and some more documentation?

Check out the WP Ultimate Post Grid demo site and WPUPG documentation for more information on all of the features!

Who made this?

Bootstrapped Ventures


28 Giugno 2020
Any useful option or feature that sets this plugin apart is premium. Ie: don't download if you don't like paying for WP Plugins.
14 Aprile 2020
Support fixed the below issues quickly, identifying non compatible plugins etc. So, instead of staying away - if it breaks - send them a mail 😀 ________________ I really want to love this plugin - it looks awesome when deployed and it can be modified to be just beautiful ... But...every time you look away it "breaks" (the layout will mess up, clicking categories or pagination will not work or display weirdly etc). I know, disable all other plugins & use a standard WP theme - that probably works indeed - but thats just not how anyone actually use WordPress. A plugin needs to work even with external themes & other common plugins or its basically not possible to deploy it - and sadly thats the case here. I really really wish this worked, but it is just too delicate & breakable to be used. It breaks my heart but I´d recommend you stay away till a less fragile version is released.
28 Febbraio 2020
With the newest 3.0.0+ version of WP Ultimate Post Grid it's amazingly easy to create customized layouts for Posts or CPT's. I use lots of CTP's on my sites and have searched and tested many plugins. Initially I tried to build my own because I wanted more customization without all the extra scripts that are loaded in to accommodate different scenarios. Building my own was a nightmare. Thankfully WP Ultimate Post Grid solved this problem for me. Why I love WP Ultimate Post Grid: - Easy to customize using the plugin settings or tweak with your own code - You can set the break points manually within the plugin - Add your own CSS animation settings - AMAZING SUPPORT - Unlimited licenses at a fair price - You can do plenty with the free version as well I have had a number of questions and each time I have emailed the developer he responded immediately. Sometimes within the same day. You can't beat that type of support. Incredibly helpful and was more than willing to hear feedback too! Really really happy with this purchase and the level of support. Total win win! I would recommend this plugin to anyone.
30 Gennaio 2020
Very flexible and works incredibly well with their other plugin WP Recipe maker. The interface is easy for anyone but also allows complete customization when needed. What puts this plugin over the top is the top-notch support. The developers respond promptly and are always happy to help. I highly recommend both WPUG and WPRM.
5 Dicembre 2019
Great plugin. Allows you to create pretty much any layout you can imagine with any post-type. As with every plugin it has room for improvement, but nothing is perfect. Has a very friendly back-end UI.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“WP Ultimate Post Grid” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fix: Filters not working correctly in some environments
  • Fix: Plugin sidebar problem in Gutenberg after unpinning


  • Feature: New free Ruled template
  • Feature: Block display style for item terms
  • Feature: Show author image in template editor
  • Feature: Link item image in template editor
  • Feature: Spacer block for template editor
  • Improvement: Major performance boost for filters
  • Fix: Prevent PHP notices in WordPress 5.5


  • Feature: Template Editor as part of the free plugin
  • Feature: Allow links for terms block in Template Editor
  • Improvement: Use i18n date function to make sure the date language is correct
  • Fix: Filter problem with multiple multi-select “OR” filters


  • Feature: Filter by custom fields
  • Improvement: Better browser compatibility
  • Fix: Layout with items in set number of columns not working in some themes
  • Fix: Icons on Manage page not showing up on some server configurations
  • Fix: Hustle plugin compatibility


  • Fix: Compatibility with Newsletter plugin


  • Improvement: Don’t force close on save
  • Fix: Better compatibility with JS deferring plugins


  • Feature: Show filters on side of the grid
  • Feature: Optional labels for filters
  • Feature: Set border-radius for Isotope Filter and Pages Pagination
  • Feature: Ability to reorder filters
  • Feature: Option to display filters inline
  • Improvement: Better grid display before page has fully loaded
  • Improvement: Set global $post object for each grid item
  • Improvement: Grid post type should not be public
  • Improvement: Show grid name when editing
  • Improvement: Setting to choose what taxonomies to display the grid fields for
  • Fix: Hover color sticking in isotope filter because of keyboard focus


  • Feature: Display private posts in a grid
  • Fix: Images not showing correctly in Media post type grid
  • Fix: Not saving “Items in Rows” layout mode


  • Feature: Live Preview of grid when editing
  • Feature: Gutenberg blocks for grid and filters
  • Feature: Disable deeplinking per grid
  • Feature: Set different layout for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Feature: Order terms by count
  • Feature: Create and combine multiple filters
  • Fix: Working pagination when using random order


  • Improvement: Combined and minified JS files
  • Improvement: Only load JS files on pages with a grid


  • Fix: ACF Compatibility problem


  • Feature: No cache mode to improve compatibility (WPML)
  • Improvement: WordPress 5.0 compatibility
  • Improvement: Make sure grid only gets loaded once


  • Improvement: Privacy policy content
  • Fix: Isotope filter active color problem when using text search feature


  • Feature: Group different taxonomies on separate lines in isotope filter
  • Improvement: Setting to prevent cache issues when using a membership plugin
  • Improvement: Hook to filter query arguments when generating grid cache
  • Fix: Prevent SERVER_PORT warning when using WPCLI
  • Fix: PHP Notice in VafPress vendor


  • Fix: PHP 7.2 deprecated function


  • Fix: Deeplinking not working


  • Improvement: Accessibility for the isotope filter
  • Improvement: Performance when saving a grid with many terms
  • Improvement: Plugin header for translations
  • Fix: Prevent notice when saving grid without terms


  • Feature: Random order picks new random posts every load
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.8 compatibility
  • Fix: Make sure most recent version of grid is shown when scheduling posts
  • Fix: Show empty grid message when empty from the start


  • Improvement: Prevent slowdown in front-end when regenerating
  • Improvement: Add taxonomy classes to isotope terms
  • Improvement: Update Isotope library to latest version
  • Improvement: Prevent isotope conflicts with other plugins or themes
  • Fix: Compatibility with events plugin
  • Fix: Prevent jump to top in Firefox


  • Feature: Upcoming giveaway surprise
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.7 compatibility


  • Feature: Isotope term order options


  • Feature: Show empty terms in grid filter
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.6 compatibility
  • Improvement: Prevent scroll to top in some themes
  • Improvement: Setting to hide the meta box for specific post types
  • Fix: Scrolling to top issue in Firefox and IE
  • Fix: Display non-public post types in a grid


  • Feature: Show message when no items to display
  • Feature: Set custom link behaviour for each grid item
  • Improvement: Update Isotope to version 3.0.1
  • Improvement: Filter hooks for grid assets
  • Fix: Prevent scroll to top when using All filter
  • Fix: Image conditions when using attachments as data source
  • Fix: Shortcode modal compatibility issues


  • Feature: Change hide and show animation
  • Feature: Animation for grid container
  • Improvement: Use better thumbnail image if available
  • Improvement: Different character for deep links
  • Improvement: Ability to add classes to the grid item links for integration with other plugins
  • Improvement: Update Select2 to version 4.0.2
  • Fix: Problem with limit terms feature
  • Fix: Animation issue when using pagination
  • Fix: Custom links and custom images for media attachments


  • Feature: Ability to order by menu order (usually used by pages)
  • Improvement: scroll to grid top on page change
  • Fix: Shortcode editor lightbox problem with some themes
  • Fix: Reverted Select2 to version 4.0.0 for less CSS problems


  • Feature: Grid now works with media attachments (images on your website)
  • Feature: Use inverse filters, hide items on select
  • Feature: Set custom image to use instead of featured image
  • Feature: New free “Hover with Date” template
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.4 compatibility
  • Improvement: Updated Select2 to version 4.0.1


  • Fix: Problem with some PHP versions


  • Fix: Problem with some PHP versions


  • Feature: Manually define links for grid items
  • Feature: Limit terms shown in filter
  • Feature: Limit the total number of posts in the grid
  • Improvement: Better support for RTL languages
  • Improvement: Empty button text hides the All button for the Isotope Filter
  • Improvement: Nicer permalinks in grid
  • Improvement: Isotope 2.2.2
  • Fix: Problem with non-latin characters


  • Feature: Change the animation speed in the settings
  • Feature: Change the “All” button text for the Isotope Filter
  • Feature: Choose post or featured image as the link destination when clicking on an item in the grid
  • Improvement: Better grid layout before Javascript kicks in
  • Improvement: Only include admin assets on grid edit page
  • Fix: Problem with sticky posts always showing up
  • Fix: PHP notices in certain cases
  • Fix: Term slugs with non-latin characters
  • Fix: Shortcode editor compatibility problem with some themes


  • Feature: New “Overlay” template
  • Feature: New layout mode option to have items in rows
  • Feature: Ability to center the grid in the masonry layout
  • Improvement: FAQ page with some more documentation
  • Improvement: wpupg_output_grid_html filter hook
  • Fix: Deeplinking problem with URL encoded characters


  • Feature: Link options for the grid (open in new tab, same tab or no link)
  • Feature: Shortcode editor to easily add grid and filter in the visual editor
  • Fix: Relayout grid after images are loaded
  • Fix: Admin JS error


  • Feature: Pagination


  • Feature: Set active colors for isotope filter
  • Feature: Deeplinking to selected tags with isotope filter
  • Feature: New “Simple with Excerpt” template


  • Fix: Firefox compatibility


  • Very first version of this plugin