WP Synchro – Migrate WordPress database and files


Complete migration plugin for WP developers, by WP developers

Automating the repetitive task of migrating sites, such as keeping a local development site synchronized with a production site or a staging site in sync with a production site.

  • Save time by automating migrations – Setup once, run many times
  • Improve your service and quality to your customer by working on the best possible data on multiple environments
  • Simple and convenient maintenance of your environments being super fast and easy to use

WP Synchro FREE gives you:

  • Pull/push database from one site to another
  • Search/replace in database data (supports serialized data)
  • Select the database tables you want to move
  • High security – No other sites and servers are involved and all data is encrypted on transfer
  • All data is encrypted during synchronization
  • Setup once – Run multiple times – Perfect for development/staging/production environments

In addition to this, the PRO version gives you:

  • File synchronization (such as media, plugins, themes or custom locations)
  • Only synchronize the difference in files, which is super fast
  • Customize the exact synchronization you need – Down to a single file
  • Database backup before migration
  • WP CLI command to schedule synchronizations via cron or other trigger
  • Pretty much the ultimate tool for doing WordPress migrations
  • 14 day trial is waiting for you to get started at WPSynchro.com

Typical use for WP Synchro:

  • Developing websites on local server and wanting to push a website to a live server or staging server
  • Get a copy of a working production site, with both database and files, to a staging or local site for debugging or development with real data
  • Generally moving sites from one place to another, even on a firewalled local network

WP Synchro PRO version:

Pro version gives you more features, such as synchronizing files, database backup, WP CLI command and much faster support.
Check out how to get PRO version at WPSynchro.com
We have a 14 day trial waiting for you and 30 day money back guarantee. So why not try the PRO version?

WP Synchro saves you time and troubles each and every time you move a website to a new location.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Shows the overview of plugin, where you start and delete the synchronization jobs
  • Shows the add/edit screen, where you setup a synchronization job
  • Shows the setup of the plugin
  • WP Synchro doing a database migration


Here is how you get started:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wpsynchro directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Make sure to install the plugin on all the WordPress installations (it is needed on both ends of the synchronizing)
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Choose if data can be overwritten or be downloaded from installation in menu WP Synchro->Setup
  5. Add your first installation from WP Synchro overview page and configure it
  6. Run the synchronization
  7. Enjoy
  8. Rerun the same migration again next time it is needed and enjoy how easy that was


Do you offer support?

Yes we do, for both free and PRO version. But PRO version users always get priority support, so support requests for the free version will normally take some time.
Check out how to get PRO version at WPSynchro.com

You can contact us at support@wpsynchro.com for support. Also check out the “Support” menu in WP Synchro, that provides information needed for the support request.

Where can i contact you with new ideas and bugs?

If you have an idea for improving WP Synchro or found a bug in WP Synchro, we would love to hear from you on:

What is WP Synchro tested on?

Currently we do automated testing on more than 150 configurations with different WordPress/PHP/Database versions.

WP Synchro is tested on :
* MySQL 5.5 up to MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB from 5.5 to 10.3.
* PHP 5.6 up to latest version
* WordPress from 4.7 to latest version.


Just works!

After the initial setup, this plugin works seamlessly and has become part of our development workflow. One issue we had (support for self-signed SSL certificates) was quickly resolved by Brian. Would definitely recommend - has saved huge amounts of dev time!


I tried all the major and minor migration plugins and none of them come close to WP Synchro. Most migration plugins are not very intuitive, it's hard to figure out what to do, not WP Synchro. WP Synchro is SUPER EASY to use. It's the easiest of all the migration plugins. What sets WP Synchro apart from the others is that it works on an entirely different concept, I don't know how to describe it, just try it, you will see.

Must have tool for developers

Gotta love saving time doing manual migrations. Free version does a perfect job with the database migration. So I tried the PRO version, which also have file migration and now I don’t even have to that. So I can focus on the fun aka coding the actual site.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Highlight: WP CLI command to run synchronizations via cron or other external trigger (see submenu “Schedule” on installation in overview screen)
  • Highlight: Support migration between installations using different database table prefixes – Will automatically change it
  • Highlight: Major improvement to the data transport – All data will now be compressed and encrypted, regardless of using HTTPS or not
  • Improvement: Handling all the timing in a central way, to optimize timers and decrease risk of hitting PHP max_execution_time limits
  • Improvement: Adding a “Duplicate” option to the overview, so its quick and easy so setup new installations
  • Improvement: Downloading log files is now downloaded as zip file, because logs can get big
  • Improvement: Better handling of problems with uppercase database table names, that is not supported on all databases
  • Bugfix: Trying to write a filename with a unsupported filename will now generate warning instead of error


  • Highlight: Major rewrite of files synchronization and many improvements in database synchronization
  • Highlight: Implementing preconfigured synchronization setups, to make it simple for those just wanting to move everything
  • Highlight: Database backup before database migration (PRO version only)
  • Improvement: Improve selective synchronization of files – Much faster and safer
  • Improvement: Support for PHP’s open_basedir configurations
  • Improvement: Search/replaces on domain and web root are now locked, but still possible to add custom
  • Improvement: Implemented retries for all requests if one of the servers has temporary problems
  • Improvement: Improvement of security by using sha256 instead of sha1 for token
  • Improvement: Support for migration of database tables close to the 65 char limit
  • Improvement: No more data store in temp file on disk – Moved to database table instead
  • Improvement: Makes finalize more likely to complete with success
  • Improvement: Less aggressive “Buy PRO” ad. Moved to the side instead of being a bit too annoying
  • Improvement: General UI improvements, with better text and icons
  • Improvement: Support for database tables with uppercase letters
  • Improvement: Support for MariaDB 5.5
  • Improvement: Support for sites using upload_path and upload_url_path
  • Improvement: Removed option to preserve WP Synchro data – It is now forced to prevent troubles
  • Bugfix: Pull/push filtering on overview now works again
  • Bugfix: Handle properly when max_post_size is set to 0
  • Bugfix: Fixed database search/replace in serialization with special case

** Only showing last two releases – See rest of changelog in changelog.txt **