Disable All WordPress Updates


This plugin completely disables the theme, plugin and core update checking system in WordPress. The plugin prevents WordPress from
checking for updates including cronjobs, and prevents any notifications from being displayed.

It’s very important that you keep your WordPress theme, core and plugins up to date! If you don’t, your blog or website could
be susceptible to security vulnerabilities or performance issues.

If you use this plugin, make sure you keep yourself up to date with new releases of your active WordPress version, plugins
and themes and update them as new versions are released (simply by deactivating this plugin for a short time).

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  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder disable-wordpress-updates/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Attiva il plugin dal tuo pannello amministratore di WordPress.
  4. Installazione terminata.

With activating the plugin all theme, core and plugin update checkings are disabled. If you want to have a quick look if new versions
are existing, simply deactive this plugin for a short time.


What can I do to be up to date with new releases of my WordPress version, plugins and themes?

Simply deativate the plugin for a short time. In case new versions are available you see the WordPress notifications.


30 Luglio 2021
It works great with my version 5.7. Thank the author very much!
22 Marzo 2021
Straight to the point, no bloatware no unneeded menus or configuration. Simply works out of the box, very light and does no impact to website performance. Moreover, it actually makes your wp-admin much faster especially if you have alot of plugins since it blocks constant http requests by said plugins for updates. Thanks you for sharing! 🙂
29 Agosto 2020
Ok, I was not aware how bloated the new auto updates were, all sites seemed slower in the back-end since 5.5, any server big or small. This seems to have sped up the first site I added it to. Nice one, looking forward to rolling this out on more sites.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Disable All WordPress Updates” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Added admin bar notice when plugin is enabled to remember admins that WordPress updates are disabled (thanks zimisun!)


  • Disable plugin/theme update site health checks (thanks lucha!)


  • Improved WordPress HTTP API level blocking of outgoing wordpress.org API checks (thanks luizkill!)


  • WordPress 5.3 compatibility


  • Improved WordPress HTTP API level blocking of outgoing wordpress.org API checks (thanks tiennoub!)


  • Compatibile con PHP 7.2 (Grazie catmaniax!)


  • Miglioramenti prestazionali (Grazie ancora jneto81!)


  • Remove ‘update plugins’ option from bulk operations select list (Thanks goruha!)


  • Miglioramenti prestazionali (Grazie ancora jneto81!)


  • Miglioramenti prestazionali (Grazie jneto81!)


  • Miglioramenti prestazionali (Grazie dominicp!)


  • CompatiblitĂ  WordPress 4.7
  • CompatiblitĂ  PHP7


  • Fixed a PHP notice


  • Hide maintenance and update nags


  • Check for already defined constants (Thanks Andreas Ek!)


  • WordPress HTTP API level blocking of outgoing wordpress.org API checks


  • Improved blocking of outgoing wordpress.org API checks which caused slow speed on local environments (Thanks Makapaka!)


  • Update indicator not showing in the front-end toolbar anymore (Thanks flixflix!)


  • Fixed an issue that still allowed WordPress to update minor (security and maintenance) versions


  • Disable all automatic background updates (thanks sLa NGjI’s)

  • Fixed a PHP notice on dev environments (thanks dejernet)


  • Significant performance improvements when disabling updates (props flynsarmy)

  • Minor updates


  • New plugin maintainer. Hello. 🙂 Name’s Oliver.
  • Riscrittura e verifica del codice


  • Name and URL Update (German plugin description updated)


  • URL Update because of permalink changes


  • Versione iniziale