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2 Aprile 2019
Pretty good "ISSUE TRACKIING SYSTEM", but it locks some basic features. No "Search and Add" feature, no search plugin, no search and add plugin, no field name editor, no personal fields, no language translations, the style does not match the theme selected, a little bit slow, no open and close listings, etc. I do like it anyway, but I think it is not totally complete. It is a good tool for starters but The one that I really like, and I would love to see something better available for wordpress, is called PERSONAL CALL CENTER PRO, and it is located on the web. I haven't find anything better yet. but I am hopping this plugin grows enough to match the one that I mention. Keep up the good work folks! You are in the right road. Congratulations.
3 Gennaio 2019
This product serves a great niche for internal project management. Would love to see some updates (i.e. default OS versions). Would be nice if it had an option for auto-selecting most-recent project or last used project when adding tasks. Would like to see a way to import/export tasks using CSV.
30 Agosto 2018
I was searching for a simple way to track Issues/Bugs for collaborative development projects and have used Redmine, Mantis, etc. type systems at other companies, but did not have the skills/experience to set these up on our web server. My skills/experience does stretch to Word Press Sites, although I am no expert, but the SIM plugin was really easy to setup and get working - just a few hours of my time. Have been very pleased with this plugin and would definitely recommend it for anyone with Word Press experience who needs this type of bug tracking tool.
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