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Userlike – WordPress Live Chat plugin


Userlike is a WordPress live chat plugin to chat with your customers via your website, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. With this plugin you add a chat box at the bottom of your site through which visitors can reach out with questions.

Why live chat?

Chat is the easiest contact channel – for you and your customers.

For you, chat is easy because one service rep can easily chat with multiple people simultaneously. Unlike phone, chat does not absorb all your focus, and you can use canned messages to answer frequent questions at lightning speed.

For your customers, chat is easy because they can continue their website experience while getting in touch. The chat box stays with them as they navigate your site. Chats tend to be short and easy, making it the channel with the lowest barrier to contact. Especially for people below 30 years, chat is the preferred mode of communication.

Why Userlike?

Userlike is one of the top rated live chat plugins across platforms like Capterra, G2Crowd, and Social Compare. Companies like BMW, Lufthansa, and Trivago are already using Userlike to build customer relationships.

Userlike looks good, works great, offers lots of features, and is either free or highly affordable.


  • Canned responses – Use canned messages to answer frequent questions with the push of a button.
  • Chat window customization – You’ve dedicated plenty of effort into designing a beautiful WordPress website. With Userlike, you can tailor your chat plugin to fit the style of your brand.
  • Mobile optimized – A large portion – if not the majority – of your WordPress visitors are on a mobile device. Userlike’s chat window adjusts to the device type so the visitor always has a good experience.
  • Business tool integrations – Connect your live chat plugin to the business tools you’re already using – like Slack, Help Scout, Pipedrive, and asana.
  • Facebook Messenger & Telegram support – Expand your service from your website to your customers’ favorite messaging apps, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
  • Native chatbot – Chat Butler welcomes visitors of your WordPress site when you’re not online. He collects their question while notifying you to come online. If you don’t come online, Chat Butler creates a message instead.
  • Operator groups – Add colleagues and use features like group select and Operator skills to offer service in a team.
  • Register form – Let your visitors enter their contact details before starting a chat and filter for high value chats.
  • Proactive chat invitations – Proactively invite visitors to a chat based on the time they spend on your site.
  • Service ratings – Get insights into your chat performance by letting your visitors rate the service they just received.
  • Offline Contact form – When you’re not online, your visitors can still leave their questions via an offline contact form.
  • Analytics – With our extensive analytics you can adopt a number-driven approach to your online service.
  • Web visitor guiding – Use the push function to guide your chat partner to a specific URL.
  • Screenshot – Take a screenshot of the page your chat partner is on.
  • Web visitor info – Extended user info at your fingertips while you’re chatting with a web visitor, such as location, browser, OS – you’ll even see what your visitor is typing in real-time!
  • Service times – Set your service times and how your live chat plugin should behave accordingly.


Userlike’s chat plugin has a freemium business model. You don’t need to enter your billing info to register. Once you register, you get 14 days of trial to test the premium version, after which your account automatically switches to Free. You can then choose to upgrade to premium, or continue rolling with the Free version.

Case studies

Learn more about how Statista, Cyberport, and Titus use Userlike’s chat solution to create happy, longterm customer relationships.


  • Live Chat for Website and Mobile Support
  • One hub for all your customer relationships
  • Adjust design to the look and feel of your website
  • Keep track of your key metrics and improve your performance
  • Organize your team by function or language
  • Your cockpit for delivering stunning chat support


  1. Log in to your WordPress admin, then click on “Add New” under the “Plugins” menu.
  2. Search for the Userlike plugin, install it, and activate it.
  3. Go to “Settings” and paste in your Userlike Widget Secret. You’ll find your Widget Secret in the Userlike Dashboard under “Config” – “Widgets” in the “Install” tab, then click on “Credentials for Applications“.
  4. Remember to save your settings…
  5. Congratulations! The Userlike Chat Widget is now visible on your WordPress site and you can start chatting! 🚀

Note: You will need a Userlike account:
Create one for free here.


What happens when I’m not online?

When you’re not online, you can decide between a set of behaviors for Userlike’s WordPress live chat plugin. One is to switch your chat to a contact form at which web visitors can leave their question and email address. You can also make the chat plugin disappear completely, or you can activate our chatbot Chat Butler to welcome your web visitors.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you don’t need to enter any billing info to start your trial. We only ask for your billing info when you decide to upgrade to one of our paid products. You can pay with credit card, or bank transfer / PayPal for yearly subscriptions.

What will happen after the trial?

During the trial you will be using our premium Team package. After the trial, your account is automatically switched to our free product. So no charges or hidden fees. With Userlike Free you can have unlimited chats with your customers. You can always upgrade your account to a premium chat experience during or after the trial.

Do you offer chatbots?

We offer a native chatbot, Chat Butler. When you’re not online, you can set up Chat Butler to welcome your web visitors, to ask them for their question, and to simultaneously notify you or your colleagues to come online. We also offer a chatbot framework through which you can connect your own chatbots.

Can I use Userlike on my mobile phone?

Yes you can. We offer various integrations with helpdesk, CRM, and other business tools.


3 Dicembre 2018
We use Userlike on and and we are thrilled - it is affordable, it´s easy to set up and easy to use. It helps us to serve our customers better. And our customers are happy about having a live chat tool. Thank you Userlike!
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